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Paul R Brown (Director Analysis)


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Paul R Brown (Director Analysis)

  1. 1. Music Video Director Paul R Brown
  2. 2. Basics about music video directors What is a music video director??? A Music video director is an inspired thinker, someone who creates something of beauty, conveying music in a unique way, a creative strategist. Who they work with: Music video directors work with hundreds of musicians, some of them I like, some of them I don’t. Even if I don’t like the music, I can always admit when they have created an incredible video. They capture the music perfectly with the visuals, and they work with a wide range of artists, from examples such as Slayer, Wednesday 13, Amy Lee, Machine Head, Gallows, Parkway Drive (a few bands I like) and many more, depending on the genre they work in. These bands are examples of who I will be inspired by.Slayer Parkway Drive Wednesday 13 Machine Head
  3. 3. Paul R Brown: In 1996 he founded Bau-da-Design Lab, which still currently operates out of Los-Angeles & New York. Brown is very well known for his work with some of the most famous rock n roll musicians/bands. He’s known very well for his album designs for bands such as Mötley Crüe, KoRN, Godsmack and more, he gained a particular notoriety in the music business with his work with Marilyn Manson. Examples of his album art Examples of his music videosHis career in music video direction was muchmore well known, he work with acts including Wednesday 13 – I walked with a ZombieSlipknot, Bullet For My Valentine, Billy Corgan Mötley Crüe – If I Die Tomorrow(The Smashing Pumpkins) Evanescence, Prince,Static-X, Mötley Crüe & more. A very continuousgenre style within his work as you can see fromthe artists. He has made videos of a very uniqueand influential style. I will be looking to makemy videos very similar to his, or at leastrepresenting the same genre of music. Static-X – Im the one Slipknot – Dead Memories
  4. 4. What do I like about Paul Brown???One of my favourite things about Paul R Brown is the way that he visually links his videos to the music he works with,so with rock/punk/alternative genre, he manages to completely represent the genre with all their work.They work with acts that are a lot of fun, they are energetic, and they all have a similar style. There is a key linkbetween his videos as to how he portrays the artists he works with. He uses a lot of staged performances, but also a lotof scenes within the videos, such as movie flashbacks etc. He also creates a strong narrative within many of his musicvideos, allowing audiences to be engaged and to follow along with the music.As mentioned he uses similar techniques throughout his videos, such as surreal effects, such as mirrored shots ofbands, rippled camera lens’s, Photoshop animation, cartoon moving shots & more. These effects and techniques arefrequently involved in his work, and the effects are simple awe inspiring.Below are some examples of screenshots from his videos. Slipknot – Dead Memories (Mirrored Shots) Static-X – Im the one (Rippled Camera Lens) Wednesday 13 – I walked with a Zombie (Photoshop Animation) Mötley Crüe – If I Die Tomorrow (Cartoon Moving Shots)
  5. 5. Mise-En-Scene When it comes to Paul Browns aspect of Mise-En-Scene, it’s a very crucial part of his music videos. As this is what helps him to show the style of music the band are, for example if it’s a horror styled band, he’ll set it in a graveyard setting, with knives, zombies, and dark clothing, this is a typical horror setting. If he’s setting a typical rock n roll styled band, he’ll shoot it in a sleazy bar with typical rock aspects, such as use of women, as mentioned by Paul Goodwin as using women as things rather then people. HE sets his videos up beautifully, I love his style and everything he does. However his videos wouldnt’t be anywhere near as effective if he didnt’t include such strong pieces of Mise-En-Scene. This is an aspect I will be featuring in my work, making the scene, genre and band style clear. One very clear aspect of Mise-En-Scene that Brown uses is the use of fire, this is used in a fair few of his videos. This is used to represent different meanings. In a percentage it is to represent hell and how strongly rock n roll links with hell and the devil, hence the use of fire. Fire/animation fire is used in a lot of his videos, 2 clear example are one of animation fire (Avenged Sevenfold – Almost Easy), and one with actual fire (Slipknot – Psychosocial). Example of real fire. Here is a simple shot a sectionExample of animation fire. from the movie that is shown during the video.An intertextual example of Paul Browns work within Mise-En-Scene would be hisintertextual references. The biggest example I could find was from Wednesday 13svideo “I walked with a zombie”. There are shots of the band playing throughoutthe whole video, making it a staged performance, however they are not on astage, they have all been cropped, and placed onto the front layer of anothervideo playing in the background. The video playing in the background is the Here is a shot of the bandvintage 1968 zombie horror film ‘Night Of The Living Dead’. This is a strong link playing, as you can see they have been cropped from awith both the lyrics, and the name of the song. This is a clear intertextual stage and layered in front ofreference, plus it also links strongly with the genre of the band. This was one of my the movie scenes.favourite videos. I have analysed from Browns work.
  6. 6. Filming/Cinematography The filming techniques used by Paul Brown are intended to engage the audience, focus on every little detail of what is going on, and in a high percentage of his videos, focus on the members. His techniques are designated to linking strongly with the bands style/genre. This gives fans a strong idea of the bands loves and passions, and favourite styles. His best examples of this are genuinely in Wednesday 13/Murderdolls videos, or also in Slipknot videos. In these videos he has clearly filmed them to reflect the bands genre/style. For example in the Murderdolls video ‘Dead In Hollywood’, he has filmed it within a hospital room, the singer singing through a drip the whole song, referring to the title ‘dead’. However also referring to the genre of the band ‘horror rock’, mainly as the video refers to death and horror. Linking strongly with the singer singing through a drip, this is a shot dedicated to focusing on the vocals. In another video by Sixx A.M ‘Accidents Can Happen’, ‘Dead In Hollywood’ video (singing he uses a similar shot of the singer with his microphone, again a mid shot, focused on the through the drip representing the ‘Accidents Can Happen’ video (singing vocals. However to represent the bands style he uses a traditional microphone, to dead and the horror aspect). through old styled mic representing represent the style and class of the band, suggesting they are sophisticated wearing suits sophistication and class). etc. This is a very strong piece of filming which conveys the styles of the bands clearly. Corey Taylor in the video ‘Snuff’, Another thing I have noticed about the filming of Browns videos, is the standing looking sketchy in front of a way he introduces videos. He does this in a vey unique style. For example car smoking. This is a long shot, when he introduces Slipknots ‘Snuff’, he uses a lot of long shots, to allow allowing the audience to survey his the audience to overview the scene, and see the character from a body language etc. He is waiting by the distance, and recognise there behaviour. This is to create tension for the looks of things, but what for. That is what Brown has built up tension for. song to start or for the intro. It does that well for ‘Snuff’, mainly due to the way the character is acting, as he is acting odd. However Brown sometimes doesn’t make his introductions to videos long, he makes them short and snappy. ‘Snuff was an example of a long winded intro, with many long Another long shot used to show what shots, mid shots, and tracking shots following him walking etc. With videos Corey Taylor is looking at across the such as ‘I walked with a zombie’ which I have referred to numerous times, street. This again is building up tension he uses words and a voiceover word by word introducing the genre, band, as the audience are curious as to what and the title of the song. The band then straight away play, this is a much he is gazing at in his suspicious way. more rapid start compared to ‘Snuff’, Showing he uses many styles with filming his introductions and his actual videos.Explaining the horror/content… How you cant imagine it… The name of the band… Title of the song/content…
  7. 7. Editing (special post production effects) What I like about Paul Browns editing, are a few very clear things. Such as the style of the editing itself. He uses many layering tools with his videos, as he plays bands on stage on top of videos, or different people on top of different backgrounds. This is all edited very smooth as well, as its all so well put together. Wednesday 13 - I Walked With A Zombie Examples of basic/skillful editing: Corey Taylor - X-M@$ Vince Neil – Tattoos&Tequila This video includes many different editing styles as I have mentioned in previous slides. These 2 shots represent 2 of the techniques. First you This gimmick video feature some strong editing have a layering tool, which I have used and uploaded to my blog before using Photoshop. techniques, not any that I would personally use This is the guitarist, with a spiral background, in my own video, but yet still shots of his work This video is shot in a basic yet beautiful way. that are influential and creative. He has shot The shots include many out of focus, to in focus with text over the top, stating his name. This is a the whole video properly with real objects/the technique I would like to adopt to my work. In angles. It also includes shots of the band and the last shot is a simple green screen style shot, singer, then using a filter, altered it all to a singer in b&w playing, with a contrasting girl in where the lead singer/guitarist is standing realistic cartoon style. This is very clever and colour waking around a swimming pool and clearly on a stage or studio floor, but has been keeps with the feel of the song. He has used clubs. She is in colour to represent a good thing, cut perfectly to be in a animation style grave this throughout the video, and edited it at a a positive beauty. The band and singer are I yard, with a strong 3-d effect. This editing is fast pace, this makes it even more effective, as dark b&w to represent there dark ways, and complex but very effective. Although this effect it brings some fun to the video. Again some is influential, I am not sure I would adopt it to basic techniques, but very effective and there rock n roll sleazy style. my work. influential.