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Les plateformes collaboratives - Retour d'expérience d'ALD


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Pas une semaine ne passe sans un nouvel appel à projet, sans la création d’une nouvelle plateforme collaborative.

Comment s’y reconnaître dans cette jungle de l’offre?
Quels sont les résultats de ces initiatives ?

ALD, filiale de la Société Générale, partage son retour d’expérience sur sa plateforme collaborative interne « Kill your own business »
Cette plateforme, développée par Agorize, stimule et accompagne les démarches intrapreneuriales pour disrupter le business model actuel de l’entreprise.

Comment cette plateforme a été mise en place et animée ?
Quels en sont les résultats ?

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Les plateformes collaboratives - Retour d'expérience d'ALD

  2. 2. 22/02/2018 | P.2 WHAT IS ALD ? 1st Innovative solutions Direct presence in 43 countries Part of 6,300people 100,000 + customers European Leasing company Worldwide coverage 1st * Figures at end of December 2017 Managing over 1,51M* vehicles
  3. 3. 22/02/2018 | P.3 HOW DO WE WORK WITH OUR COUNTRIES? – 1/2 ALD Head office N.B: all the ALD entities are shown in blue colors
  4. 4. 22/02/2018 | P.4 HOW DO WE WORK WITH OUR COUNTRIES? – 2/2 Decentralised way Remote OUR ROLE: Facilitate the countries operational work with our clients (fleet managers) and end-users (drivers of our vehicles) Provide-them scalable solutions based on their local needs Set up bridges between the countries
  5. 5. 22/02/2018 | P.5 THE KILL YOUR OWN BUSINESS CHALLENGE: WHY? – 1/2
  6. 6. 22/02/2018 | P.6 THE KILL YOUR OWN BUSINESS CHALLENGE: WHY? – 2/2 Mobility topic: adapt to the current mega trends : fast progress of technologies, 24/7 connected products or services, smart cities, change in clients/consumers habits (sharing a car more than owning it), environmental constraints that reduce the use of the car and implies to combine efficiently other means of transportation in a day-to-day basis. We are convinced by the fact that ALD has a role to play in this global transformation, by changing the way we use the car. An internal challenge: ALD team members should be the actors of the ALD digital transformation, by having the opportunity to propose new ideas that can develop our business and think out of their daily operational scope. Reinvent ALD products services or business models and anticipate new markets Develop intrapreneurship spirit of ALD team members and empower them for not being executants and really innovate to lead the digital transformation
  7. 7. 22/02/2018 | P.7 HOW DID THE CHALLENGE TAKE PLACE? – 1/5 5-month Online challenge 1 Platform accessible worldwide 8 juries 3 mentors
  8. 8. 22/02/2018 | P.8 HOW DID THE CHALLENGE TAKE PLACE? – 2/5 Platform provider: Agorize. Scope: global Agorize support: they provided it to us at the different challenge steps (communications, teams and jury support, consolidation of the challenge results per voting phase) Topic: mobility One of the 2 following character roles to adopt in teams: ALD competitor or startup founder Expected Deliverables from the teams: a concept identity card at the ideation phase, a powerpoint prototype at the mentoring phase, a final pitch at the final ceremony
  9. 9. 22/02/2018 | P.9 HOW DID THE CHALLENGE TAKE PLACE? – 3/5 How did we source teams ideas ? (global sponsorship, local communication by marketing and communications managers of each country (kit provided), and sponsorship by top management) How did the team formed ? On the online platform open to all countries worldwide, to let any participant form teams with members of different countries. Each captain team could post his research of team members on the platform. Each team could have 2 to 5 people. The platform is a key enabler to connect people from different countries. Number of teams per challenge steps (slide 7): 42 teams registered at the ideation phase, 8 teams selected by the jury for the prototyping/final pitch phase. Among the 8 teams that pitched at the final ceremony, 3 were selected as winners by the jury.
  10. 10. 22/02/2018 | P.10 HOW DID THE CHALLENGE TAKE PLACE? – 4/5 Key success factors: - 40% internal communication before, during and after the challenge - 30% sponsorship by top management (local & global) - 30% support by Agorize on the platform management, communication with teams at the platform, at all the vote and deliberation phases. - An enough big and engaged jury - Really valuable awards for the participants! - Have 1 person dedicated fully dedicated to the challenge organization (from 3 to 5 months)
  11. 11. 22/02/2018 | P.11 HOW DID THE CHALLENGE TAKE PLACE? – 5/5 What could have been done differently ? - Define more the definition of the mobility topic to participants to help them think out of the box - Communicate more clearly on the missions/workload of the jury members and on what we want to do with the deliverables after the challenge - Need to anticipate more the communication and final ceremony organization of not organized by Agorize (2 month in advance vs 1 month) - Awards: winners did not want our proposed learning expedition but prefered to receive valuable high tech prices and the possibility to develop their projects et have a dedicated follow up - At the mentoring phase, have external startups or investors to help the teams really think out of the box
  12. 12. 22/02/2018 | P.12 RESULTS – 1/2 42 teams at ideation phase 138 Individual participants 20 32 Ideas submissions at ideation phase 8 3 Winning teams Countries Finalist teams
  13. 13. 22/02/2018 | P.13 RESULTS – 2/2 Press coverage in: les Echos Executive (on the HR approach for the challenge) BFM Business (the disruptive aspect of the challenge’s aim « kill our own business ») Winning teams: The 3 teams pitched in front of our investment committee: 2 out 3 received last month budget, time and resources to develop their prototyped idea, by adopting the Minimum Viable Product approach
  14. 14. THANK YOU