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HotelRevPro - Performance Marketing For Independent Hotels


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HotelRevPro is a marketing solution that boosts revenue growth & maximises room occupancy rates. Based on a CPA (Cost Per Action) model, hotels only pay for the results, i.e a paying guest.

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HotelRevPro - Performance Marketing For Independent Hotels

  1. 1. Results Matter. Performance-driven hotel marketing solution that drives direct revenue & boosts hotel occupancy rates.
  2. 2. ™ It is a risk-free, commission-based advertising solution for independent hotels with a minimum of 30 rooms. Using data from thousands of sources and advanced targeting options, we are able to reach in-market travelers and drive them to book directly on a hotel’s website. A hotel only pays a low commission for the actual guests acquired through HotelRevPro™. HotelRevPro is a very effective and cost-efficient performance marketing solution that uses a CPA (Cost Per Action) pricing model. This means that hotels only pay for results! Our aim is to maximize occupancy rate.
  3. 3. ™ Data about in-market prospective guests Advanced Targeting across multiple channels & devices Prospective guest is directed to hotel website where they making a booking Hotel only pays commission once guest pays them.
  4. 4. ™ Channel Commission Payable Direct Payment To Hotel Guest Email Address Pre & Post Stay Engagement Attribution Brand Value Social Engagement HotelRevPro™ 10% OTAs 15-25%  Guest email addresses: Hotels should retain their guests’ emails as this enables them to own conversations with their customers. Emails enable hotels to create custom audiences as a targeting option in social media marketing campaigns. The same emails can be use to boost loyalty campaigns.  Through our attribution technology, hotels will know which channels bring more guests and allocate high budgets and time to them.  Brand value and awareness is increased as guests book directly on a hotel’s website.  Social engagement is very important given the rising influence of social networks on booking decisions. Guests should interact with a hotel’s social media pages instead of OTAs.
  5. 5. ™ Real time & advanced reporting You can view reports in real time or on demand. Our solution is based on transparency. More revenue for you Our solution focuses on lowering guest acquisition costs and optimizing a hotel’s channel mix. This leads to an increase in direct revenue. Conversions We have an in-house team of skilled and experienced campaign managers who optimize campaigns for high conversions. Our value promise is improved occupancy rates for our clients. Minimal/ No risk marketing solution With HotelRevPro, hotels do not worry about ad budgets and ROI! We take care of our client’s headaches and free them to concentrate on what they do best, giving their guests a delightful experience! CPA Model Most agencies are afraid to guarantee results but we do. Our clients only pay a commission for the guests that we direct to their site and they make a booking. This makes HotelRevPro a very cost- efficient marketing solution for independent hotels. Brand Awareness We leverage our massive inventory of in-market travelers to boost brand visibility at all decision- making points on the digital hotel shopping journey.
  6. 6. Contact Us Adclick Africa Email: Tel: +27 11 704 2641 Do you want to know how we can help your hotel increase direct bookings and revenue? The feel free to contact us.