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Perfect dashboard pitch deck


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Perfect dashboard pitch deck

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Perfect dashboard pitch deck

  1. 1. Perfect Dashboard A Marketplace Connecting SaaS Products with The Long-Tail of Small Business Owners Perfect Dashboard
  2. 2. Perfect DashboardThe Problem Small businesses struggle to grow because they lack resources to find the right technology which will empower their business. SaaS companies spend millions of dollars on sales and marketing, but reaching most of the long tail of small businesses is too expensive.
  3. 3. Perfect Dashboard Matching SaaS Products with Small Businesses Recommending the Right Products Being in a Position of Trust Helping with Deployment The Solution
  4. 4. Perfect Dashboard Our Channel: Hosting Companies Plenty of Data About their Customers Trust & Longstanding Relationship Ease of Deployment Go To Market
  5. 5. Perfect Dashboard 02 Creating Tailored Campaigns with Personalised Emails 01 Segmenting SMBs Using AI Algorithm to Match them with the Right Products What we do 03 Deploying the Products Automatically Using the Access Granted by the Hosting Companies
  6. 6. Perfect Dashboard Hyper-targeting AI-powered segmentation tool which creates Customer Profile based on: ● Data from a hosting company ● Data from SMB website ● Buying patterns Secret Sauce
  7. 7. Perfect Dashboard Recurring Revenue Share Business Model 20% Perfect Dashboard 60% SaaS Company 20% Hosting Company
  8. 8. Perfect DashboardTraction 500k Small Businesses $200k ARR Gross Merchandise Value 10% Adoption Rate 2x Higher Open Rates $6000 MRR with the first Hosting Partner in 6 months through 15 Hosting Partners with another Hosting Partner in first 30 days in comparison to the market average although most GMV generated during free pilots
  9. 9. Perfect Dashboard In 24 months 30 5M $1.8B Now 3 500k $18M # Products # SMBs SAM June 2018 1 100k $1.2M In 12 months 10 1.5M $180M Market Size Market size is a function of number of products and number of Small Businesses we can sell to. 2 years we will create a marketplace of almost $2B value.
  10. 10. Perfect Dashboard Alex Kuczek CEO Colin Dowling CRO Peter Moćko CTO Alex Gorczyca CFO Team Supported by the Advisory Board lead by Luke Kowalski, Oracle VP
  11. 11. Perfect Dashboard 1.5M Small Businesses Raising $2M* $2M+ ARR *35% already raised 10 Products 12-month targets: The Ask
  12. 12. Perfect Dashboard The Market Is Real The Solution Is Proven The Team Is Tested Come and Join Us!