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VoiceLabs How to 2X Retention for Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant


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VoiceLabs takes you step by step to help you create high retaining Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant voice applications, for use on Amazon Echo's and Google Home's.

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VoiceLabs How to 2X Retention for Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

  1. 1. Analytics for the Voice evolution How to 2X Retention vs. the average Amazon Alexa skill
  2. 2. BILLIONS BEING SPENT TO BUILD THE VOICE STACK The Large Players See The Opportunity For Hardware In The Home Echo and Alexa are major business units. Google Home on the rise. AirPods for on-the-go use cases. Expecting more to come. Cortana live on Xbox. Expect more to come in May 2017. Launching device powered by Alexa in 2017 & Bixby. Ecosystem Services Applications Software Hardware
  3. 3. VOICE-FIRST DEVICES WILL SOON BE EVERYWHERE In 2017, There Will Be 24.5 Million Devices Shipped, Leading To A Total Device Footprint Of 33 Million Voice-First Devices In Circulation
  4. 4. In the second half of 2016, the number of Amazon Alexa voice applications grew 507%. Now over 12,000 Alexa skills HUNDREDS OF VOICE-FIRST APPLICATIONS ARE RELEASED DAILY HOW DO YOU STAND OUT FROM THE PACK?
  6. 6. VoiceLabs has over 1,000 Voice Developers on its platform, and is analyzing well over 2M Amazon Echo and Google Home Consumers daily “VoiceLabs is the most widely used product analytics service for Alexa skills.” - Amazon VoiceLabs is the only Voice Analytics product endorsed by Google Assistant. THE SOLUTION #1: USE VOICELABS VOICE ANALYTICS VOICELABS.CO/PRODUCT/ Voice developers who use VoiceInsights have more than 2X industry retention, and their retention is trending up.
  7. 7. THE HOW: INCREASE YOUR % SUCCESSFUL SESSIONS Why is % Successful Sessions so important? In the Voice-First world, it is all about a consumer being glad he/she asked an Assistant for help. Consumers are deciding whether or not Voice-First devices should be part of their daily lives. What is ‘% Successful Sessions’? A Successful Session is when a consumer asks for an Assistant (Alexa or Google), and has in interest in an experience or getting an answer. If the goal is achieved, that is a successful session. What does increasing % Successful Sessions lead to? Retention Word-of-Mouth user acquisition 5-star reviews Being featured by Amazon or Google
  8. 8. Increase your % Successful Sessions by finding errant paths, and fixing them THE HOW: INCREASE YOUR % SUCCESSFUL SESSIONS Voice developers who use VoiceInsights have over 2X industry retention, and their retention is trending up. The one metric every Voice developer should track: % Successful Sessions
  9. 9. THE HOW: INCREASE YOUR % SUCCESSFUL SESSIONS Increase your % Successful Sessions by finding missing functionality and adding it. Improve your Voice Application using Voice Pathing + Speech Finder together
  10. 10. THE SOLUTION #2: WHAT WILL YOUR VOICE APP OWN? Own the morning Own after work Own the kitchen Own the day Own the bedroom “Alexa, what should I make tonight?” “Alexa, what are today’s top new stories? “Alexa, what should I do tonight?” “Alexa, make it rain.” “Alexa, play some Jazz.”
  11. 11. THE SOLUTION #3: ENCOURAGE REPEAT BEHAVIOR Key Tenets of a High Retention Voice App 1. Code reliability 2. Simple information requirements 3. Single-purpose skills 4. Careful selection of a skill’s value to the target audience 5. Inject simple reminders to encourage daily usage
 VOICE ANALYTICS PARTNER ‣ Expertise - Leverage VoiceLabs unique domain knowledge to design Voice Apps that take full advantage of Voice-device/AI capabilities. ‣ Focus - VoiceLabs’ Analytics visualizations are tailored for the Voice Developer, and are uniquely capable in helping voice developers understand their user’s experience. ‣ Community - Join the 100’s of Voice Developers who use VoiceLabs daily. Top developers on the platform gain access to the customer Slack channel to hone their craft with other experts.