SHRM 2012 in Review


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SHRM 2012 in Review

  1. 1. SHRM 2012 in reviewA recap of the hot topics from the conference in Atlanta The annual Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Conference and Exposition is the preeminent event in Human Resources. This year, more than 14,000 people gathered for SHRM 2012 in Atlanta for four days of informative sessions, networking opportunities and an expansive exposition center. And Adecco was at the center of it all, learning more about the issues on the horizon and the strategies that can help separate good companies from great companies. Whether you were able to make it to Atlanta or not, we wanted to provide you with a summary of the critical themes and top insights from throughout the event. Here are our key takeaways from SHRM 2012.
  2. 2. SHRM 2012 in review Be bold. Be inspired. Be innovative. flexible labor amid new economic realities and The theme for the 2012 SHRM conference was a changing workforce, suggested Joyce Russell, “be” — as in, be the best in your field, be as EVP and President of Adecco Staffing. “You must creative as possible and simply decide what be the leader and dare to be different,” she said. you want be. It was a call to arms in an election year — and in a country faced with numerous Focus on the big four. challenges such as a struggling economy and For the first time in history, there are four general disillusionment. Many of the general generations in the workplace: Traditionalists session speakers urged the HR professionals (1928-1945), Baby Boomers (1946-1964), in the audience to lead the charge to make Generation X (1965-1980) and Millennials change in their departments, in their organizations (1981-2000). Many of the SHRM sessions and in the world. focused on how businesses can and should accommodate all four generations and best Opening session speaker and former Secretary position themselves for success. of State Condoleezza Rice gave a keynote address that was a retrospective of her career trajectory. Companies will have to reexamine their whole She demonstrated what it means to be extraordi- HR planning process to determine how they nary, passionate and a leader, despite the odds. will grow and develop their staff when the “Sometimes, often times, what seems impossible, pyramid isn’t moving people out so that younger seems inevitable in retrospect,” said Rice. people can move up. It will require a clear understanding of the unique ideals, styles and Legendary NBC newsman Tom Brokaw spoke of habits of each generation, and how leaders the need for “big ideas.” HR professionals are in can bring out their very best. A one size-fits-all a good position to come up with them because strategy will not work. they are involved with the concerns and problems of employees, and in keeping their companies on However, certain views about work apply across the right path. Brokaw urged the SHRM audience all four generations. They all view work as a to use their expertise and perspective to engage vehicle for personal fulfillment and satisfaction. in a national conversation to help put America They all want compensation in line with the back on track. market. They want to feel valued and supported. Career development and flexibility are priorities. The general theme was that every professional should feel empowered to come up with bold Businesses that build their cultures around these and innovative ideas. That could mean figuring four principles will encompass these generations, out how to incorporate returning troops or people which could be a pathway to success for the with disabilities into your workforce. Or it could teams as well as the organization. mean creating opportunities to use more
  3. 3. SHRM 2012 in review Social media continues to take center stage. need to remain informed. These developments Last year, the topic that received the most buzz affect all areas of employment, from the hunt at SHRM’s annual conference was social media for candidates to the background check to the and its role in HR. This year was no exception. monitoring of employee behavior. Social media was everywhere, from the Hive, an For instance, a key background check trend of area created at the conference center to teach HR 2012 is easily the Equal Employment Opportunity people about the topic, to Jerry Seinfeld’s SHRM Commission’s new guidelines on using criminal stand-up set: “Tweet? Why do we need to tweet?” records in employment decisions. Issued on April The message was clear: Companies that fail 25, the guidelines, which build on previous ones, to embrace social media will get left behind. state that unlimited use of criminal records by an After all, the Millennial generation, which already employer can be discriminatory. rivals Baby Boomers in size, expect it. Getting Although this new guideline isn’t a law or on board with — and learning how to effectively regulation, employers should continue to use leverage — social media means finding the right background checks to hire the best possible team, building the right strategy and of course, workforce. But they should remain informed setting guidelines for your business. because, as one session speaker put it, plaintiffs’ Social media can be particularly helpful in finding lawyers are “on the hunt” for possible lawsuits. job candidates. According to one SHRM presenter, Additionally, employers are facing a resurgence sixty-nine percent of employees plan to look for in labor-law reform efforts on multiple fronts. a new job in the next year, and recruiters cannot These efforts have been initiated by the National solely rely on the more traditional methods to Labor Relations Board, an independent agency of search for top talent. While many use LinkedIn, the U.S. government that conducts elections and a professional social-media tool, other recruiters investigates unfair labor practices. In this pro-labor are turning to more recreational platforms like environment, companies need to confront new Instagram to conduct searches. changes that can significantly affect their ability The bottom line around social media: Don’t be to deal with organizing. afraid. Start small. Start now. Finally, with social media being all the rage, companies need to know how they can potentially On the legal front — get in trouble in this area and what policies they What HR professionals should know. need to have in place as protection. According to As the workplace continues to rapidly change one presenter, “social media is the smoking-gun and shift, there are new laws, rules and guidelines lawsuit of the future.” that have passed, are pending or are on the horizon. And in this environment, companies ©2012 Adecco