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Rani B'day


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Rani B'day

  1. 1. Queen of Hearts
  2. 2. Like a true queen… Never misses Loves her breakfast, even if it beauty sleep means being 4.99999 minutes late to class Plays Fruit Ninja in class! Went for“brisk walks” in summers The Innovation Queen – loves courses with HMC member the word who doesn’t “Innovation” in them! know where the basky court is!
  3. 3. Keeps her room squeaky clean!* *Source: Reuters (read Krittika Krishnan)
  4. 4. Can drink until everyone else is sloshed! t 3 ugh s Bo tle bot m fro nge ha exc Beating a lot of pohonche hue khiladi :P
  5. 5. Rules the hearts of many… Mere sapno ki Rani, kab aayegi tu…
  6. 6. Rani tu, main Raja…
  7. 7. My dil goesWonderla…….. wonderla
  8. 8. But actually, she lives life “XL” size!!
  9. 9. We love you Rainy 
  10. 10. We love you Rainy 