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Search engine


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presentation on search engine

Published in: Engineering
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Search engine

  1. 1.  SEARCH- ENGINE
  2. 2. Contents  Basics of Search Engine  What is Search Engine ?  Types of Search Engine  Advantages  Disadvantages  Limitations of Search Engine
  3. 3. Basics of Search Engine 1. Store millions of pages in their data base. 2. Sites are included automatically based on a set criteria no human interface. 3. Search features / scope vary greatly from one to another . 4. Good for beginners and experts . 5. Good for searching on a narrow topic. 6. Search for particular types of documents ,files etc. is possible.
  4. 4. What is Search Engine ?  The father of search engine is Jonathon Fletcher.  Search is a tool ,which helps in retrieving in information from the internet .  It indexes the web and accordingly builds its database.  Each search engine has its own set rules to index websites.
  5. 5. Types of Search Engine  Crawler based search engines  Directories  Hybrid search engines  Meta search engines
  6. 6. Crawler based search engines  Are search engines that use software programs that are called “spiders”, “crawlers”, “Robots”, “bots”. These programs can access the webpages to categorize and analyse them and then add them in the search engine data base , where any user can find them when searching. The crawler based search engines are constantly updated with new webpage that would be available in their database.  Examples: 1. Google 2. Yahoo 3.
  7. 7. Directories  Are websites sectioned in specific categories by human editors and are then place in the “Directories” , database.  Examples: 1. Yahoo Directory ( 2. Open Directory (
  8. 8. Hybrid search engines  Are search engines that use both crawler based searches and directory searches to obtain their results.  Examples: 1. 2.
  9. 9. Meta search engines  Are the search engines that combine all the result from other search engines into one big list.  Examples: 1. Metacrawler 2. Dogpile
  10. 10. Advantages of Search Engines  Enable to quick search to vast amount of information from one search box.  Search on a specific type or piece of information is possible.  Different types of search engines enable to look for specific types of Documents.
  11. 11. Disadvantages of search engines  Creates information overload  Semantic search is not possible  Privacy and security is of concern  Makes everyone to dependent
  12. 12. Limitations of Search Engines  Can not index the entire web. Most of the search engines can index only between 40% and 60%of the web.  Can not index sites governed by password and developed using frames.
  13. 13. CONCLUSION
  14. 14. Thank you