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Rapise Overview Presentation


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Provides a high level overview of how Rapise can help you test your software application, a list of the key benefits and features as well as description of the typical process you should use when using Rapise for the first time.

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Rapise Overview Presentation

  1. 1. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation Rapise® - The Ultimate IDE for Testers Rapid and Flexible Test Automation for Web, Mobile, Desktop and API Applications
  2. 2. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 2 - Agenda  Test Automation Overview  Rapise® Overview  Feature Walkthrough  Record & Playback  Robust Automation  Flexibility & Extensibility  Platforms Supported  Desktop  Mobile  Web  Feature List
  3. 3. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 3 - Test Automation Overview  Automated test scripts are a valuable way to perform regression testing on applications to ensure that new features or bug fixes don’t break existing functionality.  They typically supplement manual testing and exploratory testing which is more efficient at the testing of new features and capabilities.  For complete test coverage you need to perform the same automated tests across a complete spectrum of platforms, browsers, devices and environments.
  4. 4. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation Rapise® Overview The Ultimate IDE for Testers
  5. 5. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 5 - Automated Software Testing Made Easy  Powerful and easy to use automated testing.  When you need to test web, mobile or desktop applications, Rapise makes it easy.  Scriptless Visual Language or JavaScript, your choice.
  6. 6. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 6 - Test All Your Platforms & Technologies  Rapise can test all of the different technologies you're using: Web Applications Cross-Platform Technologies Unit Test Frameworks Enterprise Applications Mobile Applications Windows Applications Integrations Third-Party Component Libraries
  7. 7. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 7 - Simplify Automated Test Maintenance  Why keep on having to rewrite your tests every time the application changes?  With the Rapise object manager and Spy tools you can keep in sync without script changes.
  8. 8. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 8 - Cloud-Based Testing  Rent your virtual test lab from Inflectra using Amazon Web Services.  Pay only for the time that you do testing  Flexible pricing by machine size and lifespan  Globally available in all AWS regions  Globally accessible through Remote Desktop and SSH  Get up and running in minutes with no installations  Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) pre-loaded with all tools
  9. 9. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation Feature Walkthrough Record & Playback
  10. 10. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 10 - Automated Recording  Rapise provides a powerful automated test recorder that captures your interactions with the application being tested and uses that to build a reusable object repository and automated test script.  With its extensive set of libraries, Rapise will automate your web, mobile and desktop testing including hybrid applications.
  11. 11. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 11 - Scriptless vs. JavaScript  Rapise comes with an easy to use, highly-intuitive scriptless test authoring language called RVL. This lets testers that are domain experts and not programmers use Rapise to write tests.  For more technically proficient users, Rapise has a full JavaScript IDE to write tests. You can even mix RVL and JavaScript.
  12. 12. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 12 - Intelligent Playback  When you record a test, Rapise translates your actions into a script. When you playback the test, the script is executed.  Tests can be either played-back through the Rapise user interface, directly from the command-line, or from a test management system such as SpiraTest.
  13. 13. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 13 - Test Validation  Rapise lets you add verification points to your test scripts so that you can make sure your tests are producing the expected results and behavior during testing.  You can add verification points during recording or manually after the fact using the IDE.
  14. 14. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 14 - Learn and Go™ Recording  Rapise's unique Learn and Go testing method is much more time efficient than traditional record-and-playback processes.  Objects are edited during the learning process instead of waiting for all objects to be recorded then edited.  Faster, more complete test script generation and automatic script updates significantly reduces testing time and gets your application to market faster.
  15. 15. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 15 - Cross Browser Testing  Rapise is purpose-built for cross-browser testing, supporting multiple versions of IE, Edge, Firefox Chrome, Safari and Opera.  With Rapise you can your test web applications in all of the most widely used browsers. Create one test script and execute the same script without modification across the major browsers.
  16. 16. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 16 - Powerful Reporting  Rapise comes with powerful and flexible reporting capabilities that allow you to quickly see the results of your testing activities.  You can event customize the data being reported by adding instructions within your test script.  Report Filtering lets you specify criteria to filter your view of the test execution report. Rows that do not match your criteria are hidden.
  17. 17. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 17 - Analog Recording  In instances where an application is not well suited to object-based test automation (for instance a graphics application such as MS Paint), Rapise provides analog recording as a fallback solution.  With analog recording, Rapise can take even the worst-case situation and allow you to automate it.
  18. 18. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 18 - Exploratory & Manual Testing  In addition to its world class automation functionality, Rapise brings the power of automation to your manual and exploratory testing.  No more laborious creation of test cases and test steps. Rapise, lets your testing keep pace with your development cycles.  Rapise automatically creates your manual test cases as your simply use the application
  19. 19. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation Feature Walkthrough Robust Automation
  20. 20. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 20 - Powerful Object Manager  One of the most important tasks in test automation is keeping the test scripts current with changes in the application.  With the adoption of Agile methodologies, the need to be able to adjust the test scripts to account for refactoring is critical.  Rapise's powerful object manager ensures that changes in the application can be handled without any script rewrites.
  21. 21. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 21 - Drag & Drop IDE  Rapise scripts are written in JavaScript (Microsoft JScript).  You can run and debug your script using the full featured integrated JavaScript Editor and Debugger.  Rapise includes a testing API, with methods for manipulating images, spreadsheets, common GUI widgets, and more.
  22. 22. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 22 - Data-Driven Testing  Data-Driven Testing (DDT) is the creation of test scripts to run together with their related data sets in a framework. The framework provides re-usable test logic to reduce maintenance and improve test coverage.  Rapise provides powerful support for DDT with the ability to load in sets of test data from either an Excel spreadsheet or relational database
  23. 23. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 23 - Optical Character Recognition  Sometimes you need to get a text written inside a GUI control or find a place on the screen that contains a given text.  It is not always possible to solve this task using objects natively supported by Rapise or Simulated Objects.  In this case Optical Character Recognition (OCR) may help.
  24. 24. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 24 - Hybrid Application Testing  Applications are not always written using a single technology, so Rapise has been design to test such hybrid applications.  Using a single test script, Rapise can test applications that use multiple different technologies seamlessly.
  25. 25. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 25 - Selenium Integration  Rapise lets you leverage your existing WebDriver scripts as well as playback Rapise tests through Selenium:
  26. 26. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 26 - Distributed Testing  Rapise when used with our SpiraTest test management system allows you to manage a distributed automated test lab.  You can run your test scripts across multiple planforms and environments with integrated scheduling and real-time reporting.
  27. 27. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 27 - XPath & Spy Tools  The Rapise Spy Tools let you interact with the application under test in real time to discover the available objects for automation.  During recording you can use the same Spy tool to pick specific objects to be used in the generated test script.  Rapise includes Spy tools for multiple technologies and platforms.
  28. 28. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 28 - API Testing  The move to cloud computing has highlighted the importance of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).  With the rise in cloud applications and interconnect platforms, API testing is a necessity.  Rapise provides powerful API testing features including support for testing REST & SOAP web services.
  29. 29. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 29 - Load & Performance Testing  Seamlessly convert your functional test scripts from Rapise into a NeoLoad load test and performance scenario.  Perform a simultaneous UI test in Rapise whilst NeoLoad is load testing the backend; feed your performance metrics from Rapise into NeoLoad to give you the complete picture.
  30. 30. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation Feature Walkthrough Flexibility & Extensibility
  31. 31. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 31 - Unit Test Integration  Unit Testing involves testing individual units of a piece of software to make sure they act as intended.  With the move to Agile methodologies and test-driven development, unit testing is an integral part of continuous delivery and DevOps.  Rapise provides powerful features to enhance your unit testing to include test user interfaces as well as code libraries.
  32. 32. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 32 - Test Management Integration  SpiraTest provides an integrated, holistic test management solution that manages your requirements, tests and incidents.  When you use Rapise with SpiraTest or SpiraTeam, you can centrally manage your automated tests and remotely schedule and launch them in a globally distributed test lab.
  33. 33. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 33 - Extensible Scripting Engine  The core scripting engine used in Rapise is based on JavaScript and it can be easily extended to use third party JavaScript libraries and frameworks.  In addition you extend the core testing engine used by Rapise to include additional test libraries, validation frameworks and reporting options.
  34. 34. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 34 - Custom Libraries  The JavaScript source code for library recognition and execution is available to the user, as well as a JavaScript Application Programming Interface (API).  New recognition and execution capabilities can be added to Rapise by the end user and shared with colleagues, giving your team the flexibility to automate where other tools fail.
  35. 35. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation Technologies Supported Desktop Applications
  36. 36. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 36 - Microsoft Dynamics  Rapise has special support for testing Microsoft Dynamics:  Dynamics AX 2012 ERP installations  Dynamics CRM  Dynamics 365 (Sales and Operations)
  37. 37. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 37 - Windows Applications  Rapise provides comprehensive support for testing Microsoft Windows GUI applications, including applications written using:  Win32, MFC, ATL, Windows Forms, Visual Basic 6, ActiveX  Microsoft .NET 1.0, .NET 2.0, .NET 4.0 (C#, C++ and VB.NET)  Windows Presentation Framework (WFP).
  38. 38. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 38 - Java Applications (AWT / SWT / Swing)  Rapise supports the testing of Java applications using:  The Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT)  The Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT)  Swing graphic user interface toolkits (Swing)  For maximum flexibility Rapise can connect to your choice of JVM.
  39. 39. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 39 - Qt Framework  Rapise supports the testing of applications written in the cross- platform Qt Framework.  Rapise can test applications using a wide variety of different Qt widgets, making it an ideal choice for testing Qt applications.
  40. 40. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 40 - Third-Party Component Libraries  Rapise supports the testing of applications that use the following third-party component libraries:  Infragistics WinExtras/Controls  DevExpress DevExperience XtraEditors/Controls  Telerik RadControls for WinForms  ComponentOne ActiveX Controls  SyncFusion controls for WinForms
  41. 41. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation Technologies Supported Mobile Applications
  42. 42. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 42 - Apple iOS  Rapise lets you record and play automated tests on physical iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) as well as test applications using the iOS simulator that ships with XCode.  No jailbreaking needed! With Rapise you can record on one device and playback on multiple.
  43. 43. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 43 - Android  Rapise lets you record and play automated tests on real Android devices (e.g. Nexus, Galaxy) as well as test applications using the Android simulator.  With Rapise you have the powerful interactive Object Spy that makes it easy to record on one device and playback on multiple.
  44. 44. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation Technologies Supported Web Applications
  45. 45. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 45 - HTML & HTML 5  Testing web applications is a core strength of Rapise. With its object recognition technology and DOM abstraction layer is makes developing reusable tests for browser applications very easy.  For more advanced testing you can access the native browser DOM. Rapise supports all recent versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
  46. 46. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 46 - AJAX Libraries  AJAX is used to create interactive web applications.  Rapise has powerful support for testing Ajax web applications, with support for many JavaScript client-side libraries as well as direct support for the underlying technologies - JavaScript and JSON.  Includes support for jQuery, GWT and YUI frameworks
  47. 47. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 47 - Web Services & API Testing  A web service is a unit of managed code that can be remotely invoked using web protocols. This allows you to share your application’s functionality with other programs.  The purpose of Web Service and API testing is to verify that all of the APIs published by your application operate as expected.  Rapise provides native support for testing web services. API tests can be integrated with user interface tests for complete coverage.  SOAP and REST web service testing  Enhance your UI tests with AJAX REST testing
  48. 48. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 48 - Microsoft Silverlight  Rapise supports the testing of Microsoft Silverlight Rich Internet Applications (RIA)  Rapise supports the testing of Silverlight using its UIAutomation library
  49. 49. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 49 - Java Applets (AWT & Swing)  Rapise supports the testing of Java applets running inside web pages and web applications.  Rapise can be used to test applets built with either the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) or Swing graphic user interface toolkit.  For maximum flexibility, Rapise can connect to your choice of JVM.
  50. 50. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation Why Choose Rapise?
  51. 51. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 51 - Why Choose Rapise?  The top reasons that our customers choose Rapise over other solutions are: 1. It is a complete automated testing solution for web, mobile and desktop applications - we don’t charge extra for each tool 2. Easy to use for creating and maintaining automated and manual test cases. Designed for use by coders and testers alike. 3. Rapise is 100% extensible and customizable. This ensures it can test even your most complex apps. 4. We provide superb technical support that ensures that enquiries and questions are dealt with in a timely and professional manner.
  52. 52. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 52 - Representative Customers  The following are some of the organizations who are using Inflectra products to perform their software testing: Energy & Industrial Government Retail & Consumer Goods Healthcare & Bio-Technology Financial & Business Services Information Technology Transportation & Hospitality Telecommunications
  53. 53. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 53 - Testimonials  “…We have been using the Rapise automation tool for a few years now. I have been very impressed with just how simple the tool is to setup and record your automation scripts. As we have learned more about the tool we have found it to have all the functionality we need without all the complexity of many other tools out there… We can rely on the trusted Inflectra customer support team that has always been awesome.” - Dan Hauser – Sr. QA Analyst RegEd  “…Because it is fast, easy, includes all technologies of web developments to generate automatic and editable scripts and perform its testing with clear and complete reports about the results of the test execution Automated cross- browser testing is very effective in IE, Mozilla Firefox, and Chrome. The integration with Spira Team, Spira Plan and Spira Testing is very good too. “ - Raul Liberal – Sr. QA Analyst  “… Rapise has proven to be an excellent tool for creating automated tests. No one else offers this much functionality and flexibility for the price." - Kent Chambers - Open Roads Consulting
  54. 54. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 54 - 4 - Solution Partner Network  We have an extensive worldwide partner network that is used to provide global consulting and training services: North America Asia Australia South America & Mexico Europe Middle East & Africa
  55. 55. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 55 - Competitive Landscape  We believe that Rapise offers an unbeatable combination of capability and affordability: Breadth of Features / Capability Affordability Seapine QaWizardSilkTest HP QTP/UFT IBM RFT Selenium Rapise IncumbentsUncompetitive ChallengersNiche Players Source: Inflectra Corporation, 2015 TestComplete BadBoy Squish MicroFocus TestPartner Ranorex
  56. 56. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation Questions? Please contact if you have additional questions.
  57. 57. © Copyright 2006-2017, Inflectra Corporation - 57 - Legal Notices  DISCLAIMER: All product comparison diagrams have been made on the basis of information available on respective product websites. The analysis and views expressed in the diagrams and the information made available are purely those of Inflectra Corporation. It is possible that competing products have additional features not mentioned on the product websites.