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Azure Monitoring - What Are the Options and How Do I Use Them?


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This presentation is a summary of my blog series "Azure Monitoring Tools Explained" which can be found on my blog here:

There is also a YouTube recording of the presentation, which you can view here:

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Azure Monitoring - What Are the Options and How Do I Use Them?

  2. 2. WHO AM I? ADIN ERMIE • Manager, Infrastructure Consulting – Cloud @ Avanade • Cloud Solutions Architect (Datacenter/Azure) • Azure (IaaS, PaaS, Recovery Services) • Operations Management Suite (OMS), Azure Monitor, Azure Security Center (ASC) • 3x MVP - Cloud and Datacenter Management (CDM) • Email: • Twitter: @AdinErmie • LinkedIn: • Blog:
  3. 3. WHAT WE’RE GOING TO TALK ABOUT Why so many options? An interesting story Azure Monitoring Scenarios Azure Monitoring & Analytics Demos Review / Q&A Useful Links
  5. 5. AN INTERESTING STORY us/azure/monitoring-and- diagnostics/monitoring-overview tools-explained-part-1-introduction/
  6. 6. AZURE MONITORING SCENARIOS Applications Services Infrastructure Web Apps App Services API Services SQL, HDInsight, Service Fabric, Functions, IIS, Containers, etc. Compute Storage Network Availability & App Health End User Experience Performance & Diagnostics User Insights & KPIs Root Cause Analyses App Insights for App Monitoring, Diagnostics & Analytics Resource Availability Basic service metrics Service usage spikes Troubleshoot queries App Insights for Functions, Log Analytics for Diagnostics Server availability Noisy neighbor Network performance Health of core system metrics Log Analytics for Diagnostics Service Map for Process Mapping NPM for Network Monitoring
  7. 7. AZURE MONITORING & ANALYTICS Deep Application Monitoring Deep Infrastructure Monitoring Application Insights Log Analytics Container Monitoring Service Map SQL Analytics Network Monitoring Security Center Core Monitoring Azure Monitor Azure Advisor Service Health Activity Log Shared Capabilities Dashboards Metrics Explorer Alerts & Notifications w/ITSM Connector
  8. 8. DEMOS
  9. 9. REVIEW / Q&A • There are LOTS of options • Start getting into the habit of using Azure Monitor as your first point for all monitoring toolsets • Even if you are familiar and comfortable with the “classic” Operations Management Suite (OMS) portal, start shifting to the new Azure portal experiences • Deep-dive into the new Log Analytics query language, and the additional power and insights we gain from it • Although the Operations Management Suite (OMS) has several security solutions, start using Azure Security Center (ASC) as your first point for all security toolsets • Keep a close eye on Network Watcher, as just like OMS- to-Azure Monitor and OMS-to-Azure Security Center, it will become another important starting point for all network-related toolsets
  10. 10. USEFUL LINKS • Azure Resource Health: health/resource-health-overview • SCOM vs OMS Log Analytics: us/azure/operations-management- suite/operations-management-suite-monitoring- product-comparison • Use Azure Monitor for host-level monitoring: us/azure/monitoring-and- diagnostics/monitoring-overview-metrics • Unified Alerts: us/azure/monitoring-and- diagnostics/monitoring-overview-unified-alerts • Near Real Time Metric Alerts: us/azure/monitoring-and-
  11. 11. THANK YOU • Email: • Twitter: @AdinErmie • LinkedIn: • Blog: