Using Video for Business


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Video is a great content marketing tool for businesses of all sizes

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Using Video for Business

  1. 1. Using Video For Business Presented with the help of Greg Marsh, SLM Multimedia
  2. 2. WHY VIDEO? First, let’s take a step back and look at the big picture
  4. 4. … IS BROKEN
  5. 5. IT HAS BEEN REPLACED BY INBOUND MARKETING SEO & PPC Public Relations Blogging Opt-In Email Lists Earned Social Media Video Content
  6. 6. INBOUND MARKETING • Earning attention organically • Responsible for 90%+ of clicks on the web • Lower average cost to acquire a new customer • Powered by creativity, talent and effort • Generates momentum, making future efforts easier Rand Fiskin, Moz CEO
  7. 7. WHY VIDEO?
  8. 8. WHY VIDEO?
  9. 9. WHY VIDEO? • Roughly 8.5 in every 10 online users can be reach through online video marketing • And growing each year • 84.5% of US Internet users watched online videos in May 2012 (Source: comScore Video Metrix)
  10. 10. VIDEO CARRIES ENGAGING CONTENT • Value added content • How To & Tutorials • Behind the Scenes • Inside Magna Carta Holy Grail with Jay-Z – Behind the scenes look at making a new album – 8.5M views in 3 days • Thought Leadership • Quick Tips • Interviews • Keeps customers coming back for more
  11. 11. VIDEO IS EASY TO DIGEST • Easier for most people to retain information from a video rather than reading it online • More compelling than a webpage • Viewers see personality and passion • 46% of people say that seeing a product of service mentioned in an online video would encourage them to seek out more information Brainshark
  12. 12. VIDEO GOES EVERYWHERE • Videos are embeddable and modular • The ability to embed videos gives extra shelf life to the content • Great for SEO! • Those Google crawlers love new content • Pro Tip: Include transcript whenever possible
  13. 13. VIDEO IS SHARABLE • A shared video can spread like wildfire • Viral videos give brands millions of impressions • K-Mart – ‘Ship My Pants’ – 18M views in 2 months; extensive media coverage and social media buzz • Maximize reach through social media
  14. 14. VIDEO COMPLIMENTS EMAIL • Videos boosts email marketing • Marketers using video in email were generating 40% higher monthly revenue than those who did not • Less tangible benefits include increased click-through-rates, increased time spent reading the email, increased sharing and forwarding of the email message Relevancy Group Survey, 6/19/2013
  15. 15. CHARITY:WATER’S VIDEO EMAIL CAMPAIGN • Needed to raise $1.7M for efforts in Rwanda • Problem: Wanted to increase the amount of emails but did not want burn their supporters out • What to do?
  16. 16. CHARITY:WATER’S VIDEO EMAIL CAMPAIGN • Solution: Use video to inspire and educate instead of just asking for donations • They had to tell a story! • Simple CTA: Watch the Video • After watching the video, viewers were given the option to click over to a landing page, filled with stories • “This is who your money helps”
  17. 17. CHARITY:WATER’S VIDEO EMAIL CAMPAIGN • Results: • 21% increase in open rates • People wanted to learn about the situation • 50-58% increase in fundraisers who took part in raising donations • Emotional connection was established via videos • Overall: Raised $2M • $300k over their goal
  18. 18. encourage conversation 410-667-1723