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Oral Presentation – Work Experience.pptx

  1. Oral Presentation – Work Experience Professional and Scientific Practice 3: Mohammad Adil Rustam
  2. Introduction • •    •
  3. Work Experience: Subway • • • • • •     
  4. Work Experience: Subway Some skills that I attained through Subway was: • Communication – Talking to customers, making sure they're satisfied. Making sure my team is satisfied with me. This skill has been used in my course when asking questions to have a better understanding of the content material, bioethics debate and oral presentation. • Time Management – Making sure that the shop is open and closed on time, making sure that everything is packed away and the shop has been cleaned before leaving. This skill has been used in my course when making plans for when coursework needs to be done and when I should start it. • Team work – Similar to communication, team work entails making sure you are doing your job and that the team is doing their job and helping them if they’re struggling. This skill is important when working in pairs or as a group in a lab setting or any other projects. • Knowledge of health and safety regulations – This is important as it ensures that the risk of injury is at a minimum. This skill has been used in my course when making or reading a risk assessment for a lab.
  5. Work Experience: Chinese Takeaway • • • • • •     
  6. Work Experience: Chinese Takeaway • • • • •
  7. How does this help a possible career pathways? • • •
  8. Have You Got Any Questions? Thank you for listening