Car Dealerships in Annapolis MD


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Interested in learning more about Adams Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and our commitment to putting you first? Please, give us a call or swing by our showroom at 1799 West Street Annapolis, Maryland.

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Car Dealerships in Annapolis MD

  1. 1. AdamsChrysler Dodge Jeep RamOwner: Bobby Adams1797 West St.Annapolis, MD 21401(410) 263-2341http://adamsautomotive.com
  2. 2. Testimonials“I appreciate the integrity and pleasant service from Mario & Michael! They respectedmy time, kept their word and greeted me with a warmth that I didnt find at otherdealerships.”• Google User“Billy George and your service staff always diagnose my vehicle problems correctly toensure my Jeep is fixed. Billy is always courteous and ensures the customer is satisfied.He is an asset to your dealership.”• RobertN S., Judy’sBook User“Awesome experience from start to finish. Great vehicle at a great price. John Barbowas very helpful and professional. He kept me informed every step of the way.”• DontGet P., CitySearch User
  3. 3. How to Replace Parts for your Vehicle:• If a part on your vehicle demands replacingthere are three options for replacement:– First, you can find a factory OEM part by either goingthrough a dealer or contacting the manufacturerdirectly. Factory parts are built by the OEMmanufacturer to the exact same specifications as theexisting parts. New OEM components are generallythe most expensive option but often yield the bestfit, durability and over-all quality. If you own yourvehicle and are thinking of reselling, documentingrepairs using factory parts can increase the resalevalue of the vehicle.
  4. 4. How to Replace Parts for your Vehicle:• If a part on your vehicle demands replacingthere are three options for replacement:– Second, you can find a new aftermarket part from avariety of parts dealers online and at shops aroundthe country. Aftermarket parts are often exactreplicas of OEM parts but are built by companies notassociated with the primary auto manufacturer.While aftermarket pieces are less expensive thantheir OEM counterparts, they also may suffer interms of quality, fit and finish. Aftermarket parts aregreat to get a car back up to speed if the budget isan issue and fit/quality do not matter. However,some aftermarket companies produce pieces thatare of exceptional quality.
  5. 5. How to Replace Parts for your Vehicle:• If a part on your vehicle demands replacingthere are three options for replacement:– Third, you can find a used factory (or maybe evena used aftermarket) part at a salvage yard or froma private seller. Good used factory parts are agreat way to save money and get an OEMspecified piece at the same time. Obviously, usedparts are subject to wear and are highly variablein their quality and usability.
  6. 6. Locating Parts:• Many suppliers offer both OEM and aftermarketparts for a broad range of vehicles. Some specialtyparts may not be produced in the aftermarket ifdemand does not warrant investment. Tracking downthese obscure pieces may require consulting a partsspecialist. Some dealers have caches of unusedfactory parts, often called New Old Stock (NOS) orNew Old Replacement Stock (NORS). Thesecommand high prices especially when out ofproduction.
  7. 7. Add-on Accessories:• Like replacement parts, some add-on accessories arefactory authorized while others are produced in theaftermarket. Depending on the popularity of avehicle, a variety of special components exist tomodify it. Engine enhancements, body kits, interiorpieces, electronics, exhaust systems, wheels and tiresare among the many elements that contribute tocustomization.
  8. 8. About Adams Automotive:• Our New Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM Dealership,Serving Annapolis, Bowie, Glen Burnie, Arnold and Parole.
  9. 9. Car Dealerships in Annapolis MD• The first thing you should know about Adams Chrysler DodgeJeep Ram is that were dedicated to satisfying you. This is truefrom the moment we hand you the keys to your new Chrysler,Dodge, Jeep and RAM or used car to 150,000 miles (or more)down the road when you might finally decide to upgrade tosomething with fewer quirks.
  10. 10. About Adams Automotive:• To complement our stellar collection of products, each chosenfor its unique ability to match different peoples driving styles,lifestyles, wants and needs is an expansive certified Chrysler,Dodge, Jeep and RAM parts store, and state-of-the art carservice center dedicated to keeping your car young at heartuntil the day you decide to retire it.
  11. 11. About Adams Automotive:• And, of course, we wouldnt be complete without our savvy,in-house team of car loan and Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAMlease specialists. More than just being good with numbers,theyre good with people; which makes for a zero-stress autofinancing experience. We think youll agree, thats pretty hardto find.
  12. 12. About Adams Automotive:• Interested in learning more about Adams Chrysler Dodge JeepRam and our commitment to putting you first? Please, give usa call or swing by our showroom at 1799 West StreetAnnapolis, Maryland. Were happy to answer any questionsyou might have and hope to have the opportunity to meetyou soon.
  13. 13. Hours:• Monday : 9:00am-9:00pm• Tuesday : 9:00am-9:00pm• Wednesday : 9:00am-9:00pm• Thursday : 9:00am-9:00pm• Friday : 9:00am-9:00pm• Saturday : 9:00am-6:00pm• Sunday : Closed
  14. 14. AdamsChrysler Dodge Jeep Ram1799 West Street Annapolis, MD 21401Sales : (877) 540-6914Service: (888) 346-1962Parts : (888) 443-8145http://adamsautomotive.com