eddy current tubular inspection services broucher


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eddy current tubular inspection services broucher

  1. 1. AITIS Eddy Current Tubular Inspection Services RFT &NFT Eddy Current Abdallah I. Al Tamimi Industrial Services Establishment Testing and Inspection Works – ISO 9001:2008 CertifiedP.O BOX # 30844, Lot 121-123 Al-faiha Industrial City Al-Khobar-31952 Saudi Arabia.TEL:038640369 FAX: 038640396, Site: www.tamimiservices.com, e-mail: sales@tamimiservices.com
  2. 2. EDDY CURRENT TUBULAR INSPECTIONWhat is Eddy Current?Eddy Current Testing (ECT) is an electromagnetic non destructive testing Technique widely usedin Power Plants, Petro- Chemical, Refineries and other Industries.Eddy current testing works on the principles of electromagnetic induction. In eddy currenttechnique, a probe or sensor is excited with sinusoidal alternating current to induce eddy currentsin an electrically conducting material such as stainless steel, aluminum etc. being tested. Thechange in coil impedance that arises due to distortion of eddy currents at regions of discontinuitiesand associated magnetic flux leakages is measured and correlated with the cause producing it i.e.discontinuities.This is a surface technique and can readily detect very shallow surface defects and sub-surfacedefects within a depth of 6 mm.Eddy current testing is a simple, high-speed, high sensitive, versatile and reliable NDT techniqueand is popularly used in many engineering industries.Advantages: High Examination Rate (80 – 100 or more tubes Inspection per hour). Examination of Ferrous and non-ferrous material Repeatability - compare historical and subsequent test results to establish corrosion rates and remaining life. ECT discriminates between I.D and O.D. defect orientation. ECT is sensitive to gradual wall loss, cracking, very small pitting etc.Advantages and Services Offers Abdallah I. Al Tamimi Industrial Services Est.Advantages of Remote Field Testing (RFT): Ideal for ferrous tubes (Boiler tubes) RFT can detect defects away from Tube support plate, and tube sheet. Detect localizes corrosion/erosion Inspects ferromagnetic materials (Carbon steel and Stainless Steel) Detect wall loss
  3. 3. Advantages of Near Field Testing (NFT): Inspect ferromagnetic material Can detect defects close to under TSP & Tube sheet Can distinguish between inside diameter and outside diameter defects Suitable for fin fan tubes Can detect localized corrosion/Erosion Detect circumferential cracks or a tube sheet transition zoneApplications: Condensers Feed Water Heater Chillers Coolers All Heat Exchangers Eddy Current Analysis Strip Chart And Impedance Plane
  4. 4. AITIS Location Map: Contact us: Dhib Al Subaii Dia Awad Executive Manager Training Manager Mobile: +966 505 824 942 Mobile: +966 549 535 714 Email: dhib@tamimiservices.com Email: sirelkhatim@tamimiservices.com Sultan Al harthi Gopikrishnan.T Operation Manager Business Development Engineer Mobile: +966 502 572 227, +966 557 587 772 Mobile: +966 500 566 806 Email: sultan@tamimiservices.com Email: gopikrishnan@tamimiservices.com