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A PowerPoint Presentation describing the services I provide.

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Pivotal Business Solutions Value Add

  2. 2. SOLUTIONSBusiness & strategic planning •Business planning to raise capital, drive sales or achieve goals •Strategic planning sessions for long term planning •Including our 3-page Business Action PlanSMRecruiting •Hiring the right talent for your business •Doing so for less •Including our Certified Role-Based AssessmentsOperations •Assessments to enhance organizational efficiency •Improving organizational profitability •Researching and negotiating vendor contracts •Including our Operations and Profit Improvement AssessmentSM
  3. 3. INDUSTRIES Technology/Software/Web Media/Marketing Professional Services
  4. 4. INDUSTRIESTechnology/Software/Web Clients
  5. 5. INDUSTRIES Media/Marketing Clients
  6. 6. INDUSTRIES Professional Services Clients Young Sports
  7. 7. TEAMAdam MoskowGreg LandryJon AdlerAlicia Gutkin
  8. 8. TEAM Adam Moskow, President • Wharton School of Business Graduate, Degree in Finance with Honors • Ran publishing co. Lapidary Journal, Inc. 12 years, overseeing hiring, management, marketing, negotiations, planning, P&L • As part owner, grew from $1-6mm, then sold • COO & part owner, telemarketing customer acquisition firm S&D Marketing, Inc. Landed company twice on the “Philly 100” for growth, then sold • Vice President of online advertising agency UnREAL Marketing Solutions, Inc. • Firm also landed twice on the “Philly 100” for growth – 12 to 43 staff in 18 months • Launched Pivotal Business Solutions, LLC in 1999
  9. 9. TEAMGreg Landry, Associate•Greg Landry holds a degree from the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvaniain Marketing and Organizational Management.•Greg has strong marketing and operations experience from prior stints with the PhiladelphiaOrchestra and ETC Biomedical Systems.•He brings business model development, market research and implementation experience.•Greg has performed assignments with clients in all three of our disciplines: planning, recruitingand operations and has also performed due diligence work for us for a venture capital client.
  10. 10. TEAMJon Adler, Associate•Jon also graduated from the Wharton School of Business, where he wrote and contributed tonumerous business plans, with a concentration in Entrepreneurial Management.•Jon cut his consulting teeth with Simon-Kucher and Partners in Boston, where he workedprimarily in pricing and marketing strategies, focusing on the pharmaceutical, medical products,and software industries.•In addition, he played a role in the hiring process at SKP, regularly interviewing and evaluatingcandidates for positions.•He has performed recruiting, planning and marketing assignments for Pivotal BusinessSolutions.
  11. 11. TEAMAlicia Gutkin, Associate•Alicia holds a Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Pittsburgh.•She has performed recruiting and screening functions for Pivotal Business Solutions andhandles candidate management.•Alicia also has assisted PBS clients with business planning market research amongst othersuccessful work.•Her background also includes various office assignments as well as targeted research andanalysis.
  14. 14. AFFILIATIONS Institute of Management Consultants Professional Member and Panelist Mid-Atlantic Consultants Network Member and SpeakerJewish Business Network Member andFrequent Emcee for Events Wharton Business Plan Competition Judge
  16. 16. BUSINESS & STRATEGIC PLANNING CLIENTSClient: Ergonomic TherapistsProfile: Start-up, in-office ergonomic evaluation, education and treatment businessLocation: Broomall, PAChallenge: Three experienced Occupational Therapists wanted to launch an ergonomic evaluation and treatment business.Execution: Held strategy meetings with principles to launch this business designed to decrease repetitive trauma injuries of office workers. Drafted complete start-up business plan including concept, success factors, financial needs analysis, milestones, market analysis, customer buying decisions, nature of competition, opportunities, financial projections, offerings, and marketing and sales strategies.Testimonial: "Pivotal Business Solutions Adam Moskow created the strategy for our company, drafted a business plan for us and helped us launch our business. I highly recommend Pivotal Business Solutions." Pat Baxter, Co-Founder
  17. 17. BUSINESS & STRATEGIC PLANNING CLIENTSClient: Citi Prepaid Services - EcountProfile: Prepaid Debit Card bought by CitiLocation: Conshohocken, PAWebsite: www.ecount.comChallenge: Wanted off-site strategic planning sessionExecution: Met with management in advance of session Facilitated day break out sessions Came up with 5 year goals Created report and follow up
  18. 18. BUSINESS & STRATEGIC PLANNING CLIENTSClient: WebForPhone, a service of NetXentry, LLCProfile: Six year old business launched by University of Pennsylvania professor providing voice commandservices over the Internet for companies like Blue Cross, Tyco and Johnson & Johnson.Location: Philadelphia, PAWebsite: www.webforphone.comChallenge: Existing business needs assistance with preparing forinvestor meeting, raising fund, crafting plans and developing new branch of business.Execution: Crafted marketing letters for new launch. Arranging meetings with prospective clients. Worked on developing business strategies for launch of new voice-command, cell phone concierge service. Meeting with CEO to engineer marketing strategy.Testimonial: “I want to thank you very sincerely for your services to WebForPhone. We have entrusted toyour care business development of several of our new products. We appreciate your successes frommarket studies to actually locating contacts for our new products.” Noah Prywes, CEO, WebForPhone
  19. 19. BUSINESS & STRATEGIC PLANNING CLIENTSClient: Bartash Printing, Inc.Profile: $40 million a year printer of magazines on newsprintLocation: Philadelphia, PAWebsite: www.bartash.comChallenge: 50 year old family business has had strong growth recently but doesn‟t have a formal marketing plan, a clear list of potential clients or a strong system for tracking or monitoring sales leads.Execution: Developing a strategic marketing plan for growing sales through multiple marketing channels. Suggesting new potential opportunities for revenue. Researching new potential leads of possible alternate magazines that could become clients. Suggesting changes to management of sales leads and sales team.
  20. 20. BUSINESS & STRATEGIC PLANNING CLIENTSClient: Young Sports, LLCProfile: Start-up youth sports fitness gymLocation: Wayne, PAChallenge: Two partners with experience in education andcamping for youth wished to launch a new business in this field.Execution: Assisted entrepreneurs with market research, background information, business planning and lease related matters. Met with team to review financial projections. Drafted funding letters with financial options.Testimonial: "Since aligning our Start Up Business Development with the addition of Adam as a Consultant,we have gained a more solid foundation in forming several aspects of our business. He has been able togive us great advice on every business topic, as well as connecting us to several people in the communitythat could provide additional expertise and help us in specific manners. Adam is very clever and savvywhen it comes to forming business decisions and he is always easily reached for the simplest businessquestion." Mike Joson, CEO, Young Sports, LLC
  21. 21. BUSINESS & STRATEGIC PLANNING CLIENTSClient: Voicestar Solutions, Inc.Profile: Early-stage, venture backed, web based business providing call tracking and pioneering pay-per-callLocation: Philadelphia, PAWebsite: www.voicestar.comChallenge: Business needs COO level help with managing relationships with venture capitalists, recruiting sales andcustomer service staff, obtaining insurance and other matters.Execution: Prepared reports and communicating as point person with Benjamin Franklin Technology Partners regarding their investment in Voicestar. Recruited staff members and creating sales team compensation plan and training material. Provided general mentoring to and project outsourcing for President and CEO. Company later sold to Marches for $28 million.Testimonial: "In the early days Adam was the backstop. If there was something that needed attention … Adam wasassigned to figure it out. Adam helped us put a professional face on our little start up. He fixed the bookkeeping,gave us a blueprint for hiring and found vendors to provide benefits / insurance to our underpaid employees. Hisassistance during our fund raising gave us real credibility, the gray hair, when we really needed some. I trulyappreciate his sage advice and highly recommend him to any business that needs a virtual COO/CFO." Todd Lieberman, CEO
  22. 22. BUSINESS & STRATEGIC PLANNING CLIENTSClient: Benjamin Franklin Technology PartnersProfile: Quasi-governmental venture capital firm mandatedto develop businesses and jobs in Pennsylvania throughinvestments in technological companiesLocation: Philadelphia, PAWebsite: www.benfranklin.orgChallenge: Funding network needed due diligence performed on a potential investment in a company.Execution: •Interviewing founder, staff, vendors, attorney, potential clients, investors and more re the company. •Reviewing financial assumptions and projections. •Drafting analysis and opinion regarding the firm.
  23. 23. BUSINESS & STRATEGIC PLANNING CLIENTSClient: TiBAX Forest & Building Products, Inc.Profile: Start-up high-end decking material importingcompanyLocation: Narberth, PAChallenge: Two experienced wood importers and distributors wished to launch a new business in this field.Execution: Met with team to work through solutions prior to launch related to planning, fundraising and launch. Worked with entrepreneurs on developing business plan including financial projections, cashflow assumptions, loan options, profit and loss proformas, marketing and sales strategies and more.Testimonial: “Great job. You are an excellent business (plan) writer.” John Baxter, Founder
  25. 25. RECRUITINGTHE PIVOTAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONSS RECRUITING PROCESS:The following lists tactics we have undertaken filling staffing needs -- an arrayof help we can provide. Clients can choose to use us for any or all of thesesteps.•talk to the CEO, manager or owner to help with structuring the department•interview existing staff to determine the needs of the department and thecompany•speak with the CEO, manager or owner, so that we can define and create ajob summary for the open position•perform proprietary research to draft a suggested list of the best place(s) tolist the opening, for your approval. (Some previous means have includedbroad target, industry target, job target, viral, company‟s own website, etc.:Monster, Career Builder, industry specific job boards, association newsletters,Dice.com, IT boards, ad clubs, Folio:, CRMA, direct marketing associations,local papers, SEMPO, MediaWeek/Adweek, SMPS, chambers of commerce,JBN, SMEI, Media Bistro, Craig‟s list, local paper websites, Greater PhiladelphiaClaims Assoc. listserve, etc. to name a few.)•place the ads on the sites that CEO (or person working with) agrees he orshe first wants to use and to certain channels that are free for placing
  26. 26. RECRUITINGTHE PIVOTAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONSS RECRUITING PROCESS:Continued•reach out to other creative channels such as free email newsletters, existingstaff with a referral email letter and bonus incentive, LinkedIn contacts ofmanagers and EC‟s, job email of business network we belong to, ourenewsletter, etc.•call a list of specific targeted candidates or places to search for candidates(optional service)•determine benchmarks to use to evaluate candidates•create phone prescreen form specific to the job•screen resumes against the criteria we chose and based on qualifications,grammar, etc. (Provide those candidates job summaries, electronic media kitsor other material as well to be better prepared.)•gather additional missing information such as salary history, salaryrequirement, fit related questions, reason for relocating, etc. from candidatesby email•conduct detailed phone prescreens, (and then forward them and theirresumes to manager/owner with suggestions on whom to interview in person)•perform in-person 1st-round interviews at client‟s (or our) offices
  27. 27. RECRUITINGTHE PIVOTAL BUSINESS SOLUTION RECRUITING PROCESS (CONTINUED):•write up interviews and evaluations thereof and forward to the CEO/departmenthead•perform job specific testing after the interviews with selected candidates,(depending on the job, written job summary, technical tests, Excel test, math test,accounting tests, product knowledge tests, software skills tests, design test, salesrole playing, outsourced sales tests (if the CEO would like, etc.)•facilitate Gabriel Institute behavioral assessments critical in determining candidate‟srole and fit within the organization (I am a Certified Role-Based AssessmentConsultant.)•perform detailed candidate and job specific verbal reference checks and write upthe results for the CEO•arrange for credit, education, certification, criminal background checks (if companydoes them or wishes to have us do so)•arrange second-round interviews with the manager/owner•participate in those 2nd round interviews, if so desired
  28. 28. RECRUITINGTHE PIVOTAL BUSINESS SOLUTION RECRUITING PROCESS (CONTINUED):•provide input, based on over 20 years of successful hiring, to help you choose theright candidate•provide insight on compensation package•present verbal offer to candidate and/or negotiate with candidate•create offer letter for chosen candidate•include detailed job description and non-compete agreement (if relevant) with offer•send professional rejection letters to candidates interviewed but not chosen•create a new hire checklist detailing steps to be sure to take before person starts(like paperwork, setting up desk, establishing email, determining network access,etc.)•create orientation and training schedule for the staff member before they arebrought in•create announcements re hire to send to staff and to media, where applicable•draft, with your team, 90 day goals for the new hire, (employees who have someinitial, short-term goals, tend to appreciate that and work hard to achieve them)
  29. 29. RECRUITINGTHE PIVOTAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS RECRUITING PROCESS(CONTINUED):•provide you all of the resumes we gather and screenings we conduct, at the end ofthe search•provide you a spreadsheet of the candidates and their data, at the end of thesearch•assist with getting unpaid or stipend paid interns to support and augment yourteam and to develop future talentThese vital steps distinguish what we offer and have typically led to the acquisitionof stronger staff members - your most important asset.
  30. 30. RECRUITINGTHE PIVOTAL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS RECRUITING PROCESS (CONTINUED):Hiring outstanding staff is the key differentiator in companies who succeed greatly. What wehave found and what reading supports is that most small businesses either hire staff on theirown, without the use of proper steps and burden their team and end up with less than idealstaff or use recruiting firms who often charge 30-35% of the employee‟s salary and, may attimes, do little more than send over candidates they happen to have in their files. When smallbusinesses do the hiring internally, typically it falls on the President who should be focusing onbigger picture items or it is put on the shoulders of an office manager or department head whotypically is ill prepared for this important role and/or overwhelmed with other duties.
  31. 31. RECRUITING CLIENTSClient: UnREAL Marketing Solutions, Inc.Profile: Online advertising agency providing pay per click bid management and media buying for clients such as The NBA and FootLockerLocation: Narberth, PAWebsite: www.unrealmarketing.comChallenge: Growing agency needed help recruiting and managing staff, establishing proper accounting procedures, negotiating with vendors and more.Execution: •Recruited and hired over a dozen staff, initially as a consultant and subsequently as VP, Operations. •Mentored management team regarding operational issues. •Spearheaded the handling of issues such as vendor matters and operational issues. •Developed operational procedures and improved workflow efficiency. •Directed client relations side of company.Testimonial: “Pivotal Business Solutions Adam Moskow helped us hire key staff for our growing onlinemarketing agency at a vital time. He also was able to negotiate significant cost savings with vendors." Michael Stalbaum, CEO
  32. 32. RECRUITING CLIENTSClient: Impact Search & Strategies, Inc.Profile: Recruiting & Placement AgencyLocation: Philadelphia, PAWebsite: www.impactsearch.comChallenge: Struggling to handle operations, accounting & general structureExecution: Suggested strategies for operational improvement Developed hiring techniques Facilitated website development and other marketing effortsTestimonial: "I heartily encourage you to use Adam in the role of a management consultant. He is always a pleasure to work with and would be a great asset to any organization." Scott Quitel, Owner and President
  33. 33. RECRUITING CLIENTSClient: Delaware County Chamber of CommerceProfile: The chamber for Delaware County, PA providing networking, education, lobbying and benefits for member companiesLocation: Media, PAWebsite: www.delcochamber.orgChallenge: Chamber wanted to conduct national search for newPresident and to have assistance with some strategic planningExecution: •Worked with board to determine true key skills and duties for position •Determined creative search plan to obtain nationally qualified candidates •Evaluated candidates against benchmarks •Presented three outstanding finalists •Assisted with strategic planning advice to chamberTestimonial: “Using Pivotal Business Solutions for our critical national search for a President streamlinedthe process, included all constituents, saved us time and money and led to an outstanding outcome. I‟dheartily recommend their services for any of your hiring or strategic needs.” Albert Danish, Chairman, Delaware County Chamber of Commerce
  34. 34. RECRUITING CLIENTSClient: Inspro TechnologiesProfile: Insurance Software CompanyLocation: Eddystone, PAWebsite: www.inspro.comChallenge: Needing to hire key talent to add to their teamExecution: Met with management to define roles. Facilitated entire search process for Senior Help Desk person and Infrastructure/Network Lead. Assisted with financial narrative related to successful sale of the firm.Testimonial: “Pivotal Business Solutions has really been wonderful to work with for our employee searches. Adam and Greg have quite ably taken this task off our plate. Adam also was a big help, for our financial due diligence, during the recent sale of our business.” Robert Oakes, CEO, Inspro Technologies, Inc.
  36. 36. OPERATIONS CLIENTSClient: S&D Marketing, Inc.Profile: Inbound & Outbound Direct Marketing Call Center focusing on customer acquisition for the cable TV, high-speed Internet, telecom and energy industries.Location: Philadelphia, PAWebsite: www.sdmarketing.comChallenge: Company lacked structure, didn‟t have sound financial statements, and was under monetary duress.Execution: Created staffing strategy to grow sales and attract staff. •Personally landed key accounts with major cable television companies. •Restructured pay resulting in cost reductions of $200,000 per year. •Researched and implemented $250,000 predictive dialing system to increase capacity 50% and allow for digital recording and remote client monitoring. •Bought half of this firm, held P&L responsibility and eventually sold interest for a significant profit.Testimonial: “During his tenure, S&D Marketing twice earned a spot on the ‟Philadelphia 100‟ list as one of the 100fastest-growing businesses in the Delaware Valley. Adam also was responsible for hiring a professional controller andbringing in a new accountant who helped greatly improve the accounting operations. At a time when S&D was facing achallenging market, Adam stepped in and personally closed several key accounts with major cable television companies.Adam Moskow and Pivotal Business Solutions are devoted, intelligent and hard-working and bring much neededexperience, discipline and solutions to small business.” Shai Fishman, CEO and President
  37. 37. S&D RANK IN PHILLY 100
  38. 38. OPERATIONS CLIENTSClient: Today Media, Inc.Profile: Publisher of several regional lifestyle magazines in Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York such as Delaware Today and Main Line TodayLocation: Wilmington, DEWebsite: www.delawaretoday.comChallenge: Publisher needed to renegotiate major printing contracts across all his titles, needed to restructure staff, needed help with acquisitions and with recruiting.Execution: •Researched, bid and negotiated 3 year multi-million dollar contracts and saved client over $300,000. •Hired Controller and Receptionist including drafting job description, screening candidates, interviews, tests, references and offer. •Performing operational structure evaluation across multiple divisions to create new processes to streamline for efficiency. •Aiding in search for, research of and negotiations for potential purchases of other magazines.Testimonial: "I hired Adam (of Pivotal Business Solutions) to renegotiate our printing contract. He was quickand thorough. His tough negotiations will save us tens of thousands of dollars." Rob Martinelli, President
  39. 39. OPERATIONS CLIENTSClient: Media Bureau, Inc.Profile: Company providing database development andconsulting to governments as well as producingdocumentaries and filmsLocation: Philadelphia, PAWebsite: www.mediabureau.comChallenge: Working with CEO and owner of business on strategic vision of different branches offirm to drive new opportunities, enhance long-term success and grow profits.Execution: •Reviewing existing company planning documents. •Meeting with team to gather data and develop ideas. •Helping to revise and develop company business strategy. •Provide general mentoring to and project outsourcing for company.
  40. 40. OPERATIONS CLIENTSClient: Wharton Small Business Development CenterProfile: Philadelphia 100 Conference for Fastest-growing Privately Held FirmsLocation: Philadelphia, PAWebsite: http://whartonsbdc.wharton.upenn.eduChallenge: Director of SBDC had recently left, conferencewas 10 weeks away, brochures hadn‟t mailed,significant event details uncompleted.Execution: Stepped in to plan and implement conference. Prepared and sent direct mail pieces for attendees. Coordinated efforts with sponsors and exhibitors. Drafted step-by-step manual for subsequent years. Proposed cost reductions and revenue enhancements to lift profitability by $70,000.Testimonial: "Adam Moskows terrific organizational skills and his ability to work with all sorts of people made it possible for him to produce a first class event. Without his timely intervention, it is quite likely the event would have been an embarrassment to everyone associated with it.” Greg Higgins, State Director, Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center
  41. 41. OPERATIONS CLIENTSClient: Media Two, Inc.Profile: Custom publishing company that provides design, production, editorial, advertising, database management and fulfillment services for directories, tourism guides, newsletters and program books.Location: Baltimore, MDWebsite: www.mediatwo.comChallenge: President sought help with potential acquisition of other businesses and with developing long term sales strategy.Execution: •Researched and negotiated with potential seller of titles. •Worked on developing long term sales and marketing strategy for growth.Testimonial: "Adam brings a savvy, experienced, independent perspective to the vital process of evaluating ourbusiness strategy, processes, and staffing. His insights are invaluable." Jon Witty, President, Media Two, Inc.
  42. 42. WORKSHOP & SPEAKING TESTIMONIALS:“Your topics were right on target and based upon the interaction, it was very helpful. Thank you very much for making this such a valuable meeting. Your insights provoked a lot of thought and discussion and I am sure immediately helped those who attended. I know I learned a few things.” Mike Riley, Co-chair Marketing & Sales Subgroup, Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group"Thank you for taking time to tape our “Money Matters” show dealing with your ideas on entrepreneurial business. I think you did an outstanding job and you gave our viewers a number of items to think about as well as to provide them with useful information." Richard Whitfield, Producer, Comcast Money Matters “Thanks for giving a great talk on „How and Why to Write a Business Plan‟. You were right on topic and the class related well to your presentation, as indicated by their interaction with you.” Chuck Thomas, Adjunct Professor, Penn State University & The Philadelphia Center“Thanks again for an excellent, thought provoking and targeted presentation -- and some good suggestions regarding the Mid-Atlantic Consultants Network group.” William Hyczka, Mid-Atlantic Consultants’ Network“Thank you so much for taking the time from your busy schedule to share your experience with my students. They really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed hearing from you.” Dana Saewitz, Marketing Professor, Temple University “Thank you for coming. Your talk was perfect: amusing, uplifting, and challenging to our consultants.” Therese Flaherty, PhD, Director, Wharton Small Business Development Center"Great enthusiasm and capacity to evoke dynamic, authentic audience engagement acted as the scaffolds for Mr. Moskows presentation outlining the roadmap to starting a successful business. He provided practical examples and invaluable resources attendant to the process of designing and refining a business plan." Tara McFalls, Coordinator of Adult Student Services, Cabrini College
  43. 43. WHY A DOT “PRO” URL?Dot pro urls are reserved exclusively for professionals such as accountants, lawyers and consultants licensed or certified by verifying governing bodiesWe also like the synchronicity of the fact that "PRO" also stands for our three core services: Planning, Recruiting and Operations