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Steps to Visibility


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4 Steps that Postal Advocate follows to provide visibility of our client's mailing fleets.

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Steps to Visibility

  1. 1. STEP 1 RAW DATA Provide any current mailing vendor reports and or an export from your accounts payable system of the transactions paid to the main mailing vendors (We will provide the list of vendor names). STEP 2 STEP 3 RESEARCH Postal Advocate will work with your vendors, enter data into vendor websites, collect postage volumes and fill in all needed information. ANALYSIS Full analysis of equipment savings, fees, overcharges and lost postage. This includes details on the current portfolio, leases and equipment utilization. STEP 4 CONSOLIDATION We will create a detailed equipment inventory, add end of lease dates, postage volumes, lease spend, fees, and spend ratios to provide complete visibility. SAVINGS SUMMARY Quantify the current and future savings. This process has created an average of 60% cost reductions for our clients. Ongoing visibility through our enterpriseAdvocate™ web platform. VISIBILITY STEPS TO VISIBILITY