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Pitch deck zespołu Preply


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Pitch deck zespołu Preply, udostępniony na potrzeby artykułu pt. 5 pitch decków startupów. Dzięki nim te firmy pozyskały inwestycję.

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Pitch deck zespołu Preply

  1. 1. Global marketplace for tutoring
  2. 2. 78BN54BN 100BN 20152012 2018 The tutoring market is exploding by GSV Advisors
  3. 3. No dominant player outside of the US
  4. 4. Some companies are trying to tackle Europe We tested all of them and had disappointed results…
  5. 5. Salesperson …I had a salesperson contacting me, instead of the tutors I selected
  6. 6. $ $ Paid listings Some companies receive payments for rankings. It definitely didn’t help me to choose the right tutor
  7. 7. Bad visibility I had a very hard time finding others competitors due to ineffective online marketing
  8. 8. That’s why Preply will succeed
  9. 9. Unique perfomance-driven ranking algorithm helps to identify the best teachers and rank them first
  10. 10. Verified profiles of trusted teachers provide students with sufficient amount of information about each tutor
  11. 11. Easy communication between tutors and students without third party interaction
  12. 12. We attract the best tutors
  13. 13. Lesson management and payments
  14. 14. Scheduling and instant booking
  15. 15. Interactive dashboard
  16. 16. Tutors base growth We figured out how to scale our tutors base 13-Apr 13-Jun 13-Aug 13-O ct 13-D ec 14-Feb 14-Apr 14-Jun 14-Aug 14-O ct 14-D ec 15-Feb 15-M ay 15-Jul 15-Sep 15-N ov 16-Jan 16-M ar 16-M ay 16-Jul
  17. 17. Feb-14 Apr-14 Jun-14 Aug-14 O ct-14 D ec-14 Feb-15 Apr-15 Jun-15 Aug-15 O ct-15 D ec-15 Feb-16 Apr-16 Jun-16 Aug-16 Current Gross Merchandise Volume
  18. 18. 15000300004500060000 Jan-14 M ar-14 M ay-14 Jul-14 Sep-14 N ov-14 Jan-15 M ar-15 M ay-15 Jul-15 Sep-15 N ov-15 Jan-16 M ar-16 M ay-16 Jul-16 Current Net Revenue
  19. 19. 26% 4% 24% 21% 4% 6% 16% USA/UK/Canada DACH Poland Russia Ukraine Brazil Other GMV by country, %
  20. 20. Preply’s Subjects 12 more languages Hobbies School programs We are focusing on different groups of learners 201520142013 2016 2017 English language Web development
  21. 21. Senior Team Kirill Bigai CEO, Co-founder Serge Lukyanov CPO, Co-founder Dmytro Voloshyn CTO, Co-founder Konrad Lybinski Scaling Team Lead Bogdan Krevski CFO Elena Mayevskaya Human Resources Pavel Grischenko Marketing Team Lead Den Kaminski Paid Growth Ihor Bankovski Technical SEO Oleksandra Hrytsaienko Search Engine Marketer
  22. 22. The team is backed by awesome investors/mentors Arthur Kosten Marketplace investor, co-founder of Booking Piotr Kulesza Mariusz Gralewski Angel investor Founder of DocPlanner Powered by Founder and General Partner at RTA Ventures Jens Lapinski MD at Techstars Co-founder of aiHit Przemek Gacek Angel Investor Grupa Pracuj Semyon Dukach 75 Active Angel Investments
  23. 23. In preparation for Series A For continuos scaling and investing in the best performing markets
  24. 24. Get in touch Kirill Bigai, CEO