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Are Tablets Mobile Devices? | Episode 5

Episode 5 is all about device uses, web browsing and ad spend. We’ll try to understand what smart phones are really for, as well as the uses for tablets. And have a look at the shopping activities that are generated through them. Which device really brings in the sales? And which device is the real deal when it comes to online advertising.

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Are Tablets Mobile Devices? | Episode 5

  1. 1. Are Tablets Mobile Devices? | Episode 5
  2. 2. • Device Uses• Web Browsing• Ad Spend
  4. 4. Apple Knows their AudienceiPhone iPad
  5. 5. What are Smartphones Used for? • Access Local Information • Search for Information • Find Local Services • Read Entertainment
  6. 6. What are Tablets Used for? • Read News • Search for Information • Watch Videos • Research
  7. 7. Shopping Activities Review an Item Purchase Item Research Item Tablet Checking Price Smartphone Finding a Store 0% 20% 40% 60% 80%
  9. 9. Tablets are KING for Web Traffic.Apple’s iPad makes up 54.5 percent of mobileweb traffic… compared to just 19.05 percent ofweb traffic coming from iPhone and 26.45coming from other mobile devices.
  10. 10. iPad is the King of Kings.Also, iPad is also continuing to dominatetablet web traffic share entirely, accountingfor 98.10 percent of usage.
  11. 11. AD SPEND
  12. 12. Based on Device Category
  13. 13. Mobile Internet Advertising By Device
  14. 14. App VS Browser
  15. 15. NEXT WEEK• New Tablet Releases• Tablet Newspapers• Tablet Magazines
  16. 16. Connect to Learn More…