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Teamviewer for KoC


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Access your PC via phone, ipad, pc

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Teamviewer for KoC

  1. 1. Teamview your account via Phone or IPad or PC
  2. 2. Some of you may know TeamViewer software already because you use it yourself, or help other players & friends with problems on their KoC account. TeamViewer allows 1 to take over the screen from another pc after correctly authenticating themselves with ID & Password. The procedure is simple, if you connect from PC to PC it is required that both ends have TeamViewer installed. If you want to connect in this case from your Phone or IPad to your it requires that you install TeamViewer on your phone or iPad. You get it from Play Store or from Apple Store. In addition, it requires that your PC or Laptop is on and it has thus TeamViewer Software running actively. If this is the case, then you can connect from your Phone or IPad to your account. You can/could Dove or execute any action needed. From your phone or iPad 
  3. 3. The setup
  4. 4. You choose REMOTE CONTROL. From My phone, activating TeamViewer and making connection to my PC. I can now access my game account, on my phone.
  5. 5. This is how it looks as a big screenshot from Phone, and because the PC is doing the work, the access from your Phone is snappy and fast. Access View from Phone, in this case a Samsung Galaxy 3 Neo on Android 5.1.1
  6. 6. Notes:  This is handy, when you are at work or anywhere else and not near PC and something happened, you need to dove, port, or need to take part in something like a promotion.  It is very easy to set up, and could literally be a lifesaver.  And since most people have a (good) smartphone or IPad, tablet it is easy to do.  Thanks to Lykoi (domain 460) for suggesting to make this available as a guide.
  7. 7. Sharing is knowledge, and a lot of players are not sharing. Yes, it gives you and edge, or advantage, but it leaves also many people clueless. The objective of these tutorials, is to teach, learn, educate players so ALL players have a better under understanding of the game. The more players participate, the better the overall experience is for all players. More attacking and defending means “lively” domains full of activity.