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Oracle WebCenter portal


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Addvantum specializes in implementing Oracle Webcenter portal giving users modern experience.

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Oracle WebCenter portal

  1. 1. WebCenter Portals & User Interaction
  2. 2. Oracle Strategy • Integration with Oracle and Third Party applications • Proven track record and extensive customer references • Platform for Oracle Unrivaled Enterprise Application Integration references • Platform for Oracle Fusion Applications • Deep knowledge and vertical expertise for creating unified user experience across applications and processes
  3. 3. Framework Services SpacesComposer Oracle WebCenter Components • Enhanced Next Gen Portal Framework • Content Integration • Reusable Task Flows • Application Integration • Enterprise Ready Social Computing • Desktop Integration • Multi-channel interactions • Community Spaces • Social Networking • Personal Spaces • User Personalization Business Dictionary • Enterprise Mashups • Layered Customizations
  4. 4. Enterprise Integration Standards-Based and Open Platform • Key Capabilities ▫ Unified User Profile ▫ Web Integration ▫ WebLogic Single Sign-on ▫ Web Services ▫ Oracle Data Integrator ▫ Content Integration Data Integration Web Integration ▫ Content Integration • Benefit ▫ Reduce portal integration costs ▫ Leverage existing technology assets ▫ Interact consistently with users across all portals Business Processes and Web Services
  5. 5. Enterprise Integration • Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Management System • Blackboard Learning Management System • Integration with Email • Integration with SirsiDynix Data Integration Web Integration • Integration with SirsiDynix Symphony Library System through SOAP and Web Services • LDAP/Active Directory Integration • Integration with Service Desk plus 8.0 Business Processes and Web Services
  6. 6. WebCenter Framework Simplify Building Applications/Portals • Key Capabilities ▫ For Context-rich, Highly Customizable Apps and Portals ▫ Integrate Enterprise Applications as Portlets ▫ Integrate Content with transaction flowsflows ▫ Integrate BPEL Business Processes ▫ Industry Standards for portlets, content, processes, metadata, SIP servlet, security, and Web services • Benefits ▫ Enhance IT productivity with reusable, standards-based components ▫ Easily change applications with unique runtime customization
  7. 7. WebCenter Enterprise 2.0 Services Maximize and Optimize Connections • Announcements • Discussions • Blogs • Tags • Links • Worklist • People Connections • Activity Graphs • Recent Activities • Mail • Wikis • IM & Presence • Documents • Events • RSS • Notes • Search • Mashups • Analytics • And many more… 100’s of pre-built, customizable portlets for these services
  8. 8. Wikis, Blogs and Discussions User-generated Content and Collaboration Key Features Integration Options Wikis •Multiple domains; Search •Versioning; Trackbacks •Access metrics; Macros •RSS; Attachments •Web service •JSR 168 portlets •iFrame •HTTP Blogs •Permalinks; Versioning •Search; Attachments •Web service •JSR 168 portlets•Search; Attachments •RSS •JSR 168 portlets •iFrame •HTTP Discussions •Supports forums, topics, posts •Organize by favourites, popularity •RSS •Web-based administration •JSR 168 portlets • Multiple Business Dictionary Components
  9. 9. Announcements Integrated Group Communications • Key Capabilities ▫ Integrated with Email and Links Service ▫ Web Service integration ▫ Supports full management of Announcement artifactsAnnouncement artifacts • Benefits ▫ Simple group communication mechanism ▫ Integrated into user’s work environment for instant context
  10. 10. Tags Track and Share Resources • Key Capabilities ▫ Users can tag any artifact ▫ Tag Cloud Views for private and public tags ▫ Integrated with Search ▫ Pre-built portlets for creating and▫ Pre-built portlets for creating and managing and viewing tags • Benefits ▫ User-generated taxonomy facilitates more effective search/navigation and easier sharing with others
  11. 11. Links Manage Context with Custom Connections • Key Capabilities ▫ Users can create an explicit connection between disparate items ▫ Item relationships can easily be shared with other users ▫ Pre-built portlets for creating and▫ Pre-built portlets for creating and managing links • Benefits ▫ Allows user to create context between different sources of content for improved productivity ▫ Dramatically improves time to ramp for new members that can leverage linked content
  12. 12. Workflow Tasks Unify Process Tasks and Content • Key Capabilities ▫ BPEL Worklist integrates workflow tasks directly within the portal ▫ Seamless view of processes across many applications ▫ Extend process and communication to▫ Extend process and communication to partners with B2B sites • Benefits ▫ Unified context between process tasks, content and social interaction improves process execution ▫ Singe access point for multiple workflow tasks improves productivity
  13. 13. Search Simplify Information Retrieval • Key Capabilities ▫ Single Search UI for all application content, transactional data and WebCenter Services ▫ Federated search results from each source ▫ Integrated with Oracle Secure Enterprise Search • Benefits ▫ Single search retrieves structured application data and unstructured documents, saving time ▫ Granular security model allows search access to be aligned with organizational policies
  14. 14. RSS Efficient Information Aggregation • Key Capabilities ▫ Exposes content of different WebCenter Services in a RSS feed format that can be aggregated ▫ Out-of-the-box RSS Viewer ▫ Supports secure feeds▫ Supports secure feeds • Benefits ▫ Provides a quick way to publish information and consume information from many different external and/or WebCenter sources
  15. 15. People Connections & Activity Graphs User-Extensible Business Networks • Key Capabilities: • Social user profiles • Personal and group activity feeds • Visualization of user’s social networks • Wall for status updates• Wall for status updates • Monitor, manage, receive and give kudos • Benefits: • Drive workplace productivity and team effectiveness • Users can quickly find and connect with the right people
  16. 16. Recent Activities Single View of Information Updates • Key Capabilities ▫ Enables users to quickly view the most recent changes to documents, discussions, feeds, announcements and other items ▫ Can be monitored as a RSS feed ▫ Supports underlying access privileges for each content source • Benefits ▫ Provides users with an aggregated view of changes in relevant items in one location – improving productivity
  17. 17. Instant Messaging and Presence Connect with Users in Context • Key Capabilities ▫ Displays presence status for other users and provides interaction options ▫ IM and buddy lists; Click-to- dial ▫ Supports Oracle Presence and Microsoft LCS ▫ Integrated with other services such as Links, Discussions • Benefits ▫ Instant user interaction within context of a business task improves user productivity
  18. 18. Mail Leverage Email in Context with Process Tasks • Key Capabilities ▫ Users perform basic email interactions using pre-built portlets; Supports standard email servers (IMAP) ▫ Distribution lists archived as group discussion forumsdiscussion forums ▫ Integrated with WebCenter Spaces for Group Space membership from email list • Benefits ▫ Users can manage email without leaving contextual workspace powered by WebCenter, improving productivity ▫ Instant ad-hoc workspace creation from email context enhances team collaboration and productivity
  19. 19. Documents/Content Integration Inject Managed Content into the Portal • Key Capabilities ▫ Pre-built portlets in Business Dictionary for creation, management and publishing tasks from a content repository ▫ Portlets support highly customizable views of managed contentcontent ▫ WebCenter includes pre-integrated Oracle Content Management Server repository • Benefits ▫ Standards-based connections to multiple repositories simplifies integration for IT ▫ Users can easily create and publish managed content in context with ad hoc content to improve information sharing
  20. 20. Document Explorer: Table View Clicking on the Likes count shows who likes the document
  21. 21. Improved Document Explorer Rich Text Editor Integrated support for linking and Images
  22. 22. Document Explorer New Multi-File Upload Capability Select Multiples (up to 10) for simultaneous upload.
  23. 23. Document Explorer: Improved UI •Improved main UI •Quick visual access to information Comment & Like Info Workflow & Version IconsTree Navigation View
  24. 24. Portlet Interoperability Standards-Based Integration • Key Capabilities ▫ Portlet standards – JSR168 – WSRP 1.0., 2.0 ▫ JSF Portlet bridge – JSF apps as portlets ▫ Included portlets▫ Included portlets – Web clipping – Omniportlet – Rich text portlet • Benefits ▫ Reuse portlets and data connections in any standards- based portal
  25. 25. WebCenter Spaces Core Features for User/Group Productivity •User’s secure individual workspace or dashboard •Highly personalizable with social feeds, email, tasks, tags, recent documents etc. •Users create pages, add content and customize views using Oracle Composer Personal Spaces •Secure team sites and community collaboration •Role-based views and access to information •Completely customizable •Easily embed ad hoc activities in a business process or application •Users can share and reuse Group Spaces as templates Group Spaces •Role-based communication with user communities •Pre-built templates simplify linking pages and content to a specific enterprise role •All users in a given role are easily kept up-to-date with relevant information •Integrated with user’s Personal Space Business Role Pages
  26. 26. WebCenter Spaces Services Empowering End-Users Profile Users can update their own profile attributes Favorites Built-in bookmarking for any item Manage Teams Group Space owner defines privileges for each invited member Teams for each invited member Lists Users can easily publish and share information Advanced filtering of data views Notes Enables users to link Spaces content with personal, meaningful annotations for enhanced context
  27. 27. WebCenter Spaces Security Administration • Role and user-based security • 3 default roles • Administrator • Spaces-User • Public-User • Define role permissions • Create Group Space • Create Pages, etc. • Also create custom roles with custom permissions
  28. 28. Oracle WebCenter Suite Portals and User Interaction Solution • Improve productivity with a unified workspace that combines access to content, applications, processes and social networks. • Increase efficiency with an enhanced user experience forenhanced user experience for relevant information, transactions, and customer support across multiple channels • Reduce IT costs with a composite framework that enables lower integration costs and greater reuse for developers building and deploying applications