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Rethinking Media & Marketing For The Connected Era


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This is a presentation I gave at the Rethink Conference in Oslo, Norway in March 2013. It focuses on shifts in consumption trends, the evolution of mobile/social, the role of brands as content creators and innovative models I'm seeing in the media space.

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Rethinking Media & Marketing For The Connected Era

  1. 1. Rethinking Media & MarketingFor the Connected EraPresented by Adam OstrowChief Strategy Officer, Mashable
  2. 2. Introduction• Joined Mashable in 2007 as Editor in Chief.• Authored 2,500+ articles for Mashable.• Oversee content, bizdev and monetization strategy at Mashable..
  3. 3. The consumption, distribution andmonetization models of media arebeing radically disrupted.
  4. 4. The State of Digital Media: 2005Mashable’s Beginnings• There was no iPhone• There was no YouTube• There was no Twitter• Facebook was college-only• Mashable’s traffic: 60%+ via search• Online ad revenue: $12.5 billion (US)
  5. 5. Mashable and Adam in 2005A Different Time!
  6. 6. The State of Digital Media: 2013Mashable Is a Major Media Company• Nearly half of mobile users ownsmartphones• YouTube: 3 billion video viewsper day• Twitter: 400 million tweets per day• Facebook: 1 billion users,$60 billion market value• Mashable’s traffic: ~ 30% via search• Online ad revenue: $31 billion(US, 2011)
  7. 7. Connected devices are profoundlychanging the way people consumecontent.
  8. 8. Connected Devices GrowthMobile Is Marginalizing the Desktop
  9. 9. Mashable’s Mobile AudienceThe Evolving Connectivity EcosystemMashable is now access by more than2,500 unique devices each month!• Mobile traffic to Mashable hasgrown by 180% since 2010.• Mobile now represents 1/3rdofMashable’s audience.• Rise of larger smartphones andsmaller tablets = more screensizes than ever.
  10. 10. Mobility and MashableA Rapid Growth StoryMashable grew7.5x faster onmobile devicesthan on desktopin 2012.
  11. 11. Mobility Impacts EverythingConnected Devices and Consumer ExperiencesTVs Cars OutdoorKitchenHealthFashion
  12. 12. Social media is evolving to meet theneeds of mobile consumers.
  13. 13. Mobile Is DifferentAnd It Has Major Implications• Smaller screen sizes rewardbrevity and visuals.• Device functionality = newsocial functionality (camera,GPS, etc.)• Mobile as a second screenaccelerates real-time mediaand marketing.• The majority of Facebook andTwitter users are on mobile.
  14. 14. A More Visual Social WebVisual-First NetworksInstagramPinterest
  15. 15. A More Visual Social WebTwitter & Facebook: Can You Tell The Difference?Facebook Twitter
  16. 16. Visuals Drive Results on the Social WebHigher Engagement Than Other Forms of Media
  17. 17. Visuals Drive Results on MashableHigher Engagement Than Other Forms of MediaPhotos lift engagement by 8x onMashable’s Facebook!
  18. 18. Mobile and social have leveled theplaying field for media consumers andproducers.
  19. 19. Self-Publishing Goes MainstreamTechnology Lets Anyone Be a Content Creator
  20. 20. Low-Cost ProductionEveryone Can Be a Content CreatorWhen do you think well beable to shoot full movies on acell phone in good quality?“I think were very, very close.The power of the computersinside your smartphone isincredible and can dotremendous things.”-- Danny Boyle, Director
  21. 21. Financed By FansCrowdfunding Dictates What Gets MadeMovies Gaming
  22. 22. Rent vs Own ModelsContent Lives in the CloudTV Music
  23. 23. Pay What You WantThe Changing Relationship Between Artists & Fans
  24. 24. Demand-Based DistributionKnowing Where The Fans AreTheaters
  25. 25. New Data SourcesForget the Traffic HelicopterLocal TV
  26. 26. Social and mobile have requiredMashable to rethink its business.
  27. 27. The Mobile Monetization GapAd Dollars Have Been Slow to Catch Up
  28. 28. • Mobile: Both contentand ads are optimizedfor every platform withresponsive design.• Social: Content isorganized by socialvelocity and optimizedfor sharing.• Visual: Social sitesare going visual;images are shared 2Xmore than links.The New MashableMobile, Social, Visual
  29. 29. • Ads live in-stream• Ads are optimized for everyscreen size• Ads are sold across everyplatform• Infinite scroll eliminates “belowthe fold” placements• Ads are contentRethinking Display AdvertisingMobile, Social, Visual
  30. 30. Delivering ResultsMobile, Social, Visual• New traffic records in Jan. ‘13:25MM unique visitors, 120MMpageviews• Pages per visit on mobile up 85%• Time spent on mobile up 30%• Performance on mobile adsimproved 2-3x• Performance on desktop ads nearlydoubled.
  31. 31. Brands are turning to content to winin today’s digital landscape.
  32. 32. Brands as Content CreatorsAn Old Idea Transformed for the Digital AgeTHEN NOW10M Livestreams300K Likes8M Video Views
  33. 33. Why Content?An Elegant Solution For Today’s Landscape•Content lives in the stream withstories, photos, video, etc.•Content gets shared by socialmedia users•Content helps build following andengagement on social sites•Content + social is thefuture of search•Content is inherentlycross-platform•Content + native advertising drivesperformance
  34. 34. Social AlgorithmsThe World Is Getting Reorganized by Social• Organic Facebook posts bybrands only reach 17% ofsubscribers.• Search engines increasinglyuse social signals to rankresults.• Aggregators like Flipboard,Pulse and use socialsignals to organize news.
  35. 35. Native AdvertisingThe Business Model of SocialSponsoredStoriesPromotedTweetsPromotedVideos
  36. 36. Why Native?It’s the Winning Format on Social"With Promoted Tweets, weve seen engagement rates from 1 to 3 percent onaverage. On mobile, the engagement rates are even higher."“As measured by click-through rates, Sponsored Stories in News Feed performmultiple times better on both desktop and mobile than ads in the right-hand column.”“What we find is that when you’re in that content, you get far superior click-throughrates. We’ve seen three to five times as high.”
  37. 37. Mashable helps brands becomepremium content creators andoptimize social distribution.
  38. 38. Female Founders Series Leaders in Digital Series Tails and RailsWhat’s InsideExtraordinary EntrepreneursSeriesGlobal Innovation SeriesA Win-Win ScenarioMatching Brand Interests With Reader Interests
  39. 39. The Publisher’s RolePublishers Help Brands Become Content CreatorsTo promote the launch of IE9,Microsoft came to Mashable to createthe web series “Behind the Launch”:•16 original episode docuseries +behind the scenes + supportingcontent + community events•50,000+ video streams•Average viewer watched3 mins, 15 secs•53,000+ social shares across multipleplatforms•4,200+ Tweets of custom hashtag#BehindTheLaunch
  40. 40. Integrated CampaignsContent + Community Lifts Overall Performance
  41. 41. Custom Content + Native AdvertisingDriving Audience and Engagement Mashable Lift Units get 1.5-2.0%CTRs Mashable Custom Content gets 50%more engagement than organiccontent. Improves performance of displayads by 2-3x
  42. 42. … And Powering Brand-Owned ChannelsBrands Have Massive Distribution Platforms, Too
  43. 43. Real-time marketing is the nextevolution of mobile, social and nativeadvertising.
  44. 44. Super Bowl XLVIIThe Lights Go Out; A New Marketing Buzzword Is Born
  45. 45. Real-Time MarketingBeing Relevant In the Moment
  46. 46. Mashable Social LiftAmplifying Brand’s Social AssetsPhotoVideoVine
  47. 47. Here’s What to Do Next …
  48. 48. Keys For a Successful FutureHow to Future-Proof For Mobile + Social•Design for an optimal experience onevery device.•Develop an expertise in speaking toyour brand’s values; not its products.•Create content that drives engagement acrosssocial platforms.•Organize your teams to take advantageof real-time marketing opportunities.•Amplify your brand assets with nativeadvertising solutions.
  49. 49. Q &