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How To Create 5-star Products By Betapoint


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After studying thousands of products Betapoint discovered a formula leading companies use to consistently create the worlds best products.

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How To Create 5-star Products By Betapoint

  1. 1. No COMPETITION Imagine if your brand had By:Betapoint
  2. 2. CUSTOMERS WANTED Your new product was the only one
  3. 3. We believe this is possible when you create truly great, 5-star products.
  4. 4. 5-Star Product? But what is a
  5. 5. Online Reviews? A jacket that gets perfect
  6. 6. World Record? A shoe that helps break a
  7. 7. Affordable Or the most backpack, ski, or bike on the market?
  8. 8. It can be any of these.
  9. 9. Surpass Expectations Because all great products
  10. 10. After studying thousands of products, we discovered a secret.
  11. 11. Consistently There is a formula to surpass expectations
  12. 12. Core Belief It starts with your brand’s
  13. 13. Examples 3 historically proven
  14. 14. Technical Make the most outdoor products - La Sportiva Since 1928
  15. 15. Safer Make the backcountry - MSR since 1969
  16. 16. Guarantee Offer a lifetime on all products – L.L.Bean since 1912
  17. 17. Next you need a unique insight.
  18. 18. Discovered? But how are unique insights Here are the 3 steps
  19. 19. WHERE & WHY Take time to understand people use your products 1
  20. 20. Highly Creative Build a network of field testers 2
  21. 21. Ideas & Feedback Make it easy for testers to share 3
  22. 22. A Little Crazy and always remember great ideas may seem
  23. 23. Finally you need the formula.
  24. 24. Surpassed Expectations Core Belief + Unique Insight =
  25. 25. Truly Great That’s how brands consistently create 5-star products
  26. 26. No Competition! …and remember 5-star products have
  27. 27. Bean Boot Like L.L.Bean’s in production since 1912
  28. 28. GURARDIAN purifier And MSR’s recipient of 13 industry awards
  29. 29. TC Pro And La Sportiva’s created to climb the worlds hardest big wall
  30. 30. Great Products We believe anyone can consistently create
  31. 31. Betapoint’s mission is to help companies create the world’s best products.
  32. 32. 5-star products See how Betapoint can help you create more