Social Media & Journalism - El Escorial 2010


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A talk delivered to students and journalists at the ServiMedia summer school in El Escorial, Spain July 2010.

I reveal how I owe much of my current work to social media from blogging to tweeting; and demonstrate how by writing highly targeted high value content I was able to increase my hits.

I discuss Charlie Beckett's ideas on Networked Journalism and 'the end of fortress journalism' and offer students practical tips on how to

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Social Media & Journalism - El Escorial 2010

  1. 1. The Media and Social st Media in the 21 century Adam Westbrook EuroForum July 2010
  2. 2. Freelance Multimedia Journalist Bauer Radio, Big Issue, VJ Movement, Current TV Director & founder studio .fu Lecturer in Journalism Kingston University, London Blogger and writer blog .fu, Duckrabbit,, European Journalism Centre, Author Next Generation Journalist, Newsgathering for Hyperlocal Journalists, 6x6 skills for Next Generation Journalists Trainer & consultant KM Group, Leeds Trinity & All Saints College, Guardian Media Academy
  3. 3. social media is not just a passing trend
  4. 4. 400 Million Users (2010) 26 million users (2010) 1.3 million users (2010) 133 million blogs (2009) Source: ClickyBank 2010
  5. 5. go online regularly every 35% month to update their social networking profle go online regularly every 25% month to manage a website or blog go online regularly every 48% month to update their social networking profle Source: GlobalWebIndex 2010
  6. 6. social media and me
  7. 7. I start writing valuable content about here
  8. 8. social media and my work today ●My personal blog & twitter profle have 2,500 followers and allows me to promote my ideas about the future of journalism and build my own brand as a journalist ●My storytelling blog is becoming a key way to push my business' unique position as expert storytellers to the non-proft market I blog occasionally for, the European Journalism Centre and ● Duckrabbit. ●I use Twitter to build my brand and add value to my readers – by sharing links ● I read hundreds of blogs to keep up with trends, ideas and research stories
  9. 9. does social media make money? My social media work has brought me work, stories, commissions, invitations, the chance to speak at great events like this.... ...but directly, it has never made me a penny (but then it's never cost me anything either)
  10. 10. social media has changed journalism
  11. 11. the end of fortress journalism
  12. 12. we are no longer talking at our audiences we are not even talking to our audiences
  13. 13. we are no longer talking at our audiences we are not even talking to our audiences we are talking with them
  14. 14. "The idea is to open the newspaper to the readers, to put them on the same level, and give the daily a more social feeling" Borja Echevarría, deputy editor of El País
  15. 15. 15,000 signed-up subscribers 100,000 readers a day
  16. 16. Make social media part of your armoury Use it as a way to fnd and share information as a story develops Appeal for eye witnesses to events Break news to your audience with Twitter & Facebook Appeal for photographs and video if you can't get there yourself With running stories use CoverItLive to create on going commentary Use Facebook to fnd case studies and source trends Be transparent about your newsgathering process Get readers to contribute to your coverage Get reporters on the scene to fle raw video with fip cams... Crowdsource data mining ...or record short audio commentaries Use Twitter to assess trends with audioboo
  17. 17. social media and you
  18. 18. Make blogging work for you
  19. 19. Make blogging work for you 01. add value – what can you write that really makes an impact? 02. write regularly – aim for 2 or 3 blog posts a week 03. aim to be a thought leader – be profound! 04. write “sneeze posts” 05. write lists 06. leave lots of comments
  20. 20. Make tweeting work for you
  21. 21. Make tweeting work for you 01. add value – what can you write that really makes an impact? 02. tweet links to great articles you've read 03. tweet profound things 04. re-tweet profound things from others 05. tweet a little bit of personality 06. think about when you tweet – when are your readers online & on Twitter?
  22. 22. .1 get blogging get tweeting get booing
  23. 23. .2 create and add value to your readers
  24. 24. .3 be prepared for me to be wrong
  25. 25. Adam Westbrook Twitter @AdamWestbrook