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Aderant Expert On the Go

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Aderant Expert On the Go

  1. 1. ADERANT ExpertExpert On the Go TimeAderant Expert On the Go Time enables the mobile captureand management of time BenefitsOn the Go Time allows you to enter time from anywhere, at any time, no • Maximize billable time capture withmatter if you are online with a valid connection or offline. Whether you convenient entry available anywhere,are travelling away from the office, on a plane, visiting a client, or in court, whether online or offlineyou can quickly and easily enter time on your mobile smartphone or tablet • Greatly simplify the time capture processdevice. On the Go Time minimizes lost time by providing convenient, • Improve accuracy with real-time capturemobile access for time capture with a rich interactive user experience. • Reduce missing or lost time with immediateWhile away from the office, On the Go Time optimizes usage of your time time captureand improves continuity of the time capture, review, and editing processes. • Minimize errors and reduce duplicate dataIts tight integration with Aderant Expert promotes an overall lower total cost entry of manual time captureof ownership for the firm. On the Go Time provides one single solution that • Minimal installation and deployment tocan be deployed across multiple platforms – smartphone, tablet, and desktop timekeepersbrowser applications.
  2. 2. ADERANT ExpertExpert On the Go Time Review and Edit Your Time Features On the Go Time supports more than just the capture of time. It • Quick time capture displays all of your existing time entries entered for the current • Review/edit of existing time entries week and allows you to easily navigate to previous weeks’ time for • Access to key time statistics further review and editing. Individual time entries can be edited, including narrative edits, hour edits, and more. Key statistics for • Navigate entries by week each weekly period are easily viewed for your billable and non- • Display of actual vs. minimum targets billable targets. • Provide offline access for entry and editing • Use a recent matter list for rapid entry Offline Access • Access to firm and user expansion codes for While on the go, you don’t always have a wireless or 3G connection. quick narrative entry On the Go Time supports entry and editing of time whether • Configurable/customizable time card for firm- online, connected to the firm’s website, or offline. Entries and edits submitted while offline are seamlessly synchronized with the specific entry requirements Expert database when you next establish a connection. No action is required by the user to upload these offline entries. On the Go Time CardQuick Time Capture The time card utilized by On the Go Time can be configured toOn the Go Time promotes fast and easy capture of time on meet firm-specific data entry requirements, similar to time cardsboth smartphone and tablet devices as well as web browser available within Expert Time Management 8.0. To minimizeapplications. Completely embedded within Aderant Expert, the maintenance of custom forms, Aderant Expert provides oneOn the Go Time utilizes your recent matter list to minimize customization model that can be used for both SmartClient andsearching and selection of the desired matter. Entries are fully mobile form development.validated upon submission to minimize multiple touch pointsfor the same entry. There may be instances, however, where all How Does it Work?the required information is not yet available. On the Go Timealso supports entry of a placeholder matter name allowing you On the Go Time uses standards-based development technologiesto get the time recorded as a draft entry that can then be further including HTML 5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Applications developededited when time allows – either utilizing On the Go Time or with these technologies allow for multi-platform deployment tothe SmartClient Expert Time application. ensure commitment to numerous mobile platforms. As a result, users gain a consistent experience across Apple, Android, WindowsAdditionally, spell checking and your user and firm defined Phone, and BlackBerry devices.expansion codes support quick narrative entry and editing. Providing user access is easy. Make the firm’s On the Go website available over a secure connection (SSL or VPN). Users can easily bookmark the page or add it to their home screen to simulate a native application on the device.
  3. 3. ADERANT ExpertExpert On the Go Time Figure 3 - Time on iPhoneFigure 1 - Statistics and Time List on iPad Figure 4 - Time on Android phone Figure 5 - Time card on Android phoneFigure 2 - Recent list on iPadLearn MoreContact us today to see a demonstration of the powerful newcapabilities in Aderant Expert On the Go Time that can helpyou better manage, grow, and protect your firm. Copyright © 2012 Aderant Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved. | | +1 888 604 2366