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How to look amazing over the Christmas period!


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Part 2 of a fantastic article of the do's and don't of what to eat over the festive period! Embrace these tips and you will stay trim!

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How to look amazing over the Christmas period!

  1. 1. How do I stay trim over Christmas? Well its just 2 ½ weeks to go before Christmas day, the work parties, the booze, the parties’ nibbles are free flowing. You can’t be surprised that most people gain weight over the festive period. Not to mention the mega-sized tin of chocolates that is catastrophic to anyone’s waistline, creamy pastry based foods and the mince pies. So this week I wanted to give you some more tips to help you stabilize the situation and reduce your temptation. 1. Snack on some protein snacks-: Protein snacks will satisfy your appetite leaving you fuller for longer. You can choose foods such as almonds, nutrition bar, younger and walnuts, slices of lean turkey slices and low fat Swiss cheese. Eat these types of foods before heading out. 2. Drink water in between-: When you do go out and you know it will properly involve drinking alcohol then alternate with drinking a pint of water in between. This will help reduce calorific intake but also reduce the effects of dehydration. 3. Make exercise part of your routine-: A classic example of this is Christmas shopping, you can stabilize your weight by integrating brisk walking into your shopping trip. One can burn between 350-450 Kcal in just an hour. 4. Find a friend-: These types of people may have the same challenges as you do over Christmas. Motivate each other and build in a routine of either physical exercise or healthy eating. 5. Self-discipline-: The key over Christmas is to stay in control of what you do and eat. Anyone can be lead to temptation and before you know it, you lose control of your eating and drinking habits. If you like my regular articles get in touch and connect with me via social media. I
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