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Dimensions of Service Quality


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A presentation on the basic dimensions of service quality as perceived by customers.

Published in: Business
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Dimensions of Service Quality

  1. 1. P R E S E N T E D B Y D A Y O A D E W O Y E Dimensions of Service Quality
  2. 2. Background: A Study SERVQUAL was developed in the 1980s by some Amercan scholars: A. Parasuraman, V.A. Zeithaml, and L.L. Berry. It was developed as a tool for measuring service quality by comparing customers perception of the service delivered with their desired expectations. When expectations are not met, the service is deemed unacceptable. When perception is in line with expectation, the service quality is satisfactory. However, the service is rated as exceptional when the perception exceeds expectation. The study observed that customers measure the quality of service received along five areas or dimensions: Responsiveness, Reliability, Assurance, Empathy, Tangibles.
  3. 3. The 5 Dimensions
  4. 4. Reliability
  5. 5. Definition The ability to provide what was promised dependably and accurately. This dimension is a measure of how reliable our customers perceive us to be. Can they trust us to deliver on our brand promise? Application •Deal honestly with enrollees. •Ensure data is correctly entered on identification cards and on enrollee list. •Maintain good relationship with providers to ensure smooth access to care for enrollees
  6. 6. Responsiveness
  7. 7. Definition This is the willingness to help customers and provide prompt service. Application •Respond to emails promptly •Pick up calls on time and be sure to return missed calls
  8. 8. Assurance
  9. 9. Definition The ability to convey trust and confidence, and demonstrate knowledge and confidence. Application •Know your products and process
  10. 10. Empathy
  11. 11. Definition Care and individual attention given to customers Application •Show concern when interacting with enrollees •Listen actively
  12. 12. Tangibles
  13. 13. Definition Physical appearance of personnel, facilities and equipment Application •Maintain clear and friendly tone of voice over the phone •Design and appearance of email •Dressing and presentation of front desk representative, as well as appearance of reception area
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