Timber flooring in Sydney


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Read the benefits of timber flooring and its installing methods.

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Timber flooring in Sydney

  1. 1. Timber Floors – An Easy Way to Imbue Your Decor If it is style, durability or warmth underfoot, a Timber Floor can be home’s most striking feature and with an appropriate décor, the place could look magnificent and exquisite. Timber floors invite the ambience to any space regardless where they are installed. There are a number of features that timber floors provide which makes it popular amongst those people who want to give their place an immaculate look and attraction. Timber floors are a low maintenance, allergy free option and last up to years of usage before. Even the look or shine wears out; you can repolish the surface to bring back its former glory and appeal. One more benefit that it provides is offering natural insulation so you will be able to ride out each season with more comfort and pleasure. Whether you have troubles choosing a size or choosing a specific species, we will help you guide on everything that you need to know before getting started to getting your décor done.
  2. 2. Size of Fibreboards Many Aussie terraces probably support traditional 80mm wide floorboards; however wider boards and the fresh look they bring has made it popular amongst many home décor enthusiasts. The trend has shifted to using wider boards such as 130mm or up to 180mm because a nice big room looks much better with a wider board. However, it is important to know that you will be paying an extra premium for that, around 5-10 percent extra as the resources required to cut and finish wider boards are not plenty.
  3. 3. Colour Selection and Coordination Many people follow a theme and for that they need specific colours and designs. Fortunately, the market now offers a great number of design and colour choices so you can be sure to find one that suits your specific requirements. However, one may become overwhelmed with so many choices. Flooring impacts on everything at your home or office. There are some timber colours that you will be naturally attracted to either dark, light or mid-tone colours. But it is important to consider the size and style of your place first. Dark floors are sophisticated and they are a bit difficult to keep clean and fresh because dirt or dust particles are quite easily visible on dark surfaces. Opt for lighter timber to bring more sense of light and roominess to a small space.
  4. 4. Grade Options It is all down to the grade you choose. Gum veins, knots and holes are the remarkable features of smooth timber floors. Timber suppliers usually offer three different types of grades. These include light or select feature, moderate or standard, and high feature. While considering the light grade, it provides a more subtle clean grade across the board however the high-grade timber is more heavily featured and offers a unique, aged look. Some people may prefer a very clean grade but you are buying an Australian Hardwood, expect a moderate to high level of grade feature.
  5. 5. Types of Timber Another important part is to select between the types of timber. You can either go for solid hardwood or an engineered hardwood. Engineered, pre-finished boards are made with a layer of hardwood on top of a cross-laminated ply and this board can be laid over existing floorboards or concrete slabs. They are useful if you are short of time because they can be quickly installed using a tongue-and-groove process which is helpful in eliminating gaps. On the other hand, solid boards once installed need to sanded and finished which could take some time or even a few days. You could also opt for recycled options and they are becoming really popular now because they are significantly cheap and offer eco-friendliness. For more information you can contact us on: http://www.timberlandflooring.com.au/