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Adaptec Hybrid RAID


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Hybrid RAID arrays of Solid State Drive (SSD) and Hard Disk Drive (HDD) offer tremendous performance gains over standard HDD RAID arrays by performing read operations from the faster SSD and write operations on both the SSD and HDD. The result is a higher number of read operations per second with no degradation of write I/O performance, and complete transparency to the operating system and all running applications.

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Adaptec Hybrid RAID

  1. 1. ADAPTEC HYBRID RAID SOLUTIONSMaximum Performance and Reliability
  2. 2. THE DATA CENTER CHALLENGEAs applications become more robust and user demand for speedgrows, data centers battle to increase infrastructure performance  Growth in the number of end-users compounds the problem by cause longer response times and increasing latency  According to Equation Research1 : –  78% of site visitors have gone to a competitor’s site due to poor performance during peak times –  88% are less likely to return to a site after a poor user experience –  47% left with a less positive perception of the company 1 “When more Website visitors hurt your business: Are you ready for peak traffic?,” Equation Research 2010 READ MORE! Go to 2 Follow us on twitter @Adaptec_by_PMC
  3. 3. POTENTIAL SOLUTIONS  Add very fast hard disk drives (HDDs) — for example 15,000 RPM Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) drives  “Short stroke” the HDDs (use only the outermost tracks on the disks where the performance is best)  Add new servers, even if the existing servers have the storage capacity for more usersThese solutions, however, increasepower, cooling, and maintenance,costs and physical spacerequirements.Solid State Drives (SSDs) alleviatemany of these problems. READ MORE! Go to 3 Follow us on twitter @Adaptec_by_PMC
  4. 4. SOLID STATE DRIVES (SSDS):PERFORMANCE IN A FLASHSSD Advantages vs. HDD SSD Disadvantages vs. HDD  Higher read bandwidth   Limited capacity  Higher IOPS   Lower streaming write bandwidth  Better mechanical reliability   Each destination data block must be erased before new data can be  Higher resistance to shock and written, causing uneven surface vibrations wear and premature drive failure   Much more expensive than HDDs, especially when measured using the traditional “cost per GB of capacity” metric READ MORE! Go to 4 Follow us on twitter @Adaptec_by_PMC
  5. 5. HYBRID RAIDHybrid RAID is a redundant storage solution that combines highcapacity, low-cost SATA or higher-performance SAS HDDs with lowlatency, high IOPS SSDs and an SSD-aware RAID adapter card. READ MORE! Go to 5 Follow us on twitter @Adaptec_by_PMC
  6. 6. HYBRID RAID BENEFITS  It is usually impractical to replace every HDD with an SSD  Hybrid RAID is extremely cost efficient, especially when measured in terms of the “cost per I/O operation” or the more Green-oriented “power consumption per I/O operation”  Hybrid RAID offers tremendous performance gains over standard HDD-only RAID arrays READ MORE! Go to 6 Follow us on twitter @Adaptec_by_PMC
  7. 7. BUILDING A HYBRID SOLUTIONHardware Applications  Any capacity SSDs and HDDs   Pairing Hybrid RAID with can be used in equal numbers applications is more difficult since most software was not created to  If different-sized drives are used, be aware of the possibility of the drive segment size is the size having two types of storage with of the smaller disk drive such different characteristics   A RAID 1 created with one 128GB SSD and one 2TB HDD will make a   In order to take full advantage of a 128GB logical device Hybrid RAID setup, an SSD- aware RAID adapter with   A RAID 10 created with two 128GB intelligent storage processing SSDs and two 2TB HDDs will make must be deployed a 256GB logical device   The remaining HDD capacity can be used for storage 7
  9. 9. LARGE-CAPACITY SERVERS, TRADITIONALHDD-ONLY METHOD  Scenario:   Customer wants to maximize the use of space in an 8-bay server while still gaining a fast-booting server   Customer wants to keep OS away from data (OS in mirror and data in RAID 5 for maximum capacity)  Disadvantages:   Two bays in the server are wasted on the OS boot drives; capacity is limited to six drives in RAID 5   Server is booting from standard HHD in mirror, which is not a particularly fast form of RAID READ MORE! Go to 9 Follow us on twitter @Adaptec_by_PMC
  10. 10. LARGE-CAPACITY SERVERS, HYBRID RAIDSOLUTION  Advantages   Total server capacity is six times the usable capacity of each drive in a RAID 5   The server boots from the faster SSD   Unused disk space on each disk can be utilized in another array if required   A 500GB RAID 5 disk could be created across the six unused disk segments READ MORE! Go to 10 Follow us on twitter @Adaptec_by_PMC
  11. 11. WORKSTATION, HYBRID RAID SOLUTION  Scenario:   User wants a fast-booting, fast application-loading system without needing to rebuild the workstation if a drive fails  Hybrid solution advantages:   All reads are directed from the SSD   Write speed is the same as a standard workstation but, due to the cache on the adapter card, is faster than a standard HDD Note: It is not recommended to use the unused 200GB capacity on the 500GB   When a failed drive is replaced, the HDD due to the fact that this data is not array will rebuild onto the redundant, and failure of the HDD replacement drive with no data loss would result in data loss. READ MORE! Go to 11 Follow us on twitter @Adaptec_by_PMC
  12. 12. SMALL BUSINESS, HYBRID RAID SOLUTIONREAD MORE!For specific data on SmallBusiness solutions, go the Hybrid RAIDSolutions White Paper 12
  14. 14. ADAPTEC HYBRID RAID  Hybrid RAID can be leveraged simply by installing updated firmware onto any Adaptec Series 7, Series 6, or Series Q SAS/ SATA RAID adapter ASR-72405 24-Port  The adapter automatically creates ASR-71605 16-Port a Hybrid RAID array whenever one or more SSDs are combined with the same number of HDDs in a RAID 1 or RAID 10 array  The Hybrid RAID is completely transparent to the operating system and all running Adaptec RAID 6805 – 8 internal ports Adaptec RAID 6445 – 8 ports (4 int / 4 ext) applications Adaptec RAID 6405 – 4 internal ports READ MORE! Go to Follow us on twitter @Adaptec_by_PMC 14
  15. 15. ADAPTEC HYBRID RAID VS. COMPETITION  Adaptec RAID adapters deliver maximum Hybrid array performance by writing to both HDD and SSD, and reading from SSD 100% of the time (Top Figure)  By contrast, other adapters write and read from HDD and SSD (Bottom Figure). Since server I/O of an SSD can be up to 100 times faster than HDD, competitive Hybrid RAID solutions typically deliver lower I/O performance READ MORE! Go to Follow us on twitter @Adaptec_by_PMC 15
  16. 16. ADAPTEC HYBRID RAID PERFORMANCE  Adaptec Hybrid RAID arrays deliver a higher number of read operations per second than standard HDD arrays with no degradation of write I/O performance READ MORE! Go to Follow us on twitter @Adaptec_by_PMC 16
  17. 17. ADAPTEC HYBRID RAID PERFORMANCE  Some applications even see a slight performance benefit from Adaptec Hybrid RAID and are faster on a Hybrid RAID 1 than on a single SSD.  As such, Adaptec Hybrid RAID offers better performance and lower cost/GB, and lower cost and power consumption per I/O than competing Hybrid RAID solutions. READ MORE! Go to Follow us on twitter @Adaptec_by_PMC 17
  18. 18. INTEROPERABILITY AND COMPATIBILITYWORKING WITH OUR PARTNERS  Adaptec by PMC engages with over 25 ecosystem partners   Tested with over 300 disk drives, systems, entry-level storage devices, and other devices   Ongoing effort – will test new devices when available  Seamless integration into any server design   Less hassle for system integrators READ MORE! Go to Follow us on twitter @Adaptec_by_PMC 18
  19. 19. CONCLUSION  Hybrid RAID arrays of SSDs and HDDs offer significantly better performance than standard HDD RAID arrays at a lower cost than SSD-only arrays  Adaptec Series 7, Series 6, and Series Q RAID adapters can create a seamless Hybrid RAID array whenever one or more SSDs are combined with the same number of HDDs in a RAID 1 or RAID 10 array  Adaptec Hybrid RAID delivers maximum system performance by reading only from the SSD READ MORE! Go to Follow us on twitter @Adaptec_by_PMC 19