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Amplify IoT Impact - Aberdeen Group Research


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Amplify IoT Impact - Aberdeen Group Research

  1. 1. Critical decisions demand data-driven insight, and today’s business leaders are under pressure to capture and understand the data from their entire ecosystem. How IoT Data is Changing the Game Top challenges that drive investment in IoT platforms AMPLIFY THE IMPACT OF IOT THE BENEFITS OF LEVERAGING IOT DATA Better Decisions Made in Less Time Companies incorporating IoT data into their key decisions are: Increased Visibility and Insight Key Characterestics of Best-in-Class IoT users include: Enhanced Performance Companies should be committed to not only capturing and storing IoT data, but also maximizing its value. Doing so will enable organizations to generate richer insights with increased visibility and elevated performance for the entire business. Respondents need greater visibility into manufacturing processes 30%Respondents find that large volumes of IoT data are underutilized 46% more likely to provide business leaders with on-demand access to asset & service performance information 73% more likely to have the ability to integrate machine/ device data with business solutions (i.e. ERP, CRM) 78% more likely to have policies for data governance/ oversight 63% Respondents claim Field Service operations are inefficient 23% improvement in asset uptime/ utilization the year-over-year increase in operating profit 4.3X 5XLeading-edge companies are exploring technologies like advanced analytics, machine learning, & artificial intelligence to drive the business forward. Best-in-Class IoT users have: Created by Aberdeen Group. Brought to you by PTC All Aberdeen Group research is © 2017 by the Aberdeen Group. All rights reserved. All Aberdeen Group materials are licensed with Aberdeen Group’s permission and in no way does the use of publication of Aberdeen Group research indicate Aberdeen Group’s endorsement of PTC’s products/or strategies. more likely to see improved accuracy of data analysis 43% 53% 85% more likely to see an increase in decision speed 34% 74% 55% IoT Users All Others