Maximize Your OpenText Investment: Upgrades and Implementations


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Whether you are upgrading or implementing a system, you need to have a solid implementation methodology, the right resources with the right skills, and a rigorous project management plan for a successful implementation. In this webinar we will discuss some of the issues and challenges including automation, customer support, operations and maintenance, performance and capacity planning, and programming upgrades.

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Maximize Your OpenText Investment: Upgrades and Implementations

  1. 1. Three Steps To Maximize The Business Value Of Your OpenText Investment Upgrades and Implementation: Sample Plan: Livelink 9.7.1 to Content Server 10
  2. 2. PRESENTATION OVERVIEW } About Sierra Systems } Upgrades and Implementation Challenges } Approach and Methodology } Upgrades and Implementation Best Practices } Sample Plan: Livelink 9.7.1 to Content Server 10
  3. 3. Sierra Systems delivers peak performance to our clients by offering a full range of systems integration services tailored to the unique needs of each industry • Operates across North America with over 900 employees • Founded and headquartered in Vancouver, Canada (1966) • Management Consulting, Systems Integration and Application Management
  4. 4. Our AMS Services • 30 years delivering market-leading AMS solutions • Over 100 clients deployed across a wide range of industries • 200+ AMS certified professionals • Flexible delivery options • Proven approach, best practices, tools and methodologies • Managed via a focused, enterprise wide AMS Business Unit SMART Methodology™ Automated Tools Best Practices Certified Training Programs
  5. 5. Sierra’s OpenText Services • Managed under Sierra AMS Business Unit, Center of Excellence based in Calgary, AB • Focused on OpenText ECM Product Suite, with strong capabilities in supporting Livelink and Content Server • Provide a mixture of on-site and remote support • Clients in Oil & Gas, Government, Energy and Utilities Sierra AMS SMART MethodologyTM Strategic Resourcing Core AMS Co-Sourcing Core AMS Fully Managed Service Core AMS Shared Services PeopleSoft OpenText Dynamics AX SharePoint
  6. 6. Upgrade and Implementation Challenges • Livelink’s performance is not optimal • The current version of Livelink is approaching End of Life (EOL) • Lack the expertise to perform the upgrade • Unsupported legacy application compatibility in upgraded Livelink version (ie: Content Server)
  7. 7. 7 Our Approach and Methodology
  8. 8. Our Approach and Methodology Define Goals Outcomes Metrics Validate Business Model Resource Plan Skills Matrix Technology Infrastructure Core Applications Tools and Interfaces Implement Planning Deployment Transition
  9. 9. Benefits • Enhanced automation and process efficiency • Increased leveraging of knowledge assets • Tighter control of content use and consistency • Improved user engagement and experience • Better tracking of usage through enhanced auditing
  10. 10. 10 Upgrades and Implementation Best Practices
  11. 11. Upgrades and Implementation Best Practices Process ContentPeople
  12. 12. People Issues • Disagreement on ownership • Lack of understanding • Lack of corporate adoption • No in-house expertise Recommendations • Define roles and accountabilities • Maintain training program • Avoid “Big Bang” type changeover • Promote in-house SME as functional experts Process ContentPeople
  13. 13. Process Issues • Inefficiencies in making business decisions • Duplication of work effort • Lack of communication across the organization • Poorly defined metrics Recommendations • Active engagement within the organization • Align resources with proper skillsets • Distribution of shared knowledge assets • Participation from corporate sponsors Process ContentPeople
  14. 14. Content Issues • Bad data • Too much data • Can’t find data • Can’t share data Recommendations • Implement data “cleansing” process • Acquire scalable storage solutions • Improve metadata definitions • Validate governance model Process ContentPeople
  15. 15. Sample Plan: LiveLink 9.7.1 to Content Server 10
  16. 16. Deployment Monitoring & Control Download OT +Third Party Software Review Required Patches Deployment/Testing 8 weeks Planning Validate Assumptions Stakeholder Acceptance AMS Provisioning, Service Levels, Development, Reporting Turnover Transition to Production OS Configuration Changes Install/Configure Content Server Create Generic Access groups Training (if required) Synchronize Users to LDAP Data Review Modules Review MIME Types Acquire Logging Admin Acquire Licenses & Keys Create Work Area Setup OS +DBMS Create Test Data Create Test Plans Run Test Plans Documentation Turnover Operation Turnover Service desk turnover Sample Transition and Transformation Plan Turnover Complete Transition Complete
  17. 17. Sample Plan • Validate assumptions regarding platforms, hardware, Content Server software, third party software, integration with external components • Determine integration with non-core modules • Review MIME types in 9.7.1 environment • Feasibility of acquiring Logging Administration Module • Acquisition of required of licenses and license keys • Creation of a work area (i.e. network share) for project-related software, scripts and documentation • Creation of VMWare environment • Installation and configuration of operating systems • Installation and configuration of database Planning Infrastructure
  18. 18. Sample Plan • Download OpenText and third-party software • Review the patches required by each non-core and third-party module. • Perform any needed OS software installs or configuration changes • Installation of Content Server 10, non-core modules, third-party modules and patches • Configuration of Content Server 10 • Creation of generic access groups for business evaluation • Synchronize users to LDAP data • Creation of test data and test plans. Run test plan to verify core functionality • Provide walk through of Content Server 10 functionality • Deliver documentation on Content Server 10’s installation, configuration and recommendations regarding ongoing maintenance Deployment Testing Turnover
  19. 19. Webinar recording available at