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Mapping out a successful job search


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Mapping out a successful job search

  1. 1. Mapping out a successful job searchJennie Dede, Vice President of Recruitment at Adecco Staffing US
  2. 2. Adecco provides free temporary, contract and direct-hire staffing services to job seekers.We offer career counseling, resume enhancement, interview preparation, skills trainingand advice about local job markets and workplace trends, as well as one of the mostcomprehensive benefits programs in the industry.Please visit us at to learn more.About us2
  3. 3. About our presenterJennie Dede• Vice President of Recruitmentat Adecco Staffing US• Has over 10 years of recruiting experience• Develops innovative recruitmentstrategies nationally3
  4. 4. Evaluate your goals•Identify the scope of your job search•Set location, skill level and salary parameters•Determine your job-seeking strengthsand weaknesses4
  5. 5. Taking care of the basics•The basic resume•Customized versions of your resume•The basic cover letter•Update your references•Perfect your elevator pitch•Evaluate your online presence5
  6. 6. Narrow your search to set workable goals• Create a shortlist of attainable positions• Identify attractive companies• Utilize your network to discoverpotential contacts• Break down the job search intomanageable segments6
  7. 7. • Block out your time into incrementsbased on task• Unemployed vs. employed• Determine a task schedulethat suits your needs7Treat your job search like a job
  8. 8. • Staying current with industrynews and developments• Professional associations• Finding the right channels foryour job search• Informational interviews8Key items to be included in your job search plan
  9. 9. • Database of professional contacts• Keep a log of all interactions• At-a-glance calendar• Set up alerts to keep you on track9Keeping organized
  10. 10. • Excel templates• Create your own10Sample spreadsheet ideas
  11. 11. 11• Email alerts•• Keyword alerts• LinkedInOnline tools and sites
  12. 12. • Daily list of tasks• Reserve ample time for follow-up• Remember there are onlyso many hours in a day12Prioritize
  13. 13. • Stay active• Job search support groups• Realize it may take longer thanyou expect• Don’t stop searching until you’veaccepted an offer13Fighting discouragement
  14. 14. 14Visit us on