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Automated Purchase Invoice Processing for Sage 200 using Adest 200


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Do you currently use Sage 200? Discover how Adest 200 can benefit your company in this easy to understand SlideShare. See how Adest 200 integrates into your current system to allow you to process all your supplier invoices simply.

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Automated Purchase Invoice Processing for Sage 200 using Adest 200

  1. 1. Adest for Sage 200 Overview
  2. 2. About Us Fo u n d e d i n 1 9 9 4 , o u r k e y f o c u s i s o n a u t o m a t i n g b u s i n e s s p r o c e s s e s : • A c c o u n t s P a y a b l e a u t o m a t i o n • A c c o u n t s R e c e i v a b l e a u t o m a t i o n • P u r c h a s e O r d e r p r o c e s s i n g • E x p e n s e M a n a g e m e n t • L o w c o s t d e p l o y m e n t
  3. 3. A d e s t i s a S a g e D e v e l o p m e n t P a r t n e r Sage 200 Customers The Adest200 software application offers fully automated supplier invoice capture and filing (via cloud or on premise services), PLUS automated invoice to PO/Goods Received matching, invoice approval workflow processing and invoice posting via our unique Sage 200 Add-on. Sage 50 Customers Unlock the potential of Sage50 via automated cloud based supplier invoice capture, approval workflow etc, at the lowest set up cost. Other Sage Applications Adest also offers enterprise P2P solutions to meet the requirements of all Sage customers such as Sage 1000, 500, etc.
  4. 4. A u t o m a t e d P u r c h a s e I n v o i c e ( P I ) P r o c e s s i n g PI Cloud Capture Scan/Email/XML PI Cloud Validation Exceptions only PI Processing with Sage 200 Matching, Correction and Approval Workflow PI Post/Register To your Sage 200 system
  5. 5. Accurate Purchase Invoice Capture Auto-buyer, supplier & invoice validation Auto- capture of invoice Header Data Auto- capture of invoice Line Item Data Auto-GL Coding and VAT rates Auto- matching & approval workflow Full image capture for immediate filing Capture & Validate all invoice data, e.g. • Invoice Number • Invoice Date • Due Date • Total Taxable Amount • Total VAT Amount • Total Amount • Bank Account Number • VAT Rates • Delivery Cost • Supplier Account Number • Purchase Order Number • + Product Codes • + Unit Price • + Quantity
  6. 6. Adest for Sage 200 Processes all your supplier invoices simply and easily • All image invoice file formats captured • Invoice header (and optional line item) captured first time and validated • Fast and accurate information extraction with auto/manual verification • No template set-up • No typing, manual data entry or filing Adapts to requirements and technical setup • Fully integrated with the Sage 200 financial application • Scalable to process any number of invoices per day • Automated 2 and 3 way matching • Default GL Coding, invoice approval and processing • Open design for integration with other applications
  7. 7. R e m o v e s m a n u a l f i l i n g & d a t a i n p u t • Swift, automatic recognition of all supplier invoices • Automatic classification of supplier invoices (e.g. general expense or PO invoice, invoice or credit notes) • Automated Matching of invoice data to PO/Goods Received Data • Default automated GL and Tax coding for Non-PO invoices • Every invoice is immediately filed and available to retrieve, e.g. search by invoice number, supplier code, approver, or any index criteria
  8. 8. B o o s t s S t a f f P r o d u c t i v i t y • Fast and effective automated supplier invoice capture means no more paper handling, filing or manual processing • Fully integrated to the Sage 200 system interface so a familiar intuitive user environment to process invoices faster • Adest reduces the time taken to resolve invoice queries by up to 75%, giving your accounts department time to focus on key tasks • Approval bottlenecks are removed, all invoices statuses are visible to the account team and all invoices searchable (across a range of fields) • All invoices are automatically filed & archived in image format and instantly available on screen when required
  9. 9. R e s o l v e s u p p l i e r p a y m e n t i s s u e s q u i c k l y • Adest auto-matches purchase and invoice data to allow users instantly identify all “Matched” and “Not Matched” Purchase Order invoices • Assign invoices for approval, clarification in real- time via Adest Workflow • View, edit, correct erroneous PO’s, receipt goods within Sage 200. Then quickly and automatically enables re-matching of invoices • Easily correct, assign VAT rates and VAT codes to Not Matched Invoices and/or Non-PO invoices • Auto assign and code unforeseen Delivery / Freight charges
  10. 10. M a n a g e s b o t h P O a n d N o n - P O S u p p l i e r I n v o i c e s All invoices auto filed and archived can be viewed as an image within Sage Electronically assign supplier invoices for approval via Adest system workflows Default & automate GL and Tax code assignment for Non-PO invoices Users can view and approve invoices on desktop or mobile applications
  11. 11. Adest for Sage 200
  12. 12. T h e Ke y B e n ef i t s t o Yo u r B u s i n e s s • Eliminate printing of invoices (received by email) • Remove manual distribution of invoices (for query resolution and /or approval) • Automate invoice filing, invoice matching and remove paper handling • Allow key users instant online access to their invoices for online review and approval • Real time audit trail of all invoice queries, anomalies and approval processing • Significantly lower invoice processing times, faster financial reporting (shorter month end cycle) • Improved visibility on invoice statuses and enhanced control over invoice processing • Earlier focus on exceptions and issues (identify credits & address query resolution immediately) • Remove bottlenecks from your purchase to payment process • Improved reporting and gain control over your entire invoice process • Greater capacity for growth (no need to add new resources to assist process invoices manually)
  13. 13. Adest 200 for Sage 200 Visit Adest to arrange a demo Request a Demo