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Big Exhibits

  2. 2. contents01 Introduction02 About Nimlok03 Nimlok Malta04 Southern Europe - NSP05 Services07 Management Team08 Support Facilities09 Quality10 Environment & Certification14 Past Projects / Case Studies
  3. 3. profile Intro In this day and age its not just about big ideas but more about getting ideas off the ground in a big way, that is why if you’re looking for display or exhibition solutions to promote your brand, large format printing or signage solutions look no further than Big Exhibits. As Malta’s industry leaders with an expansive portfolio of work both locally and internationally, Big Exhibits are your preferred partners for the job. Big Exhibits boast over 30 years experience in the design and large format signage industry. As local distributors of Nimlok UK, Big Exhibits are in the business of setting up your exhibition stand in the best possible way anywhere around the globe, from small fairs to larger-than-Big Exhibits - Offices, Iklin life exhibition stands. We can print on virtually anything from PVC to Acrylic and even concrete or wood with UV curable inks transferred direct to substrate. Besides the quality and passion for work that pushes through every single Big Exhibit project, we have a unique respect for the environment, using environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled. Strategic Alliance BIG Exhibits - MALTA, forms part of the International Nimlok Network which comprises of over 200 distributors in over 56 countries. Nimlok has trained BIG Exhibits personnel on product specifications and stand design using CAD.Graphics & Displays by Big Exhibits We offer clients free stand design service, using the latest digital technologies. Our experienced design team can produce unique, creative and practical designs to meet your needs and solutions that bring the story of your products or services to life. Beginning with a design brief, we ‘ll take you from line drawings, to full colour rendering, helping you to visualise exactly what your exhibition stand will look like. 01
  4. 4. profile About Nimlok Nimlok - Exhibition Stand Supplier Leading exhibition stand and event solutions provider Since its founding in 1970, Nimlok has grown to be the leading global solutions provider for the exhibition stand and display industry. With an award winning team of experienced and qualified exhibition stand designers and graphic designers, Nimlok thinks outside the box, integrating your brand experience into a creative and memorable exhibition stand.Nimlok Head Office, Wellingborough, UK. Nimlok is recognised as an industry leader in the design and creation of custom modular and modular exhibition stands offering full service across the globe. With over 450 employees and 200 authorised distributors in 56 countries, including Malta, Nimlok is a full service exhibition and display provider. Offering in house graphics, custom fabrication capabilities, and manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom, United States, and Canada, make us the global single source solution for exhibition stands and portable displays. Nimlok design it, build it, ship it, install it, dismantle it, and store it, all at Nimlok. Its seamless and so simple for you. Global solutionsJean Pierre Mizzi (Big Exhibits - Director), John Lowery - (SeniorDesign Consultant - Nimlok UK), Tim Perutz (CEO - Nimlok Group), Our Global Exhibition Stand Rentals and Services make it easy and cost-effective to:Benjamin Mangion (Big Exhibits - Director) * Attend multiple shows at the same time * Exhibit internationally * Continually change the design elements of your exhibition stand Nimlok founded the International Network, which provides support service to our clients around the world, so we work with you every step of the way no matter where you are or where you need to be. With innovative, affordable exhibition stands and portable displays, Nimlok will get you more business at your next exhibition. 02
  5. 5. profile NIMLOK MALTA Big Exhibits Ltd are Nimlok authorised distributors for Malta and the North African region. No matter where your exhibit or event may take you, Big Exhibits together with Nimlok are ready with international expertise to ensure your program is executed with ease. When you work with your local Nimlok partner, youre working with a global operation. Exhibition and event campaigns are not just about moving a stand from one place to another. Its about managing the whole campaign, from the stand space itself to the literature that might be given away at an event. We can engage with you on as much or as little of your program as you wish. Whilst our core value is the provision of the hardware and graphics to provide the physical environment of your campaign, we have the capabilities to carry out full project management if required. This might include a campaign proposal where we recommend shows to attend, assistance with space selection and booking and site surveys. Prior to the show we can train your team to be more effective and arrange staffing. On the day we can manage your stand and add value.CAD designs - presented to FOSTER CLARKS Limited Foster Clarks Ltd Stand - SIAL - Paris Projects carried out from design to installation for TOLY Products Cosmoprof show - Bologna 03
  6. 6. profile OFFICIAL NIMLOK SERVICE PROVIDER Big exhibits have been assigned by Nimlok as official NSP for the Southern European Region. Southern Region covers Spain, Southern France, Italy and Mediterranean countries including North Africa. Our staff have been highly trained by Nimlok, from CAD design and stand building to customer service. Big Exhibits offer a full installation and dismantle service of Nimlok stands. Facilities Occasionally the thought of shipping valuable exhibition material to the other side of the globe may scare some people, of who will be receiving the goods, handling them and delivering to the correct place. Big Exhibits can make life easier for you, with storage facilities in: Barcelona - Spain, Montpellier - Southern France and Malta. Your stand hardware may be stored in our facilities for as long as needed, offering full logisticStorage Facility - Montpellier, France service both to and after events, handling fall sorts of exhibition hardware to client’s collateral material. Additional exhibition services are also available from flooring, furniture rental, A/V equipment to graphics production.Storage Facility - Barcelona, Spain 04
  7. 7. profile SERVICES Consultancy and Design Our passionate, qualified and experienced exhibition stand designers and graphic designers consult with you and really listen, so we understand your needs. Even if you cant dream it, we can! We take you through a process that we call Understand, Create, Deliver. This process enables us to produce a remarkable and memorable solution that meets your budget, exceedsDA Expo - Intercontinental - Malta your expectations and gives you return on your investment. Exhibition Stands Custom Modular systems - consisting of Aluminium extrusions, link panels and numerous accessories. Fast Solutions Nimlok’s Velocity range is ideal for small to medium stands that are designed to fit in a small case. This system is easily reconfigured and transported. Lightweight Portable Systems Nimlok offer a range of lightweight and portable display systems Outdoor Displays Nimlok’s outdoor range caters for promotional events, concerts etc.Nokia - Flagship Store - Helsinki Promotional point of sale displays Nimlok’s point of purchase range can be designed to any custom size that fits in any lounge, reception area, outlet and more.Nicox Stand - EULAR Exhibition, Nuova Fiera di Roma 05
  8. 8. profile SERVICES Graphics Production UV curable printing is used, which is environmentally friendly, durable and high quality. Digital CNC cutting State of the art digital cutting equipment compliments our graphics department, enabling us to service the demanding creative industry. Show Management We design it, build it, ship it, install it, dismantle and store it.Exhibition Consultancy Big Exhibits offer a full installation and dismantle service of Nimlok stands both in Malta and internationally. We also service clients with Storage, Logistics, Furniture and A/V Rentals.CNC - Digital Cutting Setup Drawings for Rapiscan SystemsUV Curable printing 06
  9. 9. profile Management Team CLIENT Our Management Team will consists of senior officials, as shown in diagram. The scope of Team is to devise and review the strategy for implementation. It will also be responsible for the following activities:Financial Controller Projects Director Operations Director • The holistic strategy and conformity Mark Aquilina Jean Pierre Mizzi Benjamin Mangion • Management of the Project • Coordination between entities and service providers • Quality control • Governance Design Consultant Project Manager Big Exhibits / Nimlok Big Exhibits / Nimlok • To overview financial statements Project Planning & Management Big Exhibits / Nimlok Nimlok GraphicsTeam Stand Fabrication BIG Exhibits Limited abides by standard operating procedures (SOPs) laid down by NIMLOK in order to ensure best practice and enhanced levels of service to the client. The procedures Logistics include the use of detailed documentation as part of a step by step route to the attainment of Big Exhibits / Nimlok the ultimate objective of the client, and a successful project implementation. Examples of these documents based on a typical project path, are included as appendices to this proposed Big Exhibits / Nimlok Organisation and Methodlogy Document. Show Management Team The role of the project management team shall be that of coordinating, managing and implementation of the project. Indeed, the success or otherwise of similar projects is usually Typical project team determined by the clarity and tangibility of the targets and objectives outlined for the project. Each target is in fact utilised in the process of determining the milestone schedule of activities and events required to achieve the mission of the exercise. The project managers will be fully responsible for the day-day operations and will ensure that the project is being delivered according to these objectives. In fact, each activity will be assigned a metric for the measurement of its success in determining the mission of the project. The project managers will coordinate the effort between all the parties forming part of the project. 07
  10. 10. profile Support Facilities BIG exhibits employs 13 full time employees, 85% of BIG exhibits staff have been trained professionally in the UK by Nimlok. Big exhibits has in house graphic and CAD designers, graphic specialists for various applications, project managers, finance and administration staff. Big exhibits’ has more than 1000sqm of office, production and storage facilities. Invested heavily in state of the art digital printing equipment with UV curable printer, that can print direct to any substrate and various other graphics finishing equipment. Nimlok employs over 500 employees, with 3 main manufacturing facilities, in the UK, US and Canada. Nimlok has 200 distributors in 56 countries. 35,000 sq feet manufacturing site in theJean Pierre Mizzi - Big Exhibits Director, John Lowery - NimlokDesign Consultant, Tim Perutz - Nimlok Group CEO, Benjamin UK. Metal fabrication and TIG welding of extrusion and metal structures, CNC 3 point axis,Mangion Big Exhibits Director Murkle thermoforming equipment, state of the art graphics equipment, direct to substrate and dye sublimination printing for fabrics and various other graphic finishing equipment. 08
  11. 11. qualityQuality Assured Exhibition Stand SuppliersEveryone will tell you their products and services are of the highest quality, but what reassurancesdo you have that this is correct? After all, everyone’s perception of "Quality" is different- onemans perfection is another’s starting point.As a customer you need to know your solution will perform on the day and every day after that.This is why Nimlok engaged British Standards to help us achieve ISO9001, which we did in1997. Its endorsement assures you of our commitments to quality, processes and testing sothat you get consistently high standards of product from us.ISO 9001:2000 is the internationally recognized Quality Management Standard for all types oforganization, and is used in over 161 countries worldwide by over 1 million companies.The ISO9001 process provides a robust framework for all activities by adopting 8 qualitymanagement principles: * Customer focus * Leadership * Involvement of people * Documented processes * Integrated systems * Continuous improvement * A factual approach to decision making * Mutually beneficial supplier relationshipsThese principles are integrated into all of the management processes, and are registered ascomplying fully with ISO 9001 by BSI. For the following activities * The manufacture of display and exhibition stands * The hire and installation of display and exhibition stands 09
  12. 12. environmentNimlok leads on environmental issuesNimlok is first exhibition company in the world to attain the International Environmental Standardof ISO 14001.Reusability and Sustainability at core of Nimloks products, history and cultureReusability has been the core value of all Nimlok’s products. Nimlok always believed passionatelythat there is a better way than the “build and burn” philosophy that has dominated the majorityof display and exhibition construction. The Nimlok way is with modular, reconfigurable exhibitionstands and solutions: engineered from the start to be used again and again—as the marketingneeds of the stand evolve, so does the system to accommodate it.Testament to the reusability of Nimlok products is the very large quantity of Nimlok equipmentstill in daily use after more than a quarter of a century.Even at the end of their long “useful life” Nimlok products continue to be environmentally soundas they are manufactured using 80% recyclable material.From the outset Nimlok has offered to properly dispose of any equipment no longer wanted byour clients as part of the original purchase contract. This is now known by more fashionableterms such as “Source responsibility” but has always been part of our philosophy—and willcontinue to be.The Nimlok Group is the world’s largest supplier of modular and reusable display and exhibitionequipment yet remains a family business. Great people and a strong culture are foremostcontributors to our success and we highly value the ethical and long-term perspective. Thisperspective includes the desire to make Environmental considerations central to the way wedo business in the 21st century. 10
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  14. 14. 13
  15. 15. capacity technicalProjects entrusted to Big Exhibits - Local Projects Nestle Big Exhibits together with Nimlok assigned contractors & show managers for Nestle.Renzo Piano - Valletta Rehabilitation Project International food giants Nestle participated in the 30th Espen Congress held at Espen in Florence.Big Exhibits Setup and produced all graphic material for Renzo Pianos proposed projects for Big Exhibits took care of the Nestle stand and also assited their staff during show.the entrance of Valletta, held at the Archaeology Museum. September 2008July 2009 WFSHSBC Valletta Boat Show 2009 / 2010 Big Exhibits together with Nimlok assigned contractors & show managers for WFS.Big Exhibits assigned as exclusive contractors. WFS, a world leader in ground services for airlines and airports, provides cargo handling, baggageDesigning & installing all stands at Valletta Boat Show. handling, ramp services and passenger assistance. BIG Exhibits handled WFS stand at the Kuala“Dock Number One in Bormla represents the largest venue yet for the boat show which is now Lumpur Convention Centre in Malaysiain its third year and has grown in popularity dramatically with each new incarnation. This historic October 2008venue has been transformed for this spectacular event which sees more than 60 exhibitorsdisplaying over 70 boats.” The Times Acwa Power International Big Exhibits together with Nimlok assigned contractor & show managers for Acwa Power International.Midi - Manoel Island Exhibition Acwa Power International, a Saudi Arabia based company, specialising in water and power projects.Setup of Exhibition and all graphic material for Midi plc, the consortium responsible for the Acwa power participated successfully in 2 International exhibitions held in Jeddah and Riyadh.restoration. Exhibition held for people to view the first phase of the restoration of this fort. November 2008October 2009 Zoltek Big Exhibits together with Nimlok assigned contractors & show managers for Zoltek.Projects entrusted to Big Exhibits - International Projects Zoltek Companies, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets carbon fiber for various applications. Zoltek exhibited in the JEC 2009 held at the Paris Expo Port de Versialles Paris.Barclays March 2009Big Exhibits together with Nimlok assigned contractors & show managers for Barclays Barx.BARX from Barclays Stockbrokers provides real time pricing, advanced trading tools and Nova Labsprofessional research for experienced private investors. Big Exhibits/Nimlok have been assigned Big Exhibits together with Nimlok assigned contractors & show managers Nova Labs.for multiple shows and conferences, featured here is the Tradetech Exhibition, held at the CNIT, Nova Laboratories is one of the UKs leading independent suppliers of both Specials and clinicalParis La Defense, Cedex, France. trial medicines to healthcare professionals. Nova Labs participated in the CPHI exhibition held atApril 2008 Fiera de Madrid in Spain. BIG Exhibits handled Nova Labs stand in Madrid. October 2009CalnetixBig Exhibits together with Nimlok assigned contractors & show managers for Calnetix. ProstrakenCalnetix is the world leader in developing and manufacturing high performance motors and Big Exhibits together with Nimlok assigned contractors & show managers Prostraken.generators. Calentix exhibited in the Powergen Show held at Fiera Milano City. Scotland-based pharmaceutical company ProStraken, a specialist developer of products for unmetMay 2008 medical needs. Big Exhibits/Nimlok have handled multiple shows for Prostraken, at various international venues, one of them being the EAPC 2009 - 11th Congress of the European Association for Pallative Care, in Vienna. May 2009 14
  16. 16. studies caseinternational projects
  17. 17. studies caseClient: Acwa Power InternationalShow: SWPFVenue: Jeddah / Riyadh - Saudi Arabia 11, Geronimo Abos Street, Iklin, Malta T: +356 21 318 885, F: +356 21 318 889 E:
  18. 18. studies caseClient: NestleVenue: Fortezza Da Basso, Florence ItalySize: 7 x 7 11, Geronimo Abos Street, Iklin, Malta T: +356 21 318 885, F: +356 21 318 889 E:
  19. 19. studies caseClient: CalnetixStand: G21 Hall 5Exhib: PowergenVenue: Fiera Milano City 11, Geronimo Abos Street, Iklin, Malta T: +356 21 318 885, F: +356 21 318 889 E:
  20. 20. studies caseClient: WFSStand: 902Hall: 1+2Exhibition: ACF 11, Geronimo Abos Street, Iklin, Malta T: +356 21 318 885, F: +356 21 318 889Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre E:
  21. 21. studies caseClient: Nova LabsStand: 8 B1025Exhibition: CPHIVenue: feria de Madrid 11, Geronimo Abos Street, Iklin, Malta T: +356 21 318 885, F: +356 21 318 889 E:
  22. 22. studies caseClient: ZoltekShow: JEC 2009Venue: Paris Expo Port de Versialles ParisStand number: U 44 11, Geronimo Abos Street, Iklin, Malta T: +356 21 318 885, F: +356 21 318 889 E:
  23. 23. studies caseClient: ProstrakenShow: EAPC 2009 – 11th Congress of the EuropeanAssociation for Pallative CareVenue: Vienna 11, Geronimo Abos Street, Iklin, Malta T: +356 21 318 885, F: +356 21 318 889 E:
  24. 24. studies caseClient: Barclaysshow: Trade Techvenue: CNIT Francestand no: 112 11, Geronimo Abos Street, Iklin, Malta T: +356 21 318 885, F: +356 21 318 889 E: