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Cloud Based platform for club management.

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Clubdin - Product Deck

  1. 1. Built to serve clubdin
  2. 2.  Welcome We reduce the human effort needed to manage clubs and improve the member participation by providing all clubs an online portal.
  3. 3. The ProblemWe would like to solve Huge amount of human effort is required to run a club. Clubs don't have an effective way to increase participation amongst its members. Members are not effectively informed about club activities.
  4. 4. The SolutionThat we offer A web platform where club managers can Manage membership & renewals club members can pay their club subscriptions & bills Manage events and notifications club members can get notified about events from all clubs he joined Run club merchandise store club members can Buy club gadgets from the own club store Improve interaction between members club members can communicate with fellow club members
  5. 5. There are currently no platforms available in India which enables club panel to manage a club at the convenience of their palm. Why Now?Is it the right time?
  6. 6. There are about 20000+ registered clubs in India 50% of these clubs have their own websites Market ValidationThe potential addressable market 20% of clubs are these active Calculation is based on Assumption that there are about 10-15 clubs in one city. Total number of cities in india 1609 . Average number of clubs will be 1609*15.
  7. 7. Business ModelHow we are going to make money? 20% clubs need an online solution 20% of 20000=4000 x x200 $2 = Per user/Per year $1.6M Market share Avg members in a club
  8. 8.    1 2 3 Club Manager Signs Up Creates Club Portal Club Members Join How does it works?  It's Done! Product WorkflowHow it actually works?
  9. 9. Product FeaturesWhat we provide? MEMBERSHIP EVENT FUND RAISING & BILLS COMMUNICATIONS Easily set up events, send reminders to attendees, track sponsorship revenue and run reports. Automated invoicing, seamless integrations and member self-service saves you time while keeping members happy and engaged. communicate valuable and timely information to members and prospects. Buy and sell club goodies in the club store. MERCHANDISE TIMELINE Showcase all your club activities through the portal. Let the world know your club in better way. Get more than just a database for managing your members – get real time data, tools for engaging members and the reporting you need to make better decisions faster. VENUE BOOKING Club members can book venues owned by clubs and they can pay the amount through the portal.
  10. 10. CompetitorsHow good are they? Affordable Features User friendly Design Cloud based Wildapricot Weblink connect clubdin
  11. 11. Our TeamWho is who? ELDHO KURIEN Engineering,Finance ANANTHA KRISHNAN Engineering,Design ADAM SHAMSUDEEN CEO JISS RAPHEL Product,Engineering JIBIN K MATHEW Marketing, Operations