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Bond j - what are his mobile learning needs - Summary


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A short presentation looking at what solutions are there for the modern learner who has a familiarity with technology everywhere and what skills should we be equipping them with?

These are the brief summary slides from the session delivered on 28th March for the Work Based Learning Conference in London, 2014.

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Bond j - what are his mobile learning needs - Summary

  1. 1. Adam Blackwood @Adamrsc #JiscACLWBL Bond, J. – Student. What are his (Mobile) Learning Needs?
  2. 2. 007 Skills Tech
  3. 3. • Capturing Evidence • Communicating with HQ • Calling for Help! • Learning how to do new things. • Research • Transmitting videos. • Carrying information about the mission. • Tracking people. • Finding out what people know. • Kit – To help get out of difficult situations. • Providing Feedback to HQ • Identifying artefacts • Killing people. What are Bond’ J’s ‘Mobile’ learning needs?
  4. 4. How pervasive are mobiles becoming…?
  5. 5. Locating, Tracking & GeoFencing students? Peer Support and Motivation Solutions?Flash Cards Evidence Gathering Tools Mobile e-Assessment Voice Stream Video Kit Mobile Course Notes Smart Handouts Remote Feedback Contact Details: Adam Blackwood Email: Twitter: @Adamrsc Website: