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2013 buzz store agency credentials


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We are the Romanian leading participatory marketing agency, Visit us at

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2013 buzz store agency credentials

  1. 1. 9/24/2013 1@BUZZStore/ Agency credentials
  2. 2. Marketers like fueling conversations that generate awareness and shape brand perception. Connecting great brands with curious and active consumers  BUZZStore is the Romanian marketing agency active in the field of participatory marketing services.  We own a growing network of opinion leaders (volunteers) called BUZZers.  We connect brands with the right BUZZers to spread the word about our clients products and services. 9/24/2013 @BUZZStore/ Agency credentials 2 BUZZers are curious consumers, well connected off-line and active on-line, eager to experience and promote great products and services.
  3. 3. 9/24/2013 @BUZZStore/ Agency credentials 3 VISION Bring our clients’ products and services closer to their targeted consumers, by inspiring effervescent on-line and off-line B2C interactions. MISSION Become the leading participative marketing agency in Romania by offering efficient and measurable brand communication to the targeted audience. STRATEGY Through creative and innovative campaign proposals. Through continuous development of the Buzzers data base. VALUES Innovation Passion Transparency Customer orientation BUZZStore Companyataglance
  4. 4. Power to the consumer USER-GENERATED CONTENT WORD OF MOUTH NETWORKS ONLINE ADVISORY BOARDS 9/24/2013 @BUZZStore/ Agency credentials 4 with people
  5. 5. But does it works? 9/24/2013 @BUZZStore/ Agency credentials 5 P&G think so! Participatory marketing is 5 times as effective as traditional marketing. P&G have developed a special participatory marketing formula. They say it can boost sales by 10%+ Research shows that participatory marketing stimulates a key growth driver: recommendations.
  6. 6. 9/24/2013 @BUZZStore/ Agency credentials 6 Most powerful influencer: a friends recommendation 75% of people don’t accept advertisements as truth 90% of people believe brand recommendations from friends 61% of people use search engines to research a product before they purchase it 70% of people believe consumer ratings
  7. 7. 9/24/2013 @BUZZStore/ Agency credentials 7 Rebranding a mature product Launching new product Creating consumer advocacy Driving online traffic &recommendations Increasing sales A participatory marketing campaign is right for…
  8. 8. 9/24/2013 @BUZZStore/ Agency credentials 8 Word of Mouth still most trusted resource says Nielsen research!
  9. 9. Recommendation from friends is more trusted than classic advertising &communication says Forrester Research! 9/24/2013 @BUZZStore/ Agency credentials 9 Forrester Research, 2012
  10. 10. How does it work? 9/24/2013 @BUZZStore/ Agency credentials 10 Clients Brief Concept development/ campaign page set-up BUZZers selection Send invites to participate Pre-campaign questionnaire Selection of participants BUZZ Kit production BUZZ Kit expedition Monitoring & stimulating BUZZers reactions Post-campaign questionnaire Ex-post analysis + optional research results Results presentation to the client
  11. 11. 9/24/2013 @BUZZStore/ Agency credentials 11 What do we measure? Reach • How many people were exposed to the campaign message Online/ Offline. Insights • BUZZers and their friends impressions on the tested products. NPS • The propensity of participants to recommend the tested products. Awareness & Sales • Impact of the campaign on tested products awareness & sales
  12. 12. 9/24/2013 @BUZZStore/ Agency credentials 12 How do we measure?
  13. 13. 9/24/2013 @BUZZStore/ Agency credentials 13 How do we measure? But we corroborate it with other qualitative insights. Important as companies can claim it on advertising materials such as “92% of mothers recommend product X” (based on BUZZStore research).
  14. 14. •Promo concept •Campaign page set-up & maintenance •Campaigns pre and post questionnaires design •BUZZers selection process Promotion concept •BUZZ guidelines development •Products, samples, coupons logistics (from client’s warehouse to BUZZers’ hands) BUZZers Kit •Continous activation of online & offline conversations. •Questionnaires analysis – qualitative and quantitative outcome. •Campaign report. Monitor & Evaluate 9/24/2013 @BUZZStore/ Agency credentials 14 What do we offer? Basic package includes:
  15. 15. •Social media communities management •Boost campaign relevant posts through Fb Ads, etc •U&A analysis •Customer satisfaction survey •CATI interviews •Video testimonials •Printed items of the BUZZ kit •BUZZers Kit materials •Campaign page layout BUZZ Creative BUZZ Production BUZZ Social BUZZ Research 9/24/2013 @BUZZStore/ Agency credentials 15 What additional services we offer? in cooperation with 3rd parties:
  16. 16. • Creative concept and guidelines for development of materials by clients’ agency • Web development • Campaign implementation & logistics • Reporting Campaign management • BUZZers selections x number of participants • BUZZers acquisition and conversion in the campaign • Activation/ monitoring/ motivation BUZZers management • Boxes, brochures, vouchers, branded goods, buzzers guide, prizes Production • Kits transport Logistics • Questionn. analysis and results presentation Research Pricing methodology 9/24/2013 @BUZZStore/ Agency credentials 16
  17. 17. The outcomeof a BUZZStore campaign ADVOCACY: Create loyal consumers (the BUZZers) beyond the period of the testing campaign. Credible WOM through brand advocates, both on-line and offline. VALUABLE INSIGHTS: Quantitative and qualitative data via pre and post campaign questionnaires Social media posts (photos, videos)to be further promoted within the brand community pages/social media. MARKETING CLAIMS: The Net Promoter Score measured at the end of the campaign could be used in communication “ X% of consumers recommend product Y”
  18. 18. The value of BUZZStore
  19. 19. 9/24/2013 19@BUZZStore/ Agency credentials Contact us at: Adelina Pasat Managing Partner tel: + 40 765 23 29 28 Facebook/BUZZStoreRomania