Increase your landing page conversion rate with embedded video


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Now that video-embedded landing pages have paved their path, the data is out there to support the effectiveness of this strategy. As an agency, we have a unique approach to landing pages, and video is something we're using carefully to ensure maximum return and bar out over-usage.

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Increase your landing page conversion rate with embedded video

  1. 1. From Kirsten Weisenburger‟s blog @ Wednesday, August 14, 2013
  2. 2. You‟ve heard it a gazillion times: You have mere seconds to convert users who arrive on your landing page
  3. 3. You know the drill… …build landing pages with no extraneous copy …drive to a bold form and call to action …get them to convert fast
  4. 4. So why would you ask your visitors to pause for 30 seconds and watch a video on your landing page? A whole bunch of reasons actually….
  5. 5. Best of breed are doing it, and getting results
  6. 6. Best of breed are doing it, and getting results Retail case studies: “Users who stay to watch a video are more likely to purchase!”
  7. 7. Wouldn’t you rather watch than read? Your product or service needs to be explained Minimizing a users‟ effort will improve conversion
  8. 8. Videos make you memorable When someone is jumping between search results, you want them to remember you VS.
  9. 9. Videos make you memorable A short engaging video will keep visitors around longer and will help them remember your product or service over the long term
  10. 10. Videos increase conversion …when done „right‟!
  11. 11.  Keep it short ◦ 30-60 seconds  Feature only your video & conversion element ◦ Simplify. Remove everything but the video and the form
  12. 12.  Minimize text  Use infographics instead of text  Show your product in action  Encourage social sharing
  13. 13.  Tell people what you want them to do ◦ At least two calls to action – one on the page, one at the end of the video  Tell a story – it‟s not an infomercial ◦ It should be fresh and memorable so you are awarded the users‟ time
  14. 14. Adam Picker Digital Marketing Specialist DAC Group New York | Chicago | Cleveland | Louisville | Rochester | Toronto | Montreal | Vancouver DAC Group is an industry-leading digital agency, a technology-fueled directional marketing pioneer and a lead-generation powerhouse. We are an integrated multi- platform solutions architect and expert strategic planning partner. DAC Group creatively innovates to consistently deliver impressive results.