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From the classroom to the boardroom: Job search tips for the recent graduate


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From the classroom to the boardroom: Job search tips for the recent graduate

  1. 1. From the classroom to the boardroom:Job search tips for the recent graduate
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  4. 4. Now that you’ve graduated…•Post-commencement speech•College graduate survey results426%29%Wish theystarted theirjob searchearlierWish theynetworkedmore
  5. 5. Pay close attention to your online profile.•Think like a recruiter•Clean up all social media profiles•Check your profile regularly•Google yourself – and comb through the results5
  6. 6. Learn how to properly network.• Step outside the internet• Career centers, alumninetworks and associations• The elevator pitch• Strike a balance• The little things6
  7. 7. Emphasize your potentialon your resume.• Limited job experience shouldn’t limit you• Action-oriented resumes receivemore attention• Include internships andvolunteer experience• Focus on relevant skills7
  8. 8. Emphasize your potentialon your resume.• Personalize your resume,not just your cover letter• Focus on key words• Know what to leave out• Don’t exaggerate8
  9. 9. Do your homeworkbeforehand.• Effort has an effect on outcome• Research the company• Meet with former andcurrent employees• Be ready to askinformed questions9
  10. 10. Your interview begins longbefore you sit downwith the hiring manager.• Career fairs• Screening calls• Be aware from the momentyou walk in the door• Be kind to the receptionist10
  11. 11. Be prepared to ask questions during the interviewinstead of just answering them.• Show you’ve done your research• When to ask• Know which questions to ask• Sample questions11
  12. 12. Consider alternative solutions if you can’tfind your dream job right away.• Examine your skill set and strengths• Find the connection• Internships and part-time jobs• Volunteer12
  13. 13. Consider the benefits of temporary employment.• Finding a lifestyle/values match• Flexible schedule• Try before you buy13
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