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Corporate Analysis 5


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Corporate Analysis 5

  1. 1. B-TEC ExtendedDiplomainCreative MediaProduction Unit 28: Corporate andPromotional Programme Production PRODUCT/TITLE: Beach Narrative Structure (PresenterLedor Voiceover Storyline,Linear/Non-Linear) The narrative structure of thisisnon linearbecause there isnoclear structure or story to the video.The videowasasuccesshoweverbecause it fitsthe purpose thatit wasintendedfor.Thiswasn’tmade fora story,but rather fora conference openerandbyhaving differentnamesall situated arounda locationof whichissynonymouswiththe brand.The visualsuse textto drive the narrative of namesof people inthe brandanduses cinematicstocreate goodlookingandcreative shots. Mise-en-Scene (Location/Set, Props,Costume,Make-Up) The locationsettingof the videois importantbecause itfitswiththe brand identity.Thiswasimportantbecause asthisisa videowithnostory, or musicleadingthe narrative.The cinematicshotsare composedreallywell, witha colourtone that all work well witheach otherandare consistent throughout.The compositionof the shotsare shotreallywell intermsof howits framed aswell.Thiswasobviouslyakeyelementbecauseof how manyof themthere are,thisisto reallyshowoff the locationanduse the potential of the settingtoitscinematicbest. Sound (SoundEffects,Music,Voiceover/Dialogue,Diegetic/Non-Diegetic) The soundtrack of the videoisa calm tone,thisisto create the connection withthe semanticfieldof the beach,thatit’srelaxing,calmandaplace to winddown.Whichiswhat the videoistryingtocreate,thisatmosphere of calm.This isalsoemphasisedinthe cutsof the videowiththembeingslow pacedenoughto showthe full fieldof viewand slowdownthe pace of the narrative. Editing (Graphics,Techniques,Pace) The pace of the videoisa slowcuttype of video,where thishelpsmake the cinematicshotsa lotmore meaningful asthe viewercantake more of itin. Otherwise theseshots,if the cutswere fast,wouldgotowaste completely. The graphics onthe videoare hardly existentbecause of the use of visual effectsratherthanspecial effects.There wasaheavyemphasisonthisall beingdone throughoutthe use of real charactersrather thanCGI characters.
  2. 2. Whichworksverywell withthe cinematicshots,because of the lightingand shadowsbeinginthe same tone of the coloursof the videos.Withthe white coloursbeinga yellowtingeoff the sunlight. Lighting (HighKey,LowKey,Natural,Artificial) The lightingisnatural highkeylighting.Thiscreatesthe cinematicshots more real lookingandvisuallypleasing.Thisisbecause the videoneededto capture the imaginationandattentionof viewersbyjuststatingnamesand nothingelse.Therefore the use of lightingwaskeytokeepthe attention spansof the viewersbecause of the longcinematicshots. Cinematography (Angles,Framing,ShotTypes,Movement) The cinematographyof thisvideowasthe keyareathat the videocreators were aimingtotarget. The anglesincludedawhole hostof wide andclose shots at highandlow anglestocover all the basesintermsof creatinga cinematicmasterpiece. Thiswas effectivebecauseitcreatesadiverse videoinwhichmakesthe attentionspanof the viewernotgetlostand forthemto be alwayshooked ontothe video. The framingof the shots complieswiththe basiccompositionrule of the rule of thirds.Thisisto make the keyareas of the videobe inthe correct frames of the videoandto make an interestingshot,thatisn’tvisuallyboringand createsa professional lookandfeel toit,asif the audience are watchinga film. StereotypesandRepresentation (Gender,Race,Sexuality,Regional,Religious) Stereotypesare notshownthroughoutthe productionof thisvideobecause it mainlyfeaturescinematicshotswithoutanyhumaninterventions.It purelyreliesonthe environment. Target Audience (Demographics,Psychographics,Geo-Demographics) Target audience forthisvideowouldbe tohelpcapture the mindsof the people inconferencesandevents.Thisiswhythe videohadsucha filmlook to it because of howmuchthe compositionof the videoneededtobe the spine of the whole videotogetthe targetaudience of people inthe widest range of demographicpossible toconnectiontothemthroughthe medium of professional filmmaking. Functionor Purpose of Video/Message The purpose of thisvideoisto helpcovera broad range of demographic overa large groupingof people,therefore bycreatingavideosuchas this one it createsa filmtype lookingcorporate video,of whichhelpsre enforce brand identityandcreate apositive tone regardingthe whole brand.