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Magazine analysis


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Magazine analysis

  1. 1. Empire magazine<br />The typography of the title is bold and red this is so it stands out, as it is an important feature of the magazine so people remember the name of it. However the main image is in front of part the name this is because it is well known people will recognize the name so it has done to make the main image stand while keeping the size of the font big. At the top we get white text so it looks separate from the title and is easy to read this line links with the main story, it tries to get viewers to read if they like the dark knight film. The main feature is a similar colour to the title but is in the centre of the magazine and is in front of the main image and draws the most attention to. This is a name of a film and tries to get people to read about this as it is a film magazine. We get white text at top and bottom of the title this tries to get people to read on. At white writing at the top of “inception” is a person name that some of the audience may recognize and want to read on. The white text at the bottom of “inception” is an opinion from someone to try and get you to read on and buy the magazine. The main image is a man standing with a gun from the film linking with the main feature of the magazine. The main image is and actor from the film which makes the magazine cover look more interesting using image rather then mainly text which makes readers want to read on. We also get a puff which also tries to get you to buy the magazine because you could have a “dream access” to this movie. It is made like a puff to make it look interesting and is like a sticker on the magazine. We get text around the sides of the main image, with slanted effect, this makes the image stand out more and looks interesting. These texts are secondary features which shows us other films which may grab our attention to read this magazine. In the bottom left corner is another feature in a different font giving the audience another reason to buy this magazine. The red box makes it stand out more and look better also done in a different font making it look separate from the other text. The Background relates to the main feature and is similar to the actual posters of the film so people may recognize it from film posters that have been seen. This makes it look more interesting then just a plane background and makes it look unusual.<br />
  2. 2. Film magazine<br />This magazine is similar to the first magazine using a main image in the middle and the name of magazine behind the main image (as it is well known sot the audience know what it says and recognises it) with secondary features down each side of the magazine. We get the typography of the name of magazine big bold and uses capitals in white colour with a black outline to make it stand out more. We get total cut out of the “F” making it look good and it fits onto the magazine being part of the title. At the top we get red capital showing us a special feature to try and get us to read this magazine. It is in red to keep it separate from the name of magazine and links with main feature title giving us a feature about it. In small text by the “m” of “FILM” is the price of the magazine. It is kept small so people don’t notice it and wont be put off on buying the magazine from the price tag. The main image is of two people looking towards of and one with a gun linking with an interesting image of the film making us feel involved and want to read about this film. The background links into the main image as they are part of it unlike the first magazine where they was separate from each other. The secondary features are in white text with bold writing and not bold writing making parts of the text stand then the other parts that they want the audience to look at first when reading the text. These features are other features that may get people to want to read this magazine. At the bottom of the magazine we get the title of the film that links with the main image it red and bold and stands out the most from all of the text. This is the main part of the magazine that is going to get viewers to read this magazine about the new film. We get “world exclusive” on top of the text giving us a reason to read this magazine and at the bottom saying how good this film is which makes us want to read about it. The robot overlaps the text slightly this is so all of the main image can be seen of the men and so the title name doesn’t cover it up and is purposely placed looking straight at the audience<br />
  3. 3. Empire magazine<br />This is the same company as the first magazine but is in a different style. The name of the magazine is kept same font and size, so people recognize the name when they see it. The colours used for the name goes with the theme of blue, black and white. An outer glow with a slight different shade of blue is used to make the text stand out from the black background as it is the same colour and makes it stand out. this stands out most in the magazine and uses biggest text size. At the top is blue writing that says “2 covers to collect” it gives you an incentive to buy this magazine and the next magazine to collect. The name of the film is put underneath the name of the magazine. This is in white as it stands out from the background and separates it from the background. This text links with the main image as it is the title of this film, so people will see this and may want to read about this film. Underneath the white typography is blue writing in a smaller font which also links with main image and title of film, this gives you more information about it and gives a reference to the film “serious”. To the left is more text in same colours used white and blue. “12-page special!” give the audience an incentive to buy this magazine. Blue rectangles have been put underneath the text that says “Clint makes out day” this is a secondary feature that there is a 12 page special to get the audience to buy this magazine also underneath this is blue text saying a similar thing. At the bottom we get a plus sign that overlaps in line the start of the text the plus sign makes it sound like a bonus which tries to get you to buy the magazine and the text are free different secondary features of films that will be in the magazine. The name of the film is in a bigger font to grab your attention rather then the blue text because this is the name of a film you might recognize and want to read about. The background is black which blends in with the image making it looks dark matching the genre of the film<br />