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Adiquity app fest


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Adiquity app fest

  1. 1. App Fest by
  2. 2. About AdIQuity Global Mobile Ad Platform High eCPM up to $5 Consistent fill rates of up to 95% 90+ Ad Networks Multiple Ad Formats – Rich Media, video, banner, text Real Time Bidding Exchange for Mobile Ads Dedicated Support, Quick Payments 15 Billion Ad impressions per month 10,000 publishers/developers For more information visit
  3. 3. AdIQuity App Fest Visit
  4. 4. AdIQuity App Fest Offers…• 100 USD for every app that makes 100 USD or more. An opportunity to win up to 1000 USD!• Free promotion of few selected apps• Goodie bag for top three apps, assessed every fortnight
  5. 5. AdIQuity App Fest Information• An app developer is eligible to win maximum of 1000 USD• Last date for registration is 20th March, 2013• Valid across iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms• An app developer can register any number of apps Please click on Terms and FAQs for more information
  6. 6. For any queries mail to