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Rare Star Wars Action Figures


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Since the arrival of first Star Wars action figures wave of Kenner, there are some figure that have gone rare and now has very high sum of value.

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Rare Star Wars Action Figures

  1. 1. Rare Star Wars Action Figures
  2. 2. Kenner’s star Wars action Figures• A Year after the first Star Wars movie came out in 1978, the world of action figures was immersed with Star Wars toys and action figures. Their popularity increased sharply and the era of Star Wars action figures craze started. After first wave of Kenners 3 3/4 action figures came out, ever Star Wars fan boy became obsessed with completing the whole set.• At that time, even the Kenner itself might have been baffled with the popularity of Star Wars figures and would never had thought that they will dominate the market for so many years. Some original Kenner figures have even gone rare today. Collectors from all over the world are eager to add them in their collection.
  3. 3. Darth Vader Telescoping Lightsaber Came out in 1978
  4. 4. Darth Vader Telescoping Lightsaber, 1978• It came out with the early Early Bird set along with Obi Wan and Luke Skywalker. Like the other two, it also possessed a Telescoping Lightsaber accessory. It was a small stick made of plastic that could further extend to a thinner stick. However, this accessory had two problems. First, it was difficult to manufacture and second it was fragile. So, they changed it with single piece stick from the next wave. The first version came out in very small quantity because of which it is rare today.• Estimated market value is $6000.
  5. 5. Vinyl Cape Jawa Came out in 1978
  6. 6. Vinyl Cape Jawa, 1978• The first version of Jawa had a thin vinyl cape worn. But this cape was changed with a sewn cloth robe from the next wave. The Kenner might have thought that Jawa had a same price as others but was smaller in size which could be unfair to customers. So to make it fair they replaced the vinyl cape.• Its Estimated value is $2000.
  7. 7. Rocket Firing BobaFett Supposedly Came out in 1980
  8. 8. Rocket Firing BobaFett, 1980• It is a mysterious Star Wars action figure because there is doubt that it does not even exist. It is believed that original BobaFett figure had a missile accessory on its back that could be fired. However, Kenner was worried that this accessory can be dangerous so they fixed it permanently in the re-released version. What makes it more mysterious is that the Kenner had denied its existence, but some pieces have still spotted in auction market• Its estimated price is around $1000 to $2000.
  9. 9. Blue Snaggletooth Came out in 1978
  10. 10. Blue Snaggletooth, 1978• Original Blue Snaggletooth figure was release in 1978. Some believe that when Kenner was designing this figure they had no reference for it except a black and white image of its head. The body of this figure was based on another character’s body that was 3 feet tall. However, its production was dropped soon. This action figure could be the rarest Star Wars figure today.• Its Estimated market value is $400.
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