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AMA Fall '17 Mentorship Program E-book


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Program outline for the Texas AMA Fall '17 Mentorship Program, supporting the organization's mission of bridging the classroom with the real world.

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AMA Fall '17 Mentorship Program E-book

  1. 1. Purpose of this document: This document serves... ◈ As an informational resource regarding the Texas AMA Mentorship Program, covering: ◆ Program purpose ◆ Timeline ◆ Expectations ◆ Best Practices ◈ To provide transparency for program participants Please note... This program outline is active for the Fall 2017 semester. Although this program outline may seem super formal and the relationships should remain professional, we hope that mentors can be a “friend” or “older sibling” figure to help mentees navigate the career development ecosystem. The goal is for mentees to have someone they’re comfortable reaching out to for help and to learn, as opposed to feeling nervous and like they’re going into an interview. 2
  2. 2. Why a mentorship program? Supports Texas AMA’s mission ...of bridging the classroom with the real world Provides a resource for members gain insights regarding industry and career development Provides a resource for mentors gain access to talent at the undergraduate level and understanding millennial trends 3 Provides an opportunity develop and nurture professional relationships Opens doors new ideas and networks Continues the cycle ...of mentorship to reach more people with both career and personal growth Note: The mentorship program is career-oriented. For members seeking mentorship navigating the college ecosystem, consider opting into the family program. Members can be in both the mentorship program and the family program.
  3. 3. Timeline: Program Flow Mentors/Mentees opt- in Matching Mentorship + invitations to Mentorship Program events 4 Note: Mentorship program events are completely optional, but highly encouraged :)
  4. 4. Timeline: Calendar August September October November ● Initial contact with potential mentors ● 9/5: Texas AMA Info Session: introduce program & release application ● 9/15: Mentee application due ● 9/14-21: confirm participation with mentors ● 9/22: introduce mentorship pairs via email ● 9/25: official opt-out day (both mentors and mentees)/check-in #1 ● 10/5 Event: Minute Mentorship (event details to be provided in invite) ● Check-in #2 ● 11/5 Event: Alumni Networking Night (event details to be provided in invite) ● Check-in #3 ● Just because the semester is ending doesn’t mean the communication has to! Pairs can decide how to best stay in contact 5
  5. 5. Application: mentor 6 To opt-in, please click here!
  6. 6. Application: mentee 7 To opt-in, please click here!
  7. 7. Best Practices Every mentorship pair will have a different style of working together, but here are some rough expectations and how to get the most of this mentorship program 8
  8. 8. Mentors & Mentees The initial introduction will be through email, but it is up to the pair to decide which communication platform(s) work best for them. Each pair will also decide what frequency of communication works best for them. It is recommended that each pair meets face to face (in person or video chat) at least once a month, but with communication between meetings. Communication PM & Pairs The program manager (Engagement Officer) will check in once a month via email at the end of the month. 9 Although anyone can start the conversation, mentees should take initiative.
  9. 9. Meeting Timeline *Suggestion* September ◈ Introductions ◈ Goals & objectives: ◆ What are you hoping to get out of this mentorship program? ◆ Long-term, what are your goals? ◈ Game plan & strategize: ◆ How will these goals be achieved? ◆ How will we communicate throughout this semester? ◆ What actions need to be taken before the next time we meet? 10 October ◈ Assess: ◆ Is this plan working? Any adjustments? ◈ Continue executing strategy: ◆ Did we complete the items we said we would? ◆ What actions need to be taken before the next time we meet? November ◈ Assess: ◆ Were the goals achieved? ◈ Discuss next steps: ◆ Do we want to continue this as an informal mentorship? ◆ What are the next steps to achieve the goals set? ◈ Look back and celebrate the wonderful connection that was made!
  10. 10. The opportunities are endless, but here are some ideas: ◈ Resume/LinkedIn profile review ◈ Cold-messaging/cold-emailing best practices ◈ Career explorations ◈ Resources recommendations (ie books, podcasts, blogs, etc.) 11
  11. 11. 12 Thank you for your participation! Any questions, comments or concerns? Please don’t hesitate to contact: