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Is high blood pressure killing your team


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Hypertension is the biggest cause of premature death and most organisations have no lifestyle or corporate well-being program.

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Is high blood pressure killing your team

  1. 1. Is High Blood Pressure Killing Your Team? High blood pressure or hypertension as it is known is what is referred to as the silent killer. In the corporate world it is estimated that as much as 80% of executives and as much as 1 billion people suffer from high blood pressure worldwide. The shocking fact is 1 in 5 adults don't even know they have it placing them in a very high-risk category and it is also the biggest cause of premature death worldwide. So what is blood pressure? It’s simply the amount of pressure of the blood that pushes against the walls of the veins and arteries. Having high blood pressure can lead to coronary heart disease, kidney failure and the increase risk of a stroke. Research has suggested working in highly pressured work environments increase stress levels, which can lead to pre-hypertension then hypertension. There are two readings when measuring your blood pressure, Systolic (the maximum force that the blood flows from the heart whilst beating into the arteries) and diastolic (is the force as the heart relaxes, allowing blood to flow back into the heart). The reading should be no higher than 130 (systolic or top reading) /90 (diastolic or bottom reading). What are the causes? Some of the biggest causes which are most applicable to people in the corporate world is unhealthy behavior
  2. 2. habits this includes excess drinking, smoking and poor dietary habits such as a regular digestion of processed meats and salty foods. Excess salt in your diet from convenience foods processed meats and breads can all raise blood pressure. Drinking too much coffee throughout the day can directly affect blood sugar levels and interfere with hormone balance. Another big cause is a lack of physical activity, a real problem for executives that work long hours and don't integrate regular exercise as part of their routine. Hypertension is heavily linked to the lifestyles that you lead, which can all be controlled. What could be possible symptoms? There are a number of key symptoms to look out for including regular headaches, migraines, dizziness, high anxiety levels and poor sleep patterns. However experts believe that hypertension can also be genetic as in some cases someone who leads a very healthy lifestyle could also suffer from hypertension too. Solutions Responsibility has to be both an organizational interest but also individual responsibility. Some organisations have health days or screening either annually or six-monthly which prove to be very popular. If you have a concern the best advice is to get check out through your GP or medical practitioner who can advise. Integrating a corporate fitness program that integrates interval training can greatly reduce blood pressure. For example a simple circuit based exercise program with a variety of stations. Each exercise is varied for 45 seconds with 15 seconds recovery in between. I have written FREE E-book exclusivity for you! 'The 5 Ways To Maximize Fat Loss, Energy Levels And Motivation', some great tips for you and your team to help reduce the risks of hypertension. Just Click here Feel free to comment and share this blog, any feedback is greatly received or Follow this blog and look out for tomorrows article
  3. 3. Adam Strong is a Corporate Personal Trainer, Athlete and International Author of his groundbreaking new book called ‘Move It or Lose it’ available through Amazon, Waterstone’s and Barnes & Noble. His book is written for corporate executives that want to address their hectic lifestyles that often lead to burnout, unhealthy behavior habits and poor performance. His company Xclusive Corporate Fitness specializes in working with executives and companies in achieving peak performance in the corporate world. He has created a methodology that uses techniques in stress management, fitness, mindset and nutrition to enhance physical and mental well-being. ▪ Facebook ▪ Twitter ▪ Linkedin ▪ Google + • Pinterest