ADERANT CASE STUDYADERANT TOTAL OFFICEThe reporting capability of Total Office, as well as the ease ofreport writing, has ...
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Aderant Success Profile: Total Office Allen - Allen Case Study


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Learn how one of Virginia's oldest and largest law firms benefits from deploying a single fully integrated case and financial management solution, Aderant Total Office, across their firm.

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Aderant Success Profile: Total Office Allen - Allen Case Study

  1. 1. ADERANT SUCCESS PROFILEADERANT TOTAL OFFICEPLAINTIFF FIRM BENEFITS FROM FULLY INTEGRATEDCASE AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENTAllen, Allen, Allen & Allen is one of Virginia’s oldest and largest law firms “Aderant Total Office has been great forspecializing in personal injury and medical malpractice. The firm has seven us. It is a very sophisticated system, andattorneys listed in Best Lawyers in America, and was named one of the Best Places is a marked improvement from whatto Work in Virginia by Virginia Business and Best Companies Group in both 2011 & we have used in the past. We may be2012. These honors and many others are a reflection of the experience, knowledge a 100-year-old law firm, but thanks toand skills that the firm brings to personal injury cases. Total Office we have a highly efficient,In 2002, the firm upgraded its case and financial management software, purchasing 21st-century case and financialtwo separate systems and integrating them through a third-party interface that wascustomized and installed by a software consultant. While this was an improvement management system.”over the firm’s old DOS-based case management system and accounting Tracy Puritz , Executive Directorspreadsheets, it wasn’t a solution that would stand the test of time. Allen, Allen, Allen & AllenWhen it became necessary for a software upgrade, its third-party interface severelylimited the firm’s ability to upgrade either its case management or financial systems.As a result, the firm was forced to operate with outdated versions of both its caseand financial software, and ultimately lost technical support from vendors. Itbecame clear that they needed a truly integrated system that could support theneeds of a growing, innovative firm with multiple offices.
  2. 2. ADERANT CASE STUDYADERANT TOTAL OFFICETOP PRIORITY: INTEGRATION PUTTING IT INTO PRACTICETo determine how to accomplish that goal, Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen A successful implementation depends on good training. Allen, Allen,formed a 20-member committee to review and evaluate software Allen & Allen chose to centralize training, bringing everyone to theoptions. They set as a benchmark the upgrade that was offered by headquarters in Richmond over the course of two weeks. A bank ofthe firm’s existing case management vendor, which featured a built- computers was set up in a conference room and customized trainingin interface with a widely used accounting software package. The sessions were held for management, intake and administrative teams,committee reviewed nearly a dozen software options before selecting as well as all of the attorneys and their direct legal support.Aderant Total Office (formerly Client Profiles). “Our goal was to implement without dramatic impact on theWhy Aderant Total Office? In a word, integration. Very few of the employees, and I think we accomplished that,” said Tracy Puritz, thevendors that the firm considered could provide both case andfinancial management software. Among those that could, Aderant firm’s executive director. “We wanted to make sure that we had goodstood out for its robust case management tools and intuitive user training in place, and that we implemented the software at the rightinterface. time for the right people.”The firm was also drawn by the level of customization that Aderant During the first two weeks, the firm moved at a measured pace, slowlyoffered. The firm has eight different law types with detailed and adapting to the new software. They didn’t cut any case-related checksunique screens, pick lists and to-do packages attached to each. In or close any cases, giving themselves time to adjust to the new systemaddition to the screens provided by Aderant at the outset, the firm and make sure that everything was operating correctly. They alsocreated six new tabs to identify, monitor and track crucial case did a lot of advanced planning, especially on the accounting side,management information. As different elements are identified or working closely with Aderant’s technical support team to confirm thethere is a new ruling or change in the law, the firm is easily able to system was properly new fields, checklists and pick lists that pertain to the change.Any information then generated through these new fields can betracked through a written report.Customization is particularly important to the firm’s intake process, THE PAYOFFwhich uses custom screens to capture data relating to the nature of Now, three years after implementation, Aderant Total Office has metthe call. Those data fields correspond with a specific merge documentthat attorneys can use to print a report prior to meeting a new client. the firm’s expectations, and in some cases, exceeded them. FrontIn addition to developing fields that apply to the individual and cause and back-office integration has been the primary benefit, providingof action, the firm also created fields to capture marketing and referral valuable business intelligence for firm management and increasedinformation. The subsequent reports enable the firm to track the accuracy for billing and accounting.types of calls received, the number of calls taken during a particular “The integration of the front and back offices is pretty flawless,” saidtime frame and who took the calls. Nancy Pugh, the firm’s controller. “Double-entry is eliminated.Aderant’s status as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner was also Cash, case costs, and trust accounts are always in balance. Printingimportant to the firm. Not only does Aderant offer complete front and voiding of checks is smooth and charging to the correct case isand back office integration, but also an unmatched integration with seamless.”the Microsoft applications used by everyone within the firm. Add ina highly competitive pricing structure, and the choice became clear –Aderant Total Office was the right solution for the firm’s needs.
  3. 3. ADERANT CASE STUDYADERANT TOTAL OFFICEThe reporting capability of Total Office, as well as the ease ofreport writing, has enhanced management’s ability to quickly andefficiently address staffing issues and better balance individual casemanagement needs. Customized reports provide management witha snapshot of case status, top 50 cases, top valued cases, cases inlitigation, active case inventory by value class, case intake comparisonto prior periods, and much more. A consolidated case informationreport has been developed that provides attorneys with a quick viewof pertinent case information without the need to query variousscreens and tabs. All told, the IT department has developed morethan 200 custom reports within Total Office over the past three years,saving the firm a significant amount of time and effort compared tosystems that require the software vendor to develop the reports.Total Office has also made it easier for attorneys to share caseresponsibilities even if they are located in different offices. All caseinformation can be reviewed simultaneously by computer ratherthan relying on the physical file. The Parties tab lists everyoneinvolved with the case, including the plaintiff, defendants, insurancecompanies (and their coverage), witnesses (and their depositiondates) and more. All the documents and pleadings are stored in theWorldox tab, which is attached to the case. The Scheduled Events tabhouses all important appointments, hearing and deposition dates.Everything the attorneys need is instantly available, no matter wherethey are located.The system is also vastly more stable than the previous configuration,which would often crash and leave attorneys and support staff withno access to critical case documents. Law firm staff are now able toeasily locate documents.LEARN MOREContact us today to see a demonstration of the powerfulcapabilities in Aderant Total Office that can help you better Copyright © 2012 Aderant Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved.manage, grow, and protect your firm. | | +1 888 604 2366