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  1. 1. Helpingyougetfurther How did I do? The trouble with performance reviews, most HR professionals agree, is their formality and infrequency.It’swhypulsesurveys and informal conversations havebecomemorepopularthan the annual appraisal. And now comes Impraise, an app which allows you to receive instant, anonymous feedback in any situation.Ifyou’veheldameeting, givenapresentationorcompleted a project, send colleagues or subordinates a link and find out what they think. You can’t say you weren’t told… 50 Career path AdamStrong FounderofXclusive Corporate Fitness Stop eating unhealthily at work You need to treat your body likeasupercar.Putpoorquality fuel into it and you will get poorperformanceback.That’s particularlytruewhenitcomes to what you eat at work. Knowing what to avoid is the first step. Stay away from high glycemic index (GI) foodssuchasriceandpotatoes, which release sugars into the bloodstream quickly. Fried or fattyfoodsslowdowndigestion, so not only do they leave you lethargic,theyalsoincreaseyour bad cholesterol levels. Ifyoubringinyourlunch,be prepared. Cook a large batch of soup or chilli on a Sunday evening, so you can take it in throughout the week. You can also prepare snacks at home. I have one called beet brownies, where I mix dark chocolate and beetroot, then bake it in the oven. It has low GI and a huge amount of iron. But the best way to avoid unhealthysnacksistoeliminate them or substitute them for healthier alternatives, such as eating dark chocolate instead of a regular chocolate bar. To stay energised and avoid the 4pm slump, I advise my clients to drink water and eat proteinwitheverymeal:itkeeps you fuller for longer. And no energy drinks – they’re full of sugar, which will spike your blood sugar levels. Makeyourselfawareofwhat you’re eating. I get clients to keep a food diary, including writingdownhowtheyfeelafter eating a particular food. So if you notice you feel lethargic half an hour after eating, that’s your body saying it would prefer something else. Masterclass “Stay away from energy drinks – they spike blood sugar levels” SUPERSTOCK Reviews: Whytheoffice is stillruled bymen p53