The law office of bart durham


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The law office of bart durham

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Significant Coverage In Nashville!  Screenvision has an 89% share of theatres (63% of screens) Screenvision theatresSource: 2010 PBBI MapInfo. SV Internal Theatre list as of 10.1.10. Shares based on Screenvision s theatre and screen counts as of Oct 10 and NCM andother vendors theatre/screen counts from the most current CAC report (Jul 10). 2
  3. 3. Screenvision Delivers The Ideal Audience for Nashville 42% 42% AGE Men Women 18–54 18–54 EDUCATION 29% Attended CollegeHOUSEHOLD INCOME 30% HHI $40,000+ INQUIRE 18% more likely to have ABOUT inquired about an attorney in the ATTORNEYS last 12 monthsSource: MRI Doublebase 2009 (Market-By-Market); DMA =Nashville. Moviegoers = Attended the movies once a month or more. Inquired = Referred to yellow pages internet/book in last 12months. 3
  4. 4. Moviegoers Are Your Ideal ProspectsMOVIEGOERS ARE…!  78% more likely to go swimming once a week!  58% more likely to have visited a theme park in the last 12 months!  49% more likely to go jet skiing once a month!  45% more likely to have traveled by railroad/train for domestic travel!  30% more likely to agree with the statement I like a lot of excitement in my life!  29% more likely to agree with the statement I m always looking for a new thrill!  29% more likely to have visited a plastic surgeon in the last 12 months!  25% more likely to have engaged in power boating in the last month!  25% more likely to buy a motorcycle in the next 12 months!  10% more likely to own an SUV…THAN THE AVERAGE U.S. ADULTTEXTING AND DRIVING!  81% of moviegoers have a valid driver s license and a working cell phone!  60% of moviegoers have used text messaging in the past 30 daysSource: MRI Doublebase Study 2010; Base of 18+. Moviegoers = Attended the movies once a month or more. More likely = Comparison to average U.S. adult. Inquired = Referred to yellowpages internet/book in last 12 months. Intend = Very/Somewhat likely. 4
  5. 5. Cinema And TV: A Winning Combination!  The Cinema Advertising Council Commissioned Integrated Media Measurement, Inc (IMMI) to measure the media behaviors of consumers and the relative impact of advertising in Cinema and on Television –  A combined television & cinema campaign more than doubled the conversion rate (ROI) as compared to television alone –  Cinema-Television combined buy provided double the lift; extended incremental reach; and ability to target traditional media ad avoiders 5
  6. 6. Adding Cinema Advertising To The Media Mix Increases Return Tune-in doubles when consumers see ads for the TV program both on TV and in Cinema 50% 25% TV Only TV and Cinema Only % Conversion of TV ProgramsSource: IMMI Research, 5/23/08 to 7/6/08, measurement of panelists content and ad exposure on behalf of the Cinema Advertising Council. 6
  7. 7. Screenvision Admissions Mirrors Broadcast And Cable TV Impressions Broadcast Prime Cable Set % of Impressions % of Impressions County Code % of Admissions A/B 71% 69% 68% C/D 29% 31% 32%Source: TV=Nielsen Company. Live ratings, Impressions (000) average from Q4 2008-Q3 2009. Screenvision=Screenvision Internal Data, September 2010. 7
  8. 8. When The TV Is Turned OffFriday-Sunday People Go To The Movies % Share of Weekly Audience30% Cinema25%20% Broadcast Prime15% Cable Prime10% 5% 0% Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday SundaySources: Nielsen Media Research & Nielsen Galaxy, Q4 2008 – Q3 2009. 8
  9. 9. A Few Of Our Attorney Customers 9