5 new ways to make it as a journalist


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"In difficulty lies opportunity"

I'm revealing ten new ways for journalists to do what they love and make money, in the face of the digital revolution and the economic downturn.

In this shortened presentation, delivered to journalism students at Kingston University, I briefly explain five of them.

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  • It doesn’t add up – and it won’t have fixed itself by the time you graduate
  • But guess what...
  • With change comes opportunity - you’re actually really lucky to be where you are right now. But you have to think about things differently – and change not just how you view journalism but how you view your career If you think laterally, confidently, creatively & entrepreneurially you can not only succeed in journalism but make lots of lovely money out of it too.
  • And part of today’s lecture is me testing these ideas out on you – so feedback would be awesome It’s a totally unique book – it combines journalism skills, with entrepreneurship and something called Life Design
  • 1 – the recession proved job security means nothing
  • ...and you can wait for the news industry to fix itself...but be prepared to wait for a long time...or you can get busy finding your own way ahead.
  • EXAMPLE Print journalist with an interest in science – rather than going for a full time job on a science desk or freelancing Write monthly column for Guardian’s science section Run a money making event group/online community for scientists Pitch documentaries to various outlets and travel the world to produce them Writing a book about popular science; and selling something – YOU HAVE A BRAND AS A SCIENCE EXPERT
  • Identifying these key building blocks gives you greater flexibility in designing your own future
  • 5 new ways to make it as a journalist

    1. 1. Lunchtime Lecture 5 new ways to make it as a journalist after you graduate Adam Westbrook February 2010
    2. 2. Journalism 2010 "The situation is dire. People are applying direct to local newspapers but there is a massive recruitment freeze. Papers aren't even taking on people to do shifts.“ Hannah Waldram, April 2009 Guardian Hundreds of journalists were sacked in 2009, with 34 UK papers and broadcasters closing... ...meanwhile the number of students graduating from journalism courses continues to rise
    3. 3. Journalism 2010 So here’s the crunch: The industry you’re about to step into is in an identity crisis. It doesn’t know what it is, or who it’s for, or how to make money
    4. 4. THIS IS A GOOD THING! “ In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity” Albert Einstein
    5. 5. My new book Out in Spring 2010 10 (at least) new ways to keep doing journalism when you graduate You don’t have to fight it out for newsroom jobs or struggle as a freelancer They are all new ways – some are untested!
    6. 6. The key concepts... 01. The 9-5 rat race is not the only way 02. “Doing the unrealistic thing is easier than the realistic” 03. Conventional Wisdom is your enemy (and your friend) 04. The power of the “do economy” 05. Cash versus Creativity 06. Entrepreneurship & Bootstrapping
    7. 7. What I’m not saying... “ The old ways of doing it are rubbish or impossible” (they’re not) “ The old ways of doing it are redundant” (they’re not) BUT: those jobs are thinner on the ground for the time being. ..
    8. 8. 5 new ways to make it as a journalist after you graduate
    9. 9. #1 Portfolio Career (freelancing 2.0) Getting income from more than one source at the same time, not always related...combining employment with self employment & entrepreneurship...using a website & social media to build your own brand.
    10. 10. #2 String Abroad Using your connections, contacts or even just an interest in a foreign country to work there and sell multimedia stories to various international outlets.
    11. 11. #3 Develop Mobile Apps Devise, develop, produce and sell news apps for smart-phone users...which make their lives easier.
    12. 12. #4 Start a Niche Website/Mag Use your journalism skills to launch your own independent magazine or website...which serves a well defined target audience...within a particular niche
    13. 13. #5 Start a news agency Creating a digital collaborative that provides specific content to larger news organisations...with expertise in a certain geographical, political, social field.
    14. 14. BONUS: Become an expert Use your journalism research & analysis skills to become an expert in a money-making field...then use the internet & social media to leverage your expertise
    15. 15. So...what do you do now? Ask yourself these questions – and really answer them truthfully: <ul><li>What do you love about journalism the most?
    16. 16. In your day to day work, what do you enjoy most? Boil it right down to specific activities.
    17. 17. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? </li></ul>
    18. 18. So...what do you do now? Tool up! <ul><li>Learn new skills and grasp new technologies right away
    19. 19. Start a blog, build a website, and “get” twitter
    20. 20. Use the university’s facilities while you can!
    21. 21. Explore, create, experiment – set challenges </li></ul>Having an NTJC isn’t enough any more. If you don’t have these skills, the competition will.
    22. 22. 5 more career paths, plus step-by-step guides to doing all of these new ways will be in my e-book – MAY 2010 Subscribe to my blog to get details & discounts ahead of release Got your own ideas? Think this is shit? Twitter @AdamWestbrook http://adamwestbrook.wordpress.com