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CanUX16 - Blurred Lines - Considering Physicality in Digital Design

Long gone are the days when digital design meant creating apps for someone sitting upright, 18-24 inches away from a screen. Our phones are our computers. We wear our notification systems. We move through a world that plots our position and responds in different ways depending on whether we’re in a restaurant, at a bus stop, near a retailer or at home.

Join Adam as he talks about conceptualizing applications that not only take-in a screen presence but must extend to the unique ways we use technologies and the physical environments that go beyond the screen.

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CanUX16 - Blurred Lines - Considering Physicality in Digital Design

  1. 1. 30 MB!
  2. 2. Blurred Lines Considering Physicality in Digital Product Design Adam Polansky @AdamtheIA
  3. 3. We need… Why? @AdamtheIA #evolveUX
  4. 4. What problem are you solving? …and for whom? @AdamtheIA #evolveUX What will be the outcome?
  5. 5. A solution without a context is an abstraction @AdamtheIA #evolveUX
  6. 6. Begin by looking at the world where the problems live @AdamtheIA #evolveUX
  7. 7. What to look at What are people doing? Where are they doing it? Why are they doing it? How do they feel about it? THIS is where you find opportunities How are they doing it?? @AdamtheIA #evolveUX
  8. 8. Expectations Screen screen form screen screen screen screen… Fluid interaction, Anticipation, Simplicity, Ease, Success, Access The best experiences align with what you desire in your world. @AdamtheIA #evolveUX
  9. 9. Do the Research Contextual Inquiry Field Observation Usability Testing Analytics @AdamtheIA #evolveUX
  10. 10. What can be made simpler and more convenient and F***ing Magical? What to look for @AdamtheIA #evolveUX
  11. 11. Quality needs protection. It can’t speak for itself on a spreadsheet tomorrow. @AdamtheIA #evolveUX
  12. 12. Understanding Physicality makes worth Time & Cost Or else it’s out on the curb @AdamtheIA #evolveUX You get 1
  13. 13. Quality is easy to defer and nearly impossible to recover @AdamtheIA #evolveUX
  14. 14. Have an experience Expectations @AdamtheIA #evolveUX
  15. 15. The DMI Design Value Index ©, 2014
  16. 16. Z Space X Y @AdamtheIA #evolveUX
  17. 17. Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2015: © Gartner, Inc. 2015
  18. 18. “To Design is to devise courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones” -Herbert Simon @AdamtheIA #evolveUX The Science Of Design Creating The Artificial, Vol4. No.1/2 Deigning for the Immaterial Society (1988) pp. 67-82
  19. 19. Look at the world for real problems in need of real solutions Expectations already exist. Exceed them! Commit to the value of Quality @AdamtheIA #evolveUX
  20. 20. Thank You Adam Polansky @AdamtheIA