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The Mars Agency A to Z - Shopper Marketing


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Shopper Marketing - The Mars Agency

Published in: Marketing
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The Mars Agency A to Z - Shopper Marketing

  1. 1. CREATING DIGITAL IMPACT IN THE WORLD OF SHOPPER MARKETING Welcome to the language of digital. From Avatars to Zebibytes and every impactful digital Shopper Marketing term in between, The Mars Agency is pleased to provide you with an up-to-date glossary of digital lingo. Loaded with key terminology, it’ll help you in your quest to create meaningful impact by providing digi-buzzwords soon to be saturating your vocab and guiding your digital tactics. Visit us often for updates (we’re ever refreshing) and for more power to your blog, microsite, Likes, Memes and, of course, Hashtags. Today’s impactful terms begin with “N”. NAVIGATION NESTING NON-BREAKING SPACE NEGATIVE KEYWORD NATURAL SEARCH Natural search is where results are returned based on the natural indexing of a website versus those that are returned with paid advertising. A search keyword that defines the term(s) you don’t want your search advertisement to display for. So fruit markets may use “Apple Mac” as a negative keyword. NARROWCAST The distribution of media content to a select group, or creating customized content that appeals to a select group. Nesting refers to putting one HTML element within another element. When this is done, the elements have to be closed in the reverse order from how they were opened. NAS Network Attached Storage. NAS devices are not servers. They store data but don’t provide e-mail or file management. A non-breaking space is a white-space character that is not condensed by HTML. The primary function of a non-breaking space is to hold open table cells or add spacing between words, or the beginning of paragraphs if an indent is desired. Navigation refers to the system that allows visitors to a website to move around that site. Navigation is most often thought of in terms of menus, but also links within pages, breadcrumbs, related links and pagination. Questions? E-mail your thoughts to us at